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Sunday, 2 October 2011

A game within a game

This is the blog a friend wrote this morning which resonated within me. Thanks, Mati :)

The song really moved me - especially the sections sung by those all around Africa.

Africa - the continent that still holds my heart.


This morning Scotland played a game of rugby against England.

Scotland and England …. the energy between these two countries is still stuck … and watching this game within a game this morning one can see quite clearly how this particular game has been like a stuck record since … well … for a very, very long time.

The game begins with each country singing their song.

England sang about their queen `send her victorious’ … who is also, funnily enough the same queen who rules over Scotland.

Scotland sang a song about how they once went to war with England and sent their army homeward to `think again’.

This is rather odd.

One country singing about a queen who reigns over them and another country singing about a how they fought England and won… that one time.

Listening to the other younger nation’s songs they are about being `young and free’ ..as in Australia’s case … `in the bonds of love we meet’ as in New Zealand’s song… positive statements about how they view themselves which sends out a positive message to the player’s minds about their capabilities.

Recently New Zealand sing their song in Maori and the translation is beautiful … I prefer it to the English:
O Lord, God,
of all people
Listen to us,
Cherish us
May good flourish,
May your blessings flow.
Scotland needs to find another song to sing I feel. Something which speaks of all of the positive things which it has to offer rather than about a time from the past when it was at war with England.

Their last song wasn’t much better `Scotland the brave’ … this denotes that they are always having to put up with something to be brave about.

Well this morning Scotland played their usual role of the oppressed ..even when they really didn’t need to. Their team could’ve won the game if only they had’ve believed that they could. What was in their own minds was what manifested in front of them ..and in the end both teams got the result that they wanted.

Scotland were brave and England were victorious.

This long history between these two countries is something which is still being handed down along the line.

My daughter was only just saying the other day that she asked her school friends why they hate England … she said `was it because of what happened all that time ago..?’ Her young friends simply looked at her …. she doesn’t understand ..and for that I am rather grateful.

It reminded me that I still have the pounamu which I was planning to give to the waters which begin in Scotland and end in England.

These countries and this old energy is something which really needs to be healed and let go …

The great thing is that these days there are people from all over the world in both of these countries and this long history between these two nations will not be able to sustain itself with so much diversity.

Both of these countries could really do with singing another song.

I am still with John Lennon … `Imagine there’s no country’

Maybe we could all adopt this song as our own. :-)

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