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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Honoring Divine Masculine and the Divine 12D Blueprint from Source

Another really great read from Luminance River.


Source created the universe from three primordial sounds on the higher dimensions. This I hear as a story, and it resonates, like the sound OM as the beginning, which is a vibration and a frequency. From frequencies and vibrations worlds are created. 12D was created as a divine blueprint for life from source. I sense this is what Barbara Marciniak speaks of when she channels Pleaidians and mentions how important the living library is. It is the codes for the divine blueprint and we carry them in our DNA, and all life carries this blueprint, the original undistorted one. It is the crystal consciousness from BEFORE all the programming of culture was put onto humans. It is from before, when the template was a virtual match with source.

I get an image of my younger self who was a Dead Head. I went to Grateful Dead concerts where you could tape the show in the taper's section of the auditorium. Lots of bootleg tapes on cassette were passed around and traded and shared after the concert and the musicians were cool with that. The best possible reproduction of the concert, in the best fidelity was from the sound board. Sound board tapes were almost true to source, true to the experience of the concert being created because they came off the master sound system.

The divine 12D blueprint is like that- just off of what source created and the highest fidelity/integrity possible. No distortion. A tape that had been copied from a taper who had a bad sound system, and then that one copied and copied again tends to mess up the quality of the tape, but dead heads love the music and the group collective experience, they don't mind too much. Our current human selves are based on templates recopied over and over, and the subtleties of truth and the original beauty of source are not as apparent, even if the music still rings true.

I have been excited about bringing forth, and remembering the divine blueprint for life which I feel is my current mission. I have seen and felt this for the human body. I feel our potential of health and well being in remembering this, and it can apply to relationships, and Mother Earth herself. We are getting clues on how to return to the divine beauty, truth, and love of creator individually and collectively. In fact, it feels like the Occupy Wall Street Movement is the remembrance of the time before, when these qualities were lived.

Last evening I went to my spiritual group. We typically pass a rock and listen to one another speak. The rock is held by the person speaking in our small group. The rock was missing, and the meeting held at a hypnotherapist's office. He used a drumstick instead of the usual rock. This happened once before and it made me uncomfortable, like I wanted the feminine rock back, though I did not say anything about it. The drumstick looked very phallic, and like masculine energy. What would it be to pass this around as the talking stick? Meanwhile I had gotten a message just prior to the meeting about my own romantic relationship, the need for emotional maturity, that I had to learn something to be a match for divine love and partnership. I humbly embraced the need to do this and asked for assistance from my guides and the universe. They had recently shown up for me in relation to a physical ascension symptom that I have been coming to terms with, and healing.

I have been one to love and honor the divine feminine, probably my whole life but especially since I became an adult. I have attended countless women's meetings and gatherings. I have gone to sweat lodges and wailed releasing female traumas. If you recall Keisha Crowther and her work; you may recall a video of a 3 day ceremony she does in which each gender expresses their pain over being hurt and hurting others in relation to being male or female. It is very powerful and appropriate at the time. Now it feels like a stepping stone, and old energy. We are in a new place, a place where we can wipe away all the stories, the pain and the programming in one fell swoop and return to the truth of who we are. I love this place of balance. It also mirrors this map of the hemispheres of the brain being active. We went from left brain male dominance for eons, then in the past couple of months to all right brain dominance, then to around now, as we are a day away from the final day, the last piece of the 9th wave. Integration, wholeness and balance, release of duality come to mind.

Now both sides of the brain, male and female are in balance. I can't help but to think that there is divine timing and something bigger going on to impulse me to know this information all of a sudden, that I am about to share.

Transmuting and Healing and Releasing

In this ascension process, in the past few months, I have felt like I transmute the female wounding of the collective, especially sexual trauma. I have held some density in my uterus which is now dissolving. The right 5D healing has shown up to assist. I have shifted my idea of what a uterus is to seeing it as a temple, a place of light, a sacred place of creation. My whole attitude about this has shifted and I am grateful for the help. I have let go of fear that crept in when I went to see a health practitioner about it. It is teaching me so much. My friend taught me how fish can filter with water through their gills continuously. I can transmute by flowing and not hanging onto anything. That gives some background as to where I have been coming from personally.

When I saw the drumstick, it triggered a feeling of knowing or remembering. This was the piece of spiritual maturity that I need to heal relationship, and that turns out to be more than one. I saw how I have valued the feminine energy and devalued the male energy for a very long time. It makes sense, in our culture of patriarchy, the old male energy would be something to feel bad about. It has caused a lot of desecration of the Mother Earth and oppression and pain for women, children, and animals. It has not nurtured life.

Female and Male Energy

I saw female energy in the kundalini snake up the spine in red, and male energy in another criss crossing snake, in another color, blue I believe. I saw, in an instant, that female energy is Energy A, while male energy is Energy B. Two wave forms, symmetric, identical. I saw how they are merely different energies, even the two sides of the same energy. There is isness in the energies, and they are equal, and there needs to be no value judgment placed on one or the other. I see it as red for the female, blue for the male and then a continuum of colors blended into purple with different shades on the edges, and red on the far left edge while blue is on the far right edge. It is like light and dark. There is no opposite as they are really relative, so it is light and less light, a continuum of the same thing. I also saw, for the male and female energy, a template like a stencil of a human shape, but the templates for male and female were identical. This shows me that the orginal intent was without the programming that has been added to male energy and to female energy. Who are we without those programs? I had been putting the female energy as all important highlighted in red, and ignoring the male energy because I didn't feel comfortable with it.

The insight was that now I need to honor divine masculine energy, in me and in others.

And truly, what I create in me expands to the whole world. That is the magic of creating and remembering templates. The divine masculine energy supports, loves, nurtures, like having same wonderful qualities of the divine feminine and divine mother. I saw a picture of a beautiful Shiva statue which embodies the divine masculine, a little further from the divine blueprint but inspiring none-the-less. I recalled how Shiva the divine male creates the space for the feminine creative force to exist within, and to create. I saw how my own male partner does that for me and I felt such love and gratitude. I could see how I have been working on this issue, to come to this moment my whole life. I have had a challenging father relationship because I needed to see the divine masculine energy that he embodies underneath the programs.I understand how I had a baby boy as my only child- so I can learn about this energy and love it; to love it in me and to love it in others too. To bring it back to earth. To help others remember it.

I need to embrace my own divine masculine energy and have it be in sacred union with my divine feminine. Now neither the male nor the female energy is more important. They are in balance. It is like learning to love a part of myself and humanity. It is remembering something that can shift collective consciousness in a new direction.

Will you join me in honoring and celebrating the divine masculine and bringing it back as source intended?

I feel myself bowing in reverence, and with apology for my blindness too, to this aspect of each of us. The divine male and divine female stand together, facing one another, gazing into one another's eyes, wearing resplendent purple robes or perhaps they are naked. But they are happy and enlightened beings, having come into balance, seeing their own and each other's innate beauty as aspects of divine in form.

Let us notice the divine masculine energy embodied in people right in plain sight, all along, and let us be unbiased enough to notice. Our filters for seeing divine truth are clearing. Time to celebrate, and time to truly love ourselves.

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