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Monday, 10 October 2011

New Earth New Us: Bringing forth the Divine 12D Blueprint

This is an article written by Luminance River on Lightworkers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you, Luminance River.


Lately, as I mentioned in my last blog, I have had a feeling that we are computers holding consciousness.

This is what I wrote:
"The body is a computer" and "We are way more than the body/computer." In fact when we think we are the physical, it causes suffering. The body-computer is the vehicle. It is what we express who we are through, it runs from the greater nonphysical REAL us. Somehow playing with this lights me up with knowing, and makes me feel freedom. Then I spoke with S. about her idea of us coming back from the future, a recent download that she had and explained to me. It is something like this: we think the movie (or our life) is going forward (and speeding up) but it is going backward to who we really are. It is like the future self is inhabiting this 3d form more and more with what it knows in the future, multidimensionally and all. The form is our vehicle, the body-computer. I don't know if I can explain it but zero point is coming soon. By that I mean the end of the Mayan Calendar, the end of time, meaning a dimension, the third, or an experience of linear process ie time.

Another way to see it as many are in the 3d Operating system at this time, and are mind based. And some are in the future, say 5000 A.D. self Operating system, fully multidimensional and heart based, most of the time, yet it clashes (within us and with one another too) with the remnants of the 3d one that is still there. The old operating system is like a virus that fears deletion. It clings onto being changed. It is from before our future selves came into the instrument, the human body.

I keep playing with the idea of the body as a computer, or today I see it as a vessel in which consciousness plays in and through. It finds all sorts of people, with their various operating systems and vessels that are set with different programs and The ONE that we are wants to experience through these beings.

Where We are At: Learning to do Exactly What We Want to Do
For example, another friend was saying how she allows herself to enjoy looking at all the fabrics in a fabric store because it excites her and is fun. Our old programming sometimes kept us from doing what we really love, maybe because it doesn't feel important in the grander scheme. It feels silly or isn't helping anyone. It is valuable for consciousness. Consciousness found her to be the one who likes fabric stores and gets extreme joy from looking and imagining what could be in this endeaver. My mother is similar- she also loves fabric stores. I like reading and writing inspiring commentary on the Wall Street Occupation lately. I realized that life is flowing through me as my passion, even if it isn't changing anything. It is making me feel good. Being hee is all about the feeling of life flowing through me! What it is doesn't matter so much though I have an instinct that service to others is what source intends. Loving ourselves enough to truly love life and enjoy it gives us energy to give to others.
It feels like a most delicious phase of ascension we are in, which is to allow ourselves to do what we want.

Challenges with Bridging 3D with 5D

I allow it so much that sometimes I feel concerned about my 3D world crashing and burning, yet it continues to be okay. There are times I am so aligned with work that I can accomplish it in no time effortlessly. There is still learning in balancing this.I am finding the most delicious moments when I follow my heart and follow my passion. Yesterday I enjoyed going contra dancing and also exchanged a massage with a friend on the porch, and it was a wonderful sunny, fall day. The best thing to deal with is to get lost in the flow, into a timeless place of a savoring a perfect moment. This is where we are headed more and more, I sense; and I love it!

Timelines and Dealing with Time Acceleration

Let's go back to the idea of the body as a vessel, or a computer. It feels like so many are on so many timelines of their own making, with whatever they are doing or thinking about. I see a timeline is the experience of something in a linear progression. I keep getting distracted and onto new timelines hundreeds of times a day. In a given moment, I have a choice of what I pay attention to, or where I put my consciousness. In this time of time acceleration at the end of the Mayan Calendar, it feels like so many things vie for my attention all at once. The trick seems to be chooseing what feels best in the heart and going with it. Did you know that in 19 days the calendar ends? We are coming to a unity consciousness, and in two days on the 11th, we come to the final stairstep of the 9th wave. I see it as a day of rest, like the aphorism that God rested on the 7th day.

This is huge that we are here in this time and place experiencing this grand transformation. I sense that right now so many timelines and possibilities exist and they are converging. I sense that soon there will be a reboot of the human operating systems with a time out, a convergence where we come together at the zero point, to the original intention of source to be rebooting with new hardware and new operating systems. The exciting thing is that it feels like the hardware and software are running together as one. To make it less mechanistic, we are embodying spirit in our human vessels, as one. We are becoming our lightbodies. We are bring heaven to earth.

Being sent as a Lightworker to Earth: What is up with That?

Source wanted to stack the deck in the game, in a way that was fair but also in a way that would help Earth and the living beings here that were a match to it to graduate to a new level of freedom, love, sharing, kindness, and peace. We hold those seeds in our hearts. Those in cities occupying in encampments hold these seeds, and they are sprouting and flowering so that it is manifesting on the outside. That which is lower/slower vibration is falling out of our world. It is kicking and screaming and saying "why? why?" and using logical arguments.

The left brain masculine logical side cannot win against the heart.

It can only join it as the veil drops away between mind and heart, and left and right brain, between linear knowing and imagination. Source sent you, a spark of the greater consciousness to inhabit a human vessel. The heart consciousness doesn't have enemies. It sees nothing as separate and simply includes everything neutrally as an expression of all that is within it. All opinions are welcome here, however that is not the truth of who we are.

