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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fractals Part 2

Yesterday, 14 November

Fractals grow, change and morph as needed, depending on our frequency.

If we hit a tuning fork and place it against a body part that is thick with illness or is out of alignment it makes a dull ‘donk’ sound. As we keep knocking the tuning fork and placing it against that very same body part continuously, eventually the sound vibration will change. I have seen this happening with quite a few people over the years.

Tuning forks are brilliant at not only tuning instruments but also the human body.

This is where fractals come in. We can use frequency to tune our bodies. It helps the fractals within to change their resonance. Distorted fractals create illness. Imagine if you will an emotional trauma that has been added to over lifetimes and has grown too large to remain in the emotional subtle body and moves into the etheric and thus the physical, distorting the fractals within the human body. Releasing the dense energy that keeps a fractal in distortion changes the frequency within our body and thus allows the fractals to change accommodating this increase in frequency.

At this point I took a break from writing. I was getting really tired and was worrying I wouldn’t get the message down correctly. Aeolus’s energy is very strong and he insists that I increase my vibrational frequency. He says I can do this if I allow myself to. It is good practice but can be difficult to maintain but slowly I am getting used to it. I took a long nap – two hours of very deep sleep.

I woke with some more information and refreshed.

First bit of info was the place that I saw in my meditation exists. When the time is right and all my fractals are in resonance with it, it will come to me or I will find it effortlessly. Until then it will wait patiently for me to get myself sorted.

I’ve had this happen before. I ‘saw’ our house in Cape Town and hubby did some searching and found it quite easily – it was exactly as the vision had been.

Okay – on with the fractals – most of you probably know this and I am just re-hashing old stuff with a few new things in between.

Have you ever wondered why there is a certain song or songs you can play over and over again that seems to resonate with you…and yet a few weeks or months later these songs simply become pleasant to listen to without the emotion.

Music plays within your body as though it’s an instrument. Depending on what you are working through – sad music for the grief within or angry music for the anger within, etc. Once you’ve spent time with the emotion, felt, examined and released it, that specific song or music will no longer have an emotional charge.

The tears that flow with the release of an emotion cleanses. As we cry, the notes from our own throats create a vibrational frequency. The tones from our voicebox is specific to us.

Imagine if you will a distorted fractal being partially released from the distortion that has held it in place – remember that it can take a while to fully release the layers of emotion to find the core. As each layer of the emotion is cleared the fractal starts to return to its true state. The tones from our larynx at each release vibrates at a different rate, soothing and relaxing the body until the next release. This allows more light in and your body’s frequency changes.

I regularly used to tone different notes using OM. Our voices are unique to us and thus are perfectly attuned to and where we are. In Atlantis and Lemuria we used to go into crystal caves and sing. The different tones, from deep masculine to high pitched feminine used to work wonders on our bodies and through song we created and/or healed, depending on what the purpose was.  This is what unity consciousness is all about. Working for the good of all and thereby everyone benefits.

Moving up in frequency helps our distorted fractals to return to their true form. Moving up into another dimension doesn’t mean we can sit on our laurels - the work is constant and ongoing. The only difference is that in the higher dimensions it is fun and we can experiment without too much harm to ourselves. The heavy denseness of 3D no longer has a hold over us.

As your body resonates with a specific vibration it will attract to it something of a similar vibration.

Any difficulties we experience along the way clears quickly with little effort.

Not only do our fractals lose their distortion, they also grow and change with each clearing we do, much like an ice crystal grows and changes form.

A dear friend of mine studied how to use tuning forks for healing and she used to experiment on me as I could see what was happening. The incredible ranges of energy and colour created by each tuning fork on different parts of the body was mesmerising. I never knew that what I was seeing was fractals changing, I only knew that it created a difference in my body’s vibration. Each session was different as my vibrational frequency rose.

I do wonder what the true form of a fractal is. I figure that what we see today is not the end result. It will be interesting to see as we move up how these fractals change with our vibrational frequency.

As there is so much going on within me I have not paid too much attention to this.  Maybe one day…

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