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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lighting up the world

Daily I am coming to realise how important it is for us to reflect back to those around us, their inner magnificence. It keeps getting shoved in my face to let me know how much of a difference it makes to others.

I’ve never been given the chance to actually ‘see’ the results of any impact that I’ve made until recently. Maybe I didn’t need to know as I was so engrossed in my own stuff, that having the burden of responsibility firmly lain upon my shoulders might have freaked me out completely.

I am ready to see it and am ready to accept responsibility for every bit of energy I put out there.

Whatever I am reflecting to someone is resonating within them and being reflected back at me and all I can think to say is…WOW. It’s like a frisson of energy triggering a knowing of the truth.

A few weeks ago a friend said that whenever she looks into my eyes she can see her reflection. But she said, it’s not only her reflection, it is also everything around her. I’ve heard this before but never really took much notice until that day when I felt my body resonate in agreement as the truth of that statement zinged its way around me. In that split second I realised that what she meant about ‘everything around her’, was in fact the bigger picture of her life.

Since then I’ve received this confirmation over and over again from others…and their gratitude is pretty overwhelming. I’m not quite sure how to take this as I don’t do what I do for anything in return. I have simply got on with what is necessary because it is part of my growth. Having a reaction like this is a side effect, a very nice side effect. Acceptance, I suppose, is the answer. Hmm…another adjustment to make J

I have always felt it is important to pick up on something that someone does well and to expand that good feeling energy so it encompasses everything in their life. I wish that I’d had someone to encourage me this way…but maybe it was part of my growth to learn the hard way through my own clearings. I would rather water someone’s inner secret garden with acceptance and love rather than pick on their worst parts. It hasn’t always worked so well in the old 3D energy.

I often get asked the question – how does ignoring their bad habits not make that person conscious of their wrong doings. From my perspective constantly nit-picking doesn’t help – it merely makes them focus on what they perceive as their failings and therefore ‘grows’ this negativity into a huge mountain. The old 3D world used this to ‘motivate’ everyone into trying to do better.

Helping someone to focus on what they do well creates a resonance within them that, like the ripples in a pond, ripples through any negative thoughts and feelings they may have, slowly but surely having a knock on effect on building their confidence. This might seem a very simplistic view and maybe it is, but I do feel that as the energy is changing and more powerful light is available, it is less of a ‘possibility’ and more of a ‘definite likelihood’. Maybe this is why I am suddenly seeing the results which I was not privy to before.

I don’t get it right all the time. There are times when I’ve both of us have had an adverse reaction, but that’s okay because maybe what I have to offer is not for that person. When I’d get angry I’d have a look at why. Is it because what I have offered or said has been rejected and I therefore feel I’ve been rejected or is it because I am determined to be right? This is a very rigid attitude which manifests in the body, sending signals to me that this is something for me to address rather than the person whom I think I am trying to help.

We can’t ‘win’ at everything. I’ve come to accept this and learnt to shrug and walk away.

A very interesting development is hubby’s inability to keep track of time. He’s been taking note of his forgetfulness with, for example appointments, losing track of time and not knowing what day or date it is. This is highly unusual for him as he is very focused and organised, and timekeeping has been a constant companion for him. He likes to be somewhere early so he can prepare himself. These days he’s flying by the seat of his pants and is, to some extent, enjoying it but also finding it rather disorientating.

Hehe…he is so unfocused on his job, he is doing better than he has ever done. The company has been running a competition over the last few months, which he didn’t know about until his appraisal on Tuesday. It turns out he is so far ahead on his sales than anyone else, it looks like he’ll win. He came home shaking his head wondering what on earth is going on, but I think he has accepted that the change I’ve been talking about for years is finally happening. Fear, worry and hassle grows the fear, worry and hassle into a very large scary mountain.

It sounds like living effortlessly, don’t you think? I get so excited when I see this happening.

Times are a-changing as the sacred light of love makes inroads into many without them realising it. As the light moves through the body it is slowly creating changes. Some bodies don’t like it and fight it, but others seem to accept it more readily.

How many of us are reflecting love thereby amplifying the ‘best bits’ of those who surround you without those people realising it? Does anyone else feel the resonance within themselves as though we are a tuning fork that has been lightly tapped and is zinging with energy to bring us back into tune. How many lightworkers are becoming tuning forks of energy for others without using words or actions? Angelic beings indeed.

Interesting times we’re in at the moment.

Happy resonating everyone…and as Zen says - ‘Shine Bright’.

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