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Monday, 10 October 2011

Home for lost boys

I seem to be running a house for lost boys.

Hubby and I went out yesterday for the day and when we arrived back one of our son’s friends was visiting. My son came upstairs to ask me something and mentioned that Terence (the friend – not his real name) had had an argument with his parents and had packed his bags and left home.

This has been a regular occurrence for not only this boy but several others – including our son who left home for two weeks in June after an argument with hubby. My daughter and her friends never had this problem – not that they didn’t fight with their parents – but they sorted it out without involving other parents.

Not so the boys. Each time this has happened we’ve said that the boy in question could stay for a night or two, sort it out with his parents and then go home. We did not want to get involved in family disputes but were happy for them to crash at our house until it was resolved.

I told my son that Terence could stay…blah di blah di blah like usual.

Told hubby when we came back from the shops that we had another mouth to feed that night. He wasn’t a happy bunny. I know he wishes I would say no when this happens, although mostly he is okay with it. The first thought that popped into my head was the song She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals :)

As we discussed it, the boys all traipsed out the front door. They were on their way to visit Terence’s parents to discuss the situation. The other two (my son and…let’s call him…Harry – the other teenager staying with us permanently, who also has altercations with his stepdad) went with to support him, but according to my son stayed outside in the garden.

When they arrived back it was quite late and hubby was really tired and had climbed into bed. My son said that Terence wanted to talk to me. Turns out his stepdad hit him a few times, roughed him up and gave him a choice. Us or them. Flipping heck.

Terence said his mother was hysterical and didn’t want him to leave but he’d had enough and chose us. He wanted to know if it was okay if he stayed with us.

Oooookay? How come I never saw this coming? I have a great deal of sympathy for the parents involved. It must be difficult to be a man marrying into a ready made family as much as it is difficult for the children to accept a new man in their lives. I figure it doesn’t always go well, but I do feel it would give his mom peace of mind to know that while they resolved their issues, he was safe.

As he sat there I could see a very pale pink energy around him. I asked him how he felt about his stepdad. He simply stared at me, his throat twitching. His eyes were getting bigger and bigger and I realised he was about to break down. My very pale pastel shaded burgundy/pink energy was wrapping itself around him and I decided to withdraw it. I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his friends by making him cry. My energy withdrew – like a tsunami withdrawing the water from the beach before it crashes down. Tendrils of it kept escaping and touching his aura as though stroking and soothing him. I have never seen this happen before.

I was so engrossed in this that I repeatedly asked him the same question cos I never heard the answer.

Getting down to business I told them all that as this was turning into a house share, they all had to pull their weight and contribute. They needed to divide the cleaning roster between the three of them. I have always made my children do some of the housework - hoovering and washing up duty.

Hubby and I are going to have a meeting with them this afternoon to clear up the last of the living issues.

I climbed into bed and asked Athena what the heck was going on. I was advised to start chanting – in my head cos I think hubby wouldn’t be very pleased to hear it out loud as he was sleeping. I watched my energy move out like it does on a radar screen. Waves of blue energy moving out to touch all three boys downstairs. My son’s bedroom is directly below ours. It was very peaceful.

She mentioned that this was part of my work. Youngsters moving in and out of our house and tapping into the 5D energy. They need it to make the changes necessary so they can move forward. She reminded me of the community of light that I’d always envisaged myself living in. They would absorb this energy and make the subtle changes needed, moving out into the world carrying the energy with them. She showed me a tapestry made of light threads wrapping around the world as each small beacon of light moved around it.

As I seem to be surrounded by masculine energy I asked if there was a reason for this. She says that it is the masculine that is having a difficult making the adjustments now that the feminine is far stronger. Being surrounded by balanced masculine/feminine energy is going to help these youngsters. It is all part of the energy work that I see myself doing with crowds but this is a slightly different form.

This reminded me of the two au pairs that we employed when we were both working full time on arrival in the UK. They both said how much we had taught them about relationships and raising children. They’d both come from broken homes and didn’t realise it was possible to live harmoniously together (bar the odd hiccup which is natural) but there was no deep seated animosity they’d experienced in their parental homes.

I suppose this all ties in with what Athena has said. She also emphasised that in the past we could not have helped but that anything and everything in the new world is possible and I must stop weighing the current happenings against the old 3D. It is changing our mindset that is important. Gosh, I am being continuously reminded of this from all angles.

We never really know how much of an impact or impression we make on someone until they tell us.

It makes me wonder what else is in store for me.

P.S. Oops! Hubby has just read them all the riot act. Setting down the law of the ‘land’. The General in charge of the troops. They all look a little shell shocked.


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