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Monday, 18 April 2011

For real, is your cat an alien?

Following on from the joke question that Estrella raised ‘Is your cat an alien’...

She might be on to something, ‘cause I’m sure that my cats are not ‘normal’ cats.

At the very bottom of our garden is a corner that my two felines seem to be fascinated by. Over the years I have seen them on the odd occasion sitting on the edge of the garden bed staring at the corner where we have planted a Bay tree. They always seem to be in a trance.

Over the last month, I have noticed that they seem to be doing this three or four times a day. They might have started long before then...

I have been sneaking around trying to take a photo of them in this trance-like state facing the corner but every time I go outside they move away. I then tried to photograph them from the bathroom window upstairs but they always seem to know I have a camera. Yaaaarrrggghhh!!!

I’m dead keen to know if it is it a portal of some kind? Do they get instructions? Or maybe I’m mad? I’d heard years ago that cats are the antennae for another species who are keeping tabs on us. Throughout history cats have always been around.

My little tabby always sits and stares at me, especially if I’m working on my laptop or reading...uh oh, here she comes...
‘Hi kitty, not talking about you, only discussing various topics with others.’

She is now sitting neatly in front of me staring at the top of my head. She looks to my left, back to the top of my head, then into my eyes. She always does this, as though she can see something I cannot see. I can see my guides and Lighted Loving but is there something else she can see?

The other day I was stroking her as she sat next to me and I suddenly got this overwhelming sense of deep ‘tiredness of this whole game’. Whoa, that really took me by surprise. It was definitely not mine, I’m pretty sure it was her. So, do all the animals feel this way? If we are feeling tired from this long, long journey, would it mean that the animals living here with us, going through all the cycles are having the same reaction? Nothing would surprise me.

I remember Lighted Loving telling me in January that besides the 6 parental species that created the human, each animal, bird, fish and insect species were sent from elsewhere to populate and co-habit with us on Earth. As most of you might know, the whale is from Sirius, so I suppose if they can inhabit the earth from elsewhere, why not the rest of the animal kingdom. Maybe I should ask them about my two felines, but I have so many other questions...

Mwahahaha...one day I shall snap a photo of one of them in their trance-like state staring at the corner of the garden that holds such fascination for them. If I look closely I might see an opening of some kind to another world... But how to do this without transmitting too loudly what I’m trying to do? Is it possible to have a blank mind while trying to quietly take a good photo hanging precariously out the window?
 Does anybody else have cats who seem to have odd habits? And I’m sure it’s not only cats – what about other animals, like dogs or birds, etc.

P.S. my two are sitting right on top of me playing with the wiring and the mouse while I was watching the video below...do you think they approve?

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