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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 31 October 2011

Well now, ain't that interesting

I have felt like I am in ‘holding’. I keep getting this word buzzing around in my head when I ask what is happening. For a few days I seemed to lose contact with all my helpers, until this morning. In reality I hadn’t lost contact with them – I was simply so engrossed in the new experience that I was focused on that.

Hubby has mentioned every day since Friday that he is feeling disoriented. It seems to come and go in waves and he finds himself repeating something he’d done a few seconds or minutes before- on automaton and then wondering what on earth he is doing. He of, course, doesn’t know anything about the Mayan calendar, does he? So he is a good benchmark for me to see how it is affecting others although they might not be aware of it.

It makes me smile because he is experiencing the movement between dimensions. Last night he went to play his weekly game of football and came back saying he’s had enough. He says he doesn’t get the same buzz from it like he used to. That is saying something as he loves the game and the exercise…I’ve stopped watching ‘cos I cringe at the aggressive way he plays. He takes no prisoners and pushes his body to the maximum. A few years ago he cracked his ribs with this kinda hard play.

I personally think he should have played a hard game like rugby instead. But football has always been his thing…and basketball and baseball and cricket and… you get the idea. He simply doesn’t know half measures. It’s all or nothing.

This morning he woke with a very sore wrist. He’s not sure how it came to be hurt and jokingly said that the stuck energy had moved from his elbow to his wrist – it must be on the way out. Hehe…I rub my hands together gleefully as I cackle when I hear this. Am I rubbing off on him?

This is not the only thing he has mentioned doesn’t hold the same Interest for him and it makes him feel a little lost. Our holiday in France has certainly gone a long way to clearing many things on different layers for both of us.

I did a meditation this morning and asked the question, ‘what is happening’. I found myself surrounded by all my helpers – I felt quite relieved. Makes me wonder how much I depend upon them. I was also surrounded by what looked like little angels, all pink with fluffy white wings - hundreds of them in a circle around me.

I felt myself starting to spin as if I was a vortex and as I spun stuff came off me. I’m not sure what it was. I was told that we are in a holding pattern for a while. Like a plane that flies over a city kept in a certain holding pattern until the runways are ready for it to land.

I believe that we are doing a final review, giving us time to clean and polish.

I then found out that these little angels (they weren’t cherubs, if you’re wondering) were all those that I had transmuted over the years. They’d come back to say thank you. The gratitude and love that I felt was very strong and I started to cry…again. I seem to be in tears quite a bit.

I’ve never asked what happens to them once I transmute them. It simply never crossed my mind. I was asked recently how do I transmute entities. I have no idea. Transmuting energy is a different story. I know exactly how I do that. But entities…  I tried to spend time going through it step by step, but you know, I have no idea. I just do it. I think it might be a gift from Athena – I’ve never had to learn it. I think it and feel it and something sorta clicks into place and it’s done. Is it through love or the violet flame – I dunno. I think it is a combination of both.

I somehow know when they are ready for the change and it happens. It reached a stage where there were so many of them that I created the intention that if any of them wanted to transmute all they had to do was touch my auric field.

I do have recollection as Athena knowing exactly when an entity is ready. I have seen on occasion when she blew a filament of light at this entity and it lodged where their heart should be, slowly making inroads until the time was right for them to acknowledge they wanted change. It seems to tip the balance.

So, ignoramus here…me, has no way to explain it step by step. I suppose it can be explained as a deep faith that it will happen. I am still not sure what happens to them. I think it might have something to do with the holding pattern I am in. Again, probably a reviewing or revisiting before I move on.

I understand now why I was told during our holiday in France to disconnect from everything and to stop grounding myself to Mother Earth. Instead I hold her in my heart. This is so that we can move from dimension to dimension without the tug of one dimension over another. Simple, eh?

Happy ‘holding’ everyone…

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