That vessel is the computer, the body, and is also the perceiver of the experience. So far it has seemed like we were here on missions, perhaps to bring light to other beings and the earth as sort of a acupuncture needle in frequency. I was thinking about what bringing light means and it means bringing a higher faster frequency of vibration to earth. The vibration is humming through the land now. You have done your work in so many ways and it has been arduous.

I see how it has been painful for empaths and lightworkers as they remember who they are. They are looking through the eyes of their home planets, remembering being in collectives based on love whether they were physical beings, angels, masters, orbs of light, or stars. All were closer to source and simply brought the vibration of source into the earth vessels, to inhabit. Incarnated angels, you are feeling the gap between the vibration here, and where you came. You remember the feeling of love, caring, and sharing. You remember oneness and unity and abundance. That is why money and people taking more than they need seems so insane to you, and it is painful to be in a violent place where beings have forgotten where they have come, who they are, and most importantly, who they really are.

You bring the light, the higher frequency, in this computer called the body. Not only has the frequency changed things for the collective, it has had an effect on the biology of the body. You have infused a higher frequency into timelines. You have changed history and opened up potentials, huge potentials that you can't imagine, and haven't shown up yet in your reality so much. You ahve done very well. You have inhabited these vessels and now the body vessels are starting to mutate to a higher resonance.

Back to the 12D Divine Blueprint

Some intel I got from my friend came through which was about the 12D divine blueprint for human. My instincts about the 12D divine blueprint coming back and being important were confirmed after my last blog when I saw articles by Lauren Gorgo(Inception) and Judith Coates. It really excited me that others were onto the same idea. The idea is that we must remember the intention of source in creating us. We must remember the 12d divine blueprint which is perfection for humans, the Christ Consciousness. That is also the Crystal consciousness, a template from before all the programming got laid onto our system. Remembering who we are, our multidimensionality, what it feels like closer to source helps us get back to that template, like a blank slate to create a new self on, a unified self with others. We are also creating the new earth and new selves as one being, as a part of this crystal consciousness which is the grid of Earth, the grid of us too.

A crystal is what we are turning into. I got intel from my higher self that we are now becoming crystalline. Then confirmation came in. Christine Day (teaches with Pleaidian energy) recently mentioned that right now many are going to the doctor for thyroid problems. It isn't a problem, it is the first part of the body that is becoming crystalline. I was excited to hear this! It gets better, though. Where is the thyroid? Right below the Adam's apple on the throat. She had workshop participants go into their hearts and hang out there. She then took them into that spot on their throat, the crystalline thyroid spot. It took my friend out of body in an experience she has never had before which was quite profound. I am making connections about "crystalline." Crystals are what holds information on computers, so we are computers after all. I don't mean that disrespectfully, but as a metaphor. It is think of the being we are as beyond the body. The body is also biological, carrying life force with cells and organs too. There is DNA activation which happens through codes being downloaded from source to us, and we spread those codes as templates of the body's biological template, the original 12D one intended by source. It is a living library, a living library of remembrance and also of possibility and potential.

The light we bring to the planet has many functions and it transforms everything.

Okay, the body is a computer with a crystalline structure, a grid or template for in-formation and also to hold frequency, no to flow frequency. We are transformers of this earth and we are also transforming as it is. Now we see the physical changes coming in. We are becoming crystalline. The thryroid is a master, in that it communicates with all major organs so it is spreading the crystalline matrix with other parts ot the body, getting them ready. And the thryroid is at the throat chakra which is the fifth chakra reminding me of the link to the 5th dimension where we are going. The old third chakra where our energy was located was the power center, will sometimes coercion of others to get what we want and a representation of 3D. 3D is about using will and doing. Now we have moved to being heart centered instead of solar plexus, 3rd chakra center. The heart is about being which can explain what I am sharing about doing what I love and prefer instead of work. The fifth chakra, the blue thyroid that is crystalline takes it higher. I sense that vocal toning can assist us in this time. It resonates the frequency of the heart through the throat chakra's crystalline structure, which travels to all parts of the body computer.

Not only did we come here to bring a frequency, we came here to adapt the human vessel into one that can carry a higher consciousness, a new structure, and that structure is based on the divine 12d blueprint. We are bringing through a new blueprint for human! We are remembering the original intention of source in our creation. We are in a way human guinea pigs to do this, but there must have been a reason for signing up even though the ascension symptoms have been fierce for many of us. Source and us know what we are doing and we can trust the wisdom of our design, our existence, our blueprint. We are shifting earth toward source.

Final Message:
I am getting a huge hit of excitement of relation to 11/11/11. Go to where you are led and be ready to celebrate. Christine Day says a huge influx of energies and light are coming in. We are really getting close and transforming. I will be at my friends house where she will play crystal bowls aligned with the frequencies of the chakras for healing the body. The idea of tones, toning, crystals, singing, and celebration really appeals in my non-linear brain. Who knows what October 28th will be, and exactly how 11/11/11 will manifest, but I sense something huge is on the horizon which will make forgetting who we really are worth it, and we shall remember and be reconnected with our beloveds. Make space in your reality to embrace these times, and feel the energy of the transformation which is inside yet mirrored outside of us.

Thanks to my dear friend Sabrina BrightStar for co-creating with me, and sharing what she is downloading and experiencing. Thank you for reading this and being who you are.

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