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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Angelic sirens

I had a very long meditation today and during this I decided to have a look at my left hip which has been giving me slight twinges lately of extreme pain which come and go. There’s no rhyme or reason to it.

Months ago I realised that my skeleton was becoming opal. Having a look at my left hip I could see that a portion of it had not grown fully into the change. It seems I am hanging on to the last bit because once that’s gone I have no excuse and will become fully an angelic crystalline human.

I was shown how over the years I’ve hidden my light, making myself as obscure as possible. From the shy withdrawn teenager until last year I had a cloak of invisibility over myself. The stronger I shone through the cloak the less I could hide.

There is no more hiding at all. The cloak is stripped away and it is time to fully embrace the angelic side of me.

Whilst I was BEing in this space I noticed that my throat chakra was spinning really fast. Sirens, sirens, sirens was all I heard in my mind. It made me think of the Greek mythology of the sirens of the sea who lured sailors to their death.

Aeolus, with whom I’ve been doing quite a bit of work lately, confirmed that we have the siren within us. The genuine siren is an angelic-like portion of us that soothes those that hear them. It sort of puts them in to a trance like state, thereby taking them out of their own way and allowing the healing to take place. Think of an angelic choir singing. The pure notes and tones can put us in a state of bliss.

Now…I am not sure how I feel about this. It sounds like hypnosis to me. But, as I keep getting reminded, it is time to move out of the old 3D thinking and embrace the new ‘me’.

I was asked the question, ‘Do you accept your authentic angelic self?’ I remember wondering why on earth I was holding back. How long had I been working toward this and yet here I was still lurking behind the bushes hiding and not fully confident about taking this step? I understood then, the little bit of skeleton that was waiting for the final puzzle piece to fall into place.

What indeed was holding me back? Several answers bombarded me -

I would once again be ‘different’;

How would my family cope with this;

Did I want to have the responsibility of this siren-like ability?

The answers -

Yes, I would be different – always have been and always will be.

My family over the years have grown used to my energy and are immune to it to a degree.

Yes, there is responsibility to be had with any powerful energy.

As I pondered on this my attention was grabbed by the crystalline nature of everything in my body – not just the skeleton. It was beautiful and quite mesmerising as I watched the ruby red of the blood and heart and each chakra a gorgeous spinning precious stone. I had the knowing deep within me that I am my own crystal cave. I ‘knew’ then that no matter what I was on a set path and I simply had to accept it. The relief I felt when I made this decision was very strong.

I allowed myself to embrace this and I felt a whoosh of delight run through my body. There is great pleasure in finally giving myself permission to be the real ME, the angelic human, in mind, body and spirit.

Hmm…does this mean I will be able to sing? Hehe… not sure about the singing bit.

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