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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Consciously travelling

A while ago I asked when I would consciously be able to use my Merkaba to travel with my physical body.

The answer was short and sweet - when I have consciously moved my astral body without having to go into deep meditation, which is what I normally have to do.

Okay…so I decided I’d best get doing it. I asked to be in my body but conscious of moving my astral body within my Merkaba. It sounds complicated but I trusted that I would get what I needed to know.

As you know we are moving towards being a living meditation. In order to move through dimensions we use the Merkaba that surrounds our body. For some it is very well developed…for others it is in the process of development. It doesn’t matter where along the path anyone is – we are all headed in same direction.

We are always told and expected to live in the NOW and yet last night I experienced a different aspect of this.

My first experience of being conscious in my body and yet feeling my astral disconnect and move elsewhere happened in the early hours of Thursday morning, so essentially I was in two places at once and very aware of being in both places.

Last night I woke at about 2am. I was wide awake and ready for something. I could feel the heat running around my body. I started thinking about certain situations I’d found myself in and then thinking about the future. I kept stopping and wondering when whatever I was waiting for would happen.

Finally after an hour I asked what was going on. ‘You’re astral travelling.’


‘Cast your mind back to whatever you were ‘thinking’ about and tell me what you feel was different to normal.’

Hmm…I ran all the situations I’d been thinking about through my mind and finally came to the conclusion that they felt real. As though I was actually back there going through those situations again. And yet each situation was different to what I know it was.

It was explained that as I cleared the emotion that came with these situations I no longer viewed them as awful or embarrassing or horrifying. They were simply events and because of this my views about my childhood, etc. no longer carried a sting. I could now see the bigger picture and harboured no grudges or anger over anything that had happened.

I had noticed this as I’ve been writing about my life and wondering why suddenly it didn’t seem so bad. In fact it is better than I assumed. Amazing how negative emotions colour our perspective.

Our lives are occurring simultaneously so we should be able to move with ease into and out of each one. Our understanding of all that we have learnt and experienced is paramount in moving forward. We need to access all of these memories both past present and future, and yet still retain our connection with this current body and life. This is our library within.

What I was doing was accessing different streams of my own consciousness. We are not time travelling because time does not exist anywhere but in 3D.  

This puts a different slant on the idea that we need to live in the NOW.

It worries me slightly that I would get confused and not know the way back to this current lifetime and body, but I suppose practice makes perfect. And what better way to practise than with our astral bodies before we actually move our physical bodies.

The next thing I was shown that was that we can access these different parts of who we have been or will be. This is mainly for those that have integrated all aspects of themselves. So if there is something that you like about a certain lifetime you can bring into manifestation in this body.

For example – fine tuning the body. You know when you were in your teens or 20s that you had a good and healthy body and would like to feel your current body in that state of health. You can access it and bring it into manifestation. I was shown a slide rule along which I could move the pointer to, for example, me in my 27th year, before I fell pregnant with my daughter. I ask that consciousness to rise to the surface in my cells…but not lose all the wisdom that I have gained over the years as my brain would remain as it is. You get the idea.

This is what a fully functioning Merkaba can do for us. And yet we have to remember how to use it in our physical bodies. This is where the difficulty comes in.

Anyways…after a couple of hours of this I could feel my body on such a buzz and brain was shouting ‘woohoo’ which had me frowning. I needed some sleep and asked if we could get some. But both were so excited about this that they said no. Sometimes the consciousness that is me feels like a co-ordinator. Okay, I thought and we all huddled around to get on with it…which is the last thing I remember until I woke this morning.

You know it’s a bit like asking a kid if they are sure they want to carry on because they look tired and they deny it and then fall asleep within five minutes. Humph…

I apologised to Aeolus for passing out on him. He simply smiled. I figure he is indulgent because his beloved Athena is somewhere inside the mess that is me.

I must say that I woke feeling terrible…like I had a humungous hangover and the start of the flu. I eventually asked why – it seems I fiddled with the fine tuning but didn’t quite get it right. I got the vision of trying to tune a radio and getting static all the time. I fell asleep in the middle of the tuning.

So we did a quick tuning back to the ‘old’ me before last night and I feel 100 times better. I will probably carry on at some stage but am taking some time out to integrate and understand this information.

Hehe…I am a multiple personality being who is also multi-dimensional…what a mouthful and enough to have the men in white coats running for a strait jacket.

Consciously travelling - to read any comments on LW

P.S. oops I forgot that whatever I go through, hubby does too. Poor man has been suffering with diarrhoea. Oh bless him - the hazards of being married to me :)

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