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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What are dark entities?

I’m not keen on doing writing this but Athena has insisted. She says that lack of knowledge creates fear. If people are informed then the fear factor is taken away and people are empowered. As I have been doing transmutation and working to clear my own negative energies for years I figure I possibly have an insight into this and with Athena’s help we will clarify.

I am sure Ishtar and the other gatekeepers know most of this…

Oookay….here goes.

What are dark entities?

There are many different aspects of dark energies.

One of the main ones that most of us deal with daily, are those that attach to us by sinking a root into our spine at the base of the skull. They then grow tentacles into the brain and nervous system through the spine. The longer they are left the stronger and more inroads they make into the body manipulating our energies to create a food for them.

It was interesting that Johanna commented on my Injury blog that during yoga she had seen entities attached at the base of her skull. She is quite correct. Injury

How and why does this happen. It is our own inner negative emotions that attract them, the basis of which is fear. You must remember that they are simply the opposite of light. We are all part of the same Source in this game that we are playing so that we can all understand and learn.

I will give you an example – soap operas or reality shows on the TV. As we watch them we go through a range of emotions with the actors/participants. There is a lot of drama in these stories and it opens our energy field up to these entities allowing them to attach. We don’t need protection from them – we need protection from ourselves. We are the ones creating these openings and letting them in. They are simply instinctively responding to our energy and giving us what we request even though we are unaware and creating these openings by default.

Gossip - reading magazines about celebrity gossip or gossiping about the neighbour next door all open us up. Gossip is a form of judgement and with it comes thought forms and emotions.

When the so called ‘fall’ was created, it was done with love. Source wanted to know what it was like to have the opposite of what it was. Polar opposite of love is fear. And so the game started when Lucifer responded and took up the mantle of the evil one. Lucifer’s name means bearer of light – in other words he sheds light on those shadow aspects of ourselves we don’t like and want to hide away.

I am condensing this into a quick version – obviously there is much more involved but this is the basis of it. Lucifer and his minions are beings of light who have agreed to wear the mantle of darkness to help us understand negative emotions. We are all experiencing what we do and sending this information back to Source. We are the living libraries of emotions.

Would we be able to do this if we knew who we were and what love was? No. I think many of us would laugh in the face of adversity and where would the understanding come from?

By standing tall in your light and really feeling your light, you are far more powerful than they are. They will salute you with respect, but if you give them an opening they will take it.

Many of us are lighthouses at the moment. Much like a moth is attracted to the flame, the dark entities will be attracted to us. Many of them are fascinated by us, having forgotten who they truly are. Inside them is a longing that they don’t understand…a longing to return to their true form. So if you find yourself surrounded, know that they are not there to do you harm (which they would do if you open yourself to this – it is how they are programmed). Treat them with compassion and ask them if they want help to return to the light.

Some of them might shy away but ultimately many of them are experiencing a pulsing similar to what we are experiencing – a need to return to where we come from. Indulge them and help them transmute – be in service to the dark as well as the light. If you feel you are not strong enough to do this, then send them away. But with practice comes experience. You may get it wrong at first, but with time you will become adept at it.

Which brings me to the ascension - as Masters in learning it is up to us to heal ourselves. By waiting for the angels to heal us when we are injured or suffering with an illness we are giving away our power. It is a belief that we are not powerful enough to heal ourselves. Initially it is great to have their help but to continue to accept their help without helping ourselves is simply a cop out.

The angels can heal the immediate problem but if there is an entity still attached because of our negative belief systems, we are not really resolving the problem, are we?

This is where responsibility comes in. Do you think that St Germain would roll over and wait for the angels to heal him if he had an injury? No, he would sort it out himself and find out why it had happened.

For fifteen years I have been pro-active and niggled away and ferreted out thought forms and emotions attached to the various illnesses I have had thereby healing myself. I have had very good non-physical teachers, especially St Germain, who doesn’t hold his punches and when I wanted to wallow and wait for healing he used to goad me into action.

My advice to all is this – don’t fear the entities – they are simply doing their job showing you where you are stuck and need healing. Each experience we have is a lesson in understanding. Grab it with both hands and get to know yourself well.

Didn’t Jesus say ‘Know thyself’? What better way to learn about yourself.

I apologise if I have stressed some reading this. Remember that this is information and knowledge that you can use. Denying that any of this exists will be detrimental and keep you in the same place.

Peace and blessings to you all.

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