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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Oh no, 'dark' energy

This is a subject I don’t pay too much attention to – the woohoo of ‘dark’ energy or as some call it ‘psychic attacks’.

It’s not that I don’t believe in it – I do know it’s around but I’ve not had to deal with it much. Well, put it this way I have had to deal with it on the odd occasion, but I find it such a minor thing it’s not grabbed my attention enough to focus on it. I feel far more frightened by my own ‘stuff’ than by someone trying to drain or attack me.

A friend of mine, who has long since moved out of my life, was always being psychically attacked. She loved the excitement of it and was constantly talking about this group attacking her and that group doing this. She and another friend used to spend hours discussing what to do. My take on it was – for goodness cut the damn ties and get on with your life. But no, that was too simple. Eye roll.

The final straw was when she frantically contacted me one day, saying she had to see me that instant. Being the obliging person that I am I agreed – only to find out that a ‘coven of black witches’ were attacking her. By then I’d had enough of the drama. It’s not that I didn’t believe her, of course I did, but I didn’t really want to be sucked into her take on what was exciting. She wanted to go on a dark night when the moon was new and bury something or another in a field and perform a ritual on it. Ooookay. ‘Fine,’ I said, ‘go do that but I’m not coming with you’. I haven’t the foggiest idea whether she did or not – I don’t really talk to her these days.

The reason I bring this up is cause for the second time in two months I felt something attach and draw on my energy. I was working last night and at approximately 3.30 am I started to feel slightly nauseous and my stomach was hurting. I carried on working but after 20 minutes it was worse.

I stopped, closed my eyes and recognised what was happening. I followed the cord from my solar plexus to a group of people performing a ritual of some kind. Needless to say I put a sharp stop to that and I suspect their ears are still ringing from the blast. They were a different group to the lot last month that also tried in the early hours of the morning – which actually woke me up from a deep sleep.

Do I fear it or get angry? Nah, it simply tells me that there is something within me that I need to work on. If my energy did not send out a signal to attract that kind of attention it would not come to me. If my protection or defences were strong it would never find a way in. Do they specifically target people? Haven’t got a clue – not interested to know either. I view this as a lesson and I thank them for it.

Am I well protected by angels, other beings of light and my dear Hephestemon? Yes of course, but certainly not any more than anyone else. I merely choose to fix it and move on. I have more important things to focus on.

Besides I know that the light attracts the dark and the brighter you shine the more you attract. Shrug – most dark entities want to transform back to their true selves – that of love. They can do that with our help. So why would I dislike or hate them? They’ve served a purpose and are now ready to move on. I oblige them and help them transmute.

But I do object to sharing my sacred energy with someone who has not asked permission and simply wants to take. I have come to know my body and energy field so well and I know with whom I am sharing a bond. It is always an equal exchange – no energy depletion or draining on either side. I am in charge of me.

So thank you to the group who tried last night. You’ve helped me to find out where I’m a bit weak and what I should work on. I bear you no grudges and am not angry cause you’ve certainly helped me.

Oops, on re-reading this I’m sounding a bit hard and cynical. Ah well, that’s my St Germain side popping up with this delightful little tidbit. I’m probably gonna offend someone...

Now on to a happier note – I feel like a million dollars this morning – despite the lack of sleep J

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