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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Saturday, 9 April 2011

A magical meditation and the little Muntjac deer

I meditated this morning, outside in the sun about the little Muntjac deer that visited me yesterday. As I sat on the lounger the little deer appeared before me. It jumped up and placed its front hooves on my knees. It was then that I noticed it had horns and realised it was a buck rather than a doe. I must admit I’d been expecting a doe as they represent gentleness, compassion and unconditional love.

I tentatively asked if we were going for a walk but it merely jumped into my lap. As it lay there staring up at me and shivering, with what I thought was fright, I felt my heart open with a whoosh. The two of us connected on a heart level and the outpouring of love was immense. It stopped shivering as I stroked it and sang to it.

I was puzzled by this manifestation of masculine energy. I eventually called on Hephestemon to find out what it meant.

As Hephestemon hunkered down next to the lounger, he stroked the little deer and he told me, "This fine young fellow is you. He is the benchmark by which you will watch your growth from now onward. He will help you negotiate the world of the Merkaba, which we know you are finding confusing. You understand it intellectually but it has yet to fully manifest within the cells of your body and becoming an innate knowing. Follow him when you do your Merkaba meditation and let him guide you through the confusion."

I asked him why it was masculine.

"You need this tenacious stamina and strength that the stag displays. It also represents independence and protection. You are feeling vulnerable and fearful at the moment as you step forward into your power. When you reach your goal, your stag will have reached his true potential."

He then showed me a vision of me standing on top of a mountain with a proud beautifully antlered stag at my side.

Hephestemon also mentioned that I will have contact with a doe whenever it was needed but mostly it would be the masculine energy that will surround me.

Whooppeee!! They had to send a physical manifestation to get my attention. Shows you how much of a dense fog I’ve been walking around in lately. And WOW, this is the most Hephestemon has ever said to me.

I sat for a while soaking this in and feeling the warm rays of the sun, until I was rudely awakened by my son and his friends who’d spent the night, spilling out the back door into the garden.

A while later I sat down to do the Merkaba and found the little deer sitting on the bed next to me. He stood with his front hooves on my leg and started licking the bridge of my nose and as he did so I could feel the nasal chakra opening and spinning. It seemed to connect with my brow chakra , the energy running down my nose. The more he licked the area the stronger the energy until it felt like I had something pinching the bridge of my nose very strongly. I kept touching it thinking there was peg or something on it.

At the fourteenth breath the deer started licking at my heart chakra, which opened a flood of tears from me as I connected with the universal heart. He then moved down to each chakra licking them. When he got to the root chakra he went behind me and started head butting my backside. It did make me giggle and forget where I was until he moved up to lick the back of my throat. He stood on his hind legs his front hooves on my shoulders and licked at my crown. Every single chakra was wide open and spinning and I could feel each one very strongly.

After a while I moved on to do the fifteenth and the little deer came to curl up on my lap. When I did the sixteenth breath he sat up facing away from me and on the seventeenth breath he was standing facing forward, ears pricked and his little tail wagging in happiness. It was the most amazing feeling of freedom, having him there to show me the way and I could feel my heart fill up as my eyes flowed with water. We zipped around the universe with him guiding me. I really loved it and found I was less confused having a guide with me and could see so clearly. It was incredible.

When I came back to earth he turned to face me and licked off all the tears before gently head butting me.

I have never felt such overwhelming love for anything as I did that little being. His eyes were shining, warm and loving. I’m tearing up now writing about it, with sheer happiness and joy and the beauty of the moment.

How blessed am I to have such a beautiful little guide.

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