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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Family units

 Had a very interesting thing happen in the early hours of Thursday morning.

A group of men were fighting up and down our road. Normally when this happens I simply place them in a column of balance and send them healing and eventually they move on or the fight disintegrates.

This time I could hear the distress in the main protagonist. I did what I normally do but the pull to actually be there was very strong. I felt myself leaving my body. I moved through the wall and the tone of the fight changed and the main instigator started crying. My heart opened and my astral body held him while my wings encompassed him.

I did not think too much about it the following day but when I arrived home from work my son asked if I’d heard the fight the night before. He said he and his friends (yeah, we got a house of boys again) got up and stood by the back gate, not wanting to get involved but being teenagers were eager to see what was going on.

This morning I had a meditation and was given information that while he was at the gate he was drawing all the negative energy into himself to transmute. When my astral body arrived it was my ‘job’ to hold the main fighter in a safe space with love so he could cry out the last dregs. It was no coincidence that any fights happened where they did.

This is the first time I have worked in tandem with someone.

I asked whether this was supposed to happen. Aeolus tells me that this is where our family unit is moving to. Each of the four of us has a specific part to play within the family. As we move further into 5D this will become a regular occurrence and one day I will be doing it in person i.e. hugging with my physical body rather than the astral.

He tells me that there are many ‘family’ units who have come together for specific tasks. Some units are large and others are very small, but no matter how large or small, their part in the changes on earth will be important. These ‘families’ are not necessarily related by blood. Together with all the other different missions and tasks, a beautiful tapestry of love is being created.

Letting go of my son seems to have had an impact in a way I would never have imagined, or maybe I could have if I’d taken the time to…

This all brings to mind what my first mentor taught me. You can change a difficult or dire situation through the use of energy. He would explain that in order for this to happen we need to centre ourselves and not be involved in the drama. Become the observer. I practised this for years.

The difference this time is that instead of having to put myself in that frame of mind, it is simply happening without thought. We will instinctively know what to do and our bodies will automatically respond and enter this state when it is required. He stressed that not all situations will call for this kind of assistance, but we will ‘know’ when to and when not to get involved.

My body is ‘getting’ it and I am very proud of her. She works hard day and night to keep up. Thank you body.

Wow…we are truly becoming love manifest in all ways.

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