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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My sanctuary

I always find it interesting to watch my garden wake up in spring, especially after the harsh winters lately when it looks like a nuclear holocaust.

It is like a map of my life’s current energy, unfolding before my eyes. Each plant that has decided to join or stay with us gives me an idea of what we are working through, either as a family unit or as individuals.

We have a Holly bush outside the kitchen window. Over the last three years it has been struggling to grow whereas in the previous six years it flourished profusely. No amount of feeding or compost has made any difference. This indicates to me that the anger we, as a family unit, were dealing with has started to wane. Does it mean that each of us no longer has anger? No, not necessarily – it might mean that the bulk and ferocity of it has been diluted.

Celandine made its appearance in our garden approximately four years ago (or maybe longer – can’t quite remember). It started as one or two and each year it has spread. This year the garden is covered by strong vibrant clusters of star shaped yellow flowers nestled in clumps of heart-shaped leaves. Celandine energy assists with tantra and therefore love and the heart chakra.


My son asked, this weekend, if he could mow the lawn, as he needed to make some money. When I went outside to see how he was doing I noticed that there were clumps of long grass. I asked why he hadn’t mowed those sections and he told me that he knew I loved my meadow flowers in the lawn and the clusters of Celandine. So he decided to mow around them so I wouldn’t lose them. Ahh, my heart fluttered...how sweet that he remembered.

Hubby frowned and said he’d done a half-arsed job. I pointed out that it is the intention behind the gesture that is important. Just like when hubby puts flowers in a vase all higgledy-piggledy. I don’t have a fit and arrange it properly – I enjoy the beauty of the gesture even if the flowers look slightly bedraggled.

So what has returned this year besides Celandine?

Forget-me-nots, Dandelion, Winter Jasmine, Aquilegia, Lavender, Rosemary, Ferns, Mints, Bay tree, Yellow Flag Iris and Gunnera (both in the pond), Comfrey, Pansies, Rambling Rose, Ivy, Passion Fruit, Willowherb, Borage, Daffodils, Onion, Garlich Chives, Poppies (red, gold and orange), Buddleia, Strawberries and an assortment of Potatoes that appear each year giving us bumper crops each year. Many of these are considered ‘weeds’ – but what is a weed? When we walked into the wildlife sanctuary this weekend there was board outside saying ‘A weed is merely a plant growing in the wrong place’. Hubby pointed at it grinning and asked, "Did you write that?"

Nasturtiums – I love their cheerful flowers, which range from pale yellow to deep almost black purple flowers. Again, each year the plants surprise me with their colour ranges (which seem to depend on what we are working through). This creeper is so diverse – you can eat the leaves and flowers as salad. They are very spicy. The seeds (once dried out) can be used instead of pepper in a pepper grinder.


The five hydrangea bushes I have vary from deep cerise to pale pink and blue. I have tried over the years to grow the lacy ones but they don’t seem to take, so I gave up. Last year two of the old bushes produced lacy flowers. Did they change in response to my love of the lacy hydrangea? I don’t know – all I know is that I was surprised and very happy when I saw them – it was such a beautiful gift from them.

Every year there are quite a few Bluebells. This year there is some white Bluebells amongst the regulars. Again, I’ve always wanted to have some white Bluebells and voila! here they are.

The garden is filled with ladybirds, bumblebees and birds of all shapes and sizes as well as a gray squirrel and a hedgehog. I leave my plants to do their own thing, in the natural way that nature should be left to grow. My one concession to order in the chaos is the potted plants and these are hubby’s domain. My lack of organisation in the garden drives him potty – although in the height of summer when everything is lush and green he appreciates it. We seem to have the same argument each year about the garden. I love the natural flow of nature and he loves regimented order. We always reach a compromise after much animated discussion, arm flapping and a bit of grumbling.

All the indoor plants also contribute, flowering profusely. Sadly my African Violet suddenly shriveled up, after producing an abundance of pink flowers over the last year.

Peace lily

These amazing energies together with the crystals I have both indoors and outdoors in the ground create a sanctuary of peace to which we all retreat to relax, rejuvenate, replenish and enjoy.

How beautiful that my garden, crystals and house respond to my family and I. Like dear old friends working hard, responding to our hopes and dreams, creating a beautiful unfolding tapestry of energy to surround and nurture us through the next segment of our lives each year.

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