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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 14 November 2011


Restlessness has been our constant companion. Both hubby and I feel like whatever we do is not quite right but we’re restless enough to keep trying to find what fits. Stepping out of the box…again. No handbook on what to do, but simply find what resonates with me.

And…to top it all we are like a volcano inside since Friday. We’re heated up from inside and yet cold on the outside. My insides are going through the fires of transformation.

Constant heat and…sleeping for 12 hours at a time…waking only to have a long drink of water….oh yes and lotsa loving :) We’re in our own bubble.

I think we’re both still in slight shock – hubby did have an adverse reaction on Friday morning too after I left for work.

Gently does it.

In my meditation yesterday afternoon I found that I have finally landed. A beautiful meadow filled with Icelandic poppies mixed in with the buttercups. There are trees all around and on further investigation I found a strong stream of water running down a small hill, bouncing and tumbling over the rocks into a pond at the foot.

In approximately 2004 I started opening a portal in our bedroom. I went through the motions every day for months creating this portal to a new world. The new world was a blank canvas. It was during this time that I found myself surrounded by children of all ages and in amongst them I came face to face with a very young blonde curly haired girl whom I recognised as a child of ours. At that time I wasn’t sure whether she was still to be born or if she already existed. I didn’t delve too deeply into it.

I also met myself and hubby – we looked younger, happier and slightly different. Hubby’s energy was much gentler than it is now…so much so I almost didn’t recognise him…but on closer inspection it was him – as he was in his mid-twenties. Hmm…Aeolus dropped a bit of a revelation bomb on Saturday that still has me reeling slightly. Hubby’s story to tell…not mine.

While creating the new world I stumbled at a creative block. I wasn’t sure how things would work in 5D and finally I stopped visiting altogether…until today. I now understand what I was creating. This beautiful world has slowly evolving despite my lack of interest in it. I had merely set the foundation – much like planting a seed and allowing it to grow to fruition without interference.

I also discovered today that this young child is in the 6th dimension with my higher self in that dimension. It seems I have moved up a couple of octaves in the 5th dimension which brings me closer to her. This whole thing is rather confusing and despite having it explained to me by a very patient Athena and Aeolus I am at a loss. It makes me wonder how many other children I have scattered through the dimensions. I’d heard about this but it had never really resonated or touched me in any way.

How confusing to be multi-dimensional. I suppose with time I shall be more comfortable with the idea and move between them with ease. But how do you keep one life separate from the other? It’s kinda like a person living a dual life or rather a multi-dimensional life :)

Hehe…I’ll be asking constantly, ‘So which reality am I in now?’ We’ll have to arrange some kind of signal so I know where I am.

I am not sure what the purpose is in showing this to me. But for the time being I am going to focus on 5D life.

I decided to add poppy essence to the current essence that I am taking as they help with grounding, only to be told that I shouldn’t have to depend on them. I only need to imagine the energy instead of ingesting it. Learning to heal through mere thought is on the agenda at the moment. All I have to do is simply invite the energy of the plant in and allow it to do its job.

As I am now my own crystal cave I don’t need my crystal essences any more either. I am going to have to let go of my huge collection of essences that I have made over the years.

Humph…change again. I now understand why ‘flexibility and patience’ has been a constant reminder.

I am not sure how any of this will manifest in my current life but I’m wading in boots n all to see what I can create. Hopefully my body can cope…uh-oh *sigh* okay, body what do you think? Do you need some rest first or maybe a cup of tea?

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