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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 3 October 2011


I have been reading a book by Mark Boyle called The Moneyless Man (A year of freeconomic living) which I bought for hubby to read during our holiday.

Mark is a financier that one day decided he’d had enough of the financial world and wanted to try and live for one year without any money, which he has proved is very possible.

He explains in the book how money started. Basically Mrs Grocer didn’t want anything from Mrs Flowerseller, but really wanted something from Mrs Carpenter. An entrepreneur then showed them how to use shells to create a monetary exchange. So Mrs Grocer could charge Mrs Flowerseller 10 shells for a basket of vegetables and use those 10 shells to go to Mrs Carpenter and buy the table she wanted. This is a conditional exchange in which everything has a value.

I have great admiration for Mark Boyle and what he has done. Turning his back on living on a materially physical equal exchange value and bringing back the value of a community.

This has been pertinent during our 3D days of dense energy. How else could we have lived?

I understand how important it is energetically to create an exchange that is balanced so we don’t deplete ourselves. But to create a community in which if I supply you with two carrots, you will supply me with two lettuces in return seems to stunt the whole growth process in the 5D world.

The way I see the future living is this – we trust that if we give something to someone it will be returned to us tenfold but not necessarily from the person we have given something to.

In other words – it is unconditional – no strings attached.

But…there is a difference between constantly giving because you want to make people feel good and won’t receive anything for yourself. That’s simply being a martyr.

It is creating trust that the universe will always return what you give unconditionally, what goes around comes around. It all boils down to what energy output you have and what that energy output attracts to you.

So instead of trying to find something that your local hairdresser might want in return for a haircut, she simply gives you one knowing and trusting that she will receive something in return from someone else in payment. This way we are not constrained in any way trying to figure out who, what and how to pay.

This is where our HS or authentic self comes into play. Whatever we need we will attract to ourselves. I am constantly surprised by what comes my way.

The slight downside of this might be that if some of us are not quite on the same page energetically it might take a while to get this right. That’s okay – it’s all trial and error and we learn through experience. If you have an experience which is not so great, it is time to look within to see what you are harbouring energetically that created this problem. Everything comes from within, no excuses.

If I had a huge garden full of fruit trees that are profuse in their fruiting – I am not able to use all of the fruit – I simply throw open my garden gates to everyone in the community to help themselves. This is the reason most of my journey I’ve had no qualms about sharing what I have with others. I have proven to myself that it works and have received in return – maybe not immediately – but certainly somewhere down the line.

On many an occasion something has gone missing from our home – I believe that if someone needs it then so be it – they have more use for it than I have. Hanging on to our possessions without sharing brings this energy back to us. Strangely enough…or maybe not…some items when no longer needed, somehow finds its way back to us.

Of course I do this within reason. I think hubby would have a heart attack if I overdid it. He is my voice of reason otherwise I would probably have a whole community living in my lounge...hehe. Imagine that!

As the energies change and flow in a different manner we now have the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in this, which of course brings me back to our ‘love shack’ in France. I have advertised for it to be rented at a very, very low rate, but I feel that something is missing and I’m not sure what. Hmm…maybe I should put my money or rather my energy where my mouth is and shouldn’t be charging. Maybe then there will be a flow of energy…manifesting in a totally different way. This is a biggie for me to work on and understand.

I suppose I’ll figure it out eventually…

I’ve just had an AHA moment. There was a reason I had to write this piece. I’ve got a have a deep thunk about this. Time out – think tank in progress.

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