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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Living multi-dimensionally


Today I’ve had a long meditation and ‘discussion’ with Aeolus. He has put my mind at ease. I was worrying that I was missing out on so much with the constant downloads.

This is the gist of what he said.

As time is not linear, the front runners are integrating or have integrated those aspects of ourselves that have lived parallel lives – past present and future. Our lifetimes spent, for example, isolated in a mystery school; or as a shaman interacting with a minimal amount of people; etc – you get the idea, had not fully prepared us for the time when we would walk in the world doing this job.

Imagine it as if it was an explosion of pieces of ourselves out into the world to experience everything that we can and now it is an implosion of all those bits coming back containing masses of information that needs to contained within one vessel, so that we are far more than what we were.

Assimilating all of this information, in our flagship body that we are aware of, is using a great deal of energy. Not only that but we are tapping into our so-called future selves which are, as you guessed, happening at the same time.

Further, add to this the fact that we are doing all of this out in the open amongst everyone – not in isolation where we can concentrate on ourselves, constantly being bombarded by the world energies.

On top of that we are expanding our consciousness in leaps and bounds…and starting to live multi-dimensionally – in other words we are moving from one dimension to another with ease and not even knowing it.

We are fine tuning the mastering of our energy as we move between dimensions. Our dear bodies have consented to be part of this ascension in physical form. And yes they will struggle as what we ask of them is not easy. Our bodies have their own consciousness and thus it is important to make sure we have their consent.

So…we have our body integrating all of this information and changing itself to allow for this influx of information and energy as well as changing DNA, binary codes (thank you Peter) and fractals. It’s no wonder we are feeling so tired (or weary as Shannon said), confused and overwhelmed by the intensity of the energy and changes.
                                                                         Binary code

Then still living our normal every day life…

And yet underneath all of this I feel the bliss of who I truly am within my body.

As much as I would love to say that I am completely vegetarian, I cannot. With these huge downloads of energy I need protein and lots of it. I bless the animals who have sacrificed their lives for me to be able to ingest their wonderful energy. The time will come when I no longer need these huge quantities but in the meanwhile I have come to terms with it. I suppose there is no right or wrong, everyone is dealing with it differently.

One thing I can say I have noticed around me is the fabulous weather we are having. Very very mild and spring-like, although there are days when it can be bitterly cold. I went for a walk one night by myself. It was balmy and beautiful. I took a road that has few houses and no street lights and wandered down it simply enjoying the feel of the dark night surrounded by trees and looking up at the sky.

Last night I asked for time out, a breather and today am feeling more centred, balanced and ready to face the onslaught.

Sue mentioned in her reply on my blog yesterday that it seems hubby and I need to detach to reattach. Aeolus confirmed this. It is necessary to grow without being intertwined with another as we are individual entities, which is also something that Tom pointed out in his reply.

I would like to give heartfelt thanks everyone who replied to my blog and gave me support and reassurance (hugs to Great Heart).

I truly appreciate the wonderful Lightworker family for their enlightening words of love.

Hehe…so no more freaking out for me…until next time J

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