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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Past life regression

I’m sitting here writing my blog while hubby is scrubbing the kitchen and I mean the whole kitchen. I’ve been banned from that area of the house and all I can smell wafting up the stairs is lemon and vinegar. This is a reaction to last night - a definite clearing, cleansing and vigorous sweeping out of that which no longer serves.

Yesterday we went for a long ramble through the English countryside. We were supposed to go away to the sea for the weekend to my parent’s holiday home but hubby decided at the last minute not to go. I’ve learnt to trust his instincts. Despite being disappointed I shrugged and unpacked everything.

I’d mentioned before we left for our ramble that my skin was once again dry so he offered to give me a ‘rub down’ in the evening with oils. Yum...

When he did the rub down he kept stopping and putting more oil on my back and then blurted out, "You’re like blotting paper – now matter how much I put on it soaks in and disappears."

We had candles burning so the room was pretty dark, there was music playing and I was drifting away. After our long walk in the fresh air and sun I was sleepy. I slowly became aware of having gone back into a past life regression. This has happened before on occasion, sometimes with hubby if it involves him, but mostly on my own. Something triggers this, such as a sound, a smell or a word, and I then become aware of the memory and emotions.

The night air was warm with the scent of jasmine and I was happy and very pampered.

Anyway, a long story short, I was in a harem and hubby was the eunuch assigned to care for me. There is much more to tell but I won’t, except that I remember the two of us were in love which was taboo, there was a great deal of jealousy and I lost him. But in the short time we had together we were very happy. I felt guilty and have carried that guilt for a long time. It also explains quite a bit about certain things that have happened between us in this life.

Phew, this is really hard to write about. I did burst into deep gulping gut wrenching tears last night, much to his distress, as I was flung back into this reality. I heard the words, "This is the final piece of the puzzle". What puzzle that is I have no idea.

Now, whether past lives really exist or not isn’t the issue. What I do know is that these episodes help me (and hubby) to clear out the clutter that no longer serves us and keeps us marching on the same spot. In order to move forward the clutter must go, so I don’t complain in what form this clearing occurs.

Yikes, hubby has been playing music loudly from old rock to African music and is now onto Andrea Boccelli. The music is thumping through the house clearing out the stuck energy as it contracts and expands in time to the beat.

Today I look at hubby through new eyes filled with more unconditional love as the clearing continues. He is slightly irritated and in a frenzy of activity, probably working through the issue in his own way. Last night as he slept I heard him whimpering.

Oh pooh, just been interrupted by my son with his stories about last night and then by hubby who seems to be on a roll. He has now moved on to the utility room and ordered me to clear out my old shoes and boots. Yessir! Immediately, sir! Smart salute. Hop, hop, left, right, left, right.

Sheesh...I’m working tonight...do ya think, if left to his own devices hubby will continue cleaning and clearing, and the house will be spotless by tomorrow morning?

Oh, and I also found out why I’m drinking so much water. While lying awake for a while last night I heard this...water contains crystals and it is these crystals that are assisting our bodies to make the change. Of course I should have known that because of Dr Emoto’s work. Silly me.

This is for hubby:

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