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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

New era?

Our relationship is two days old,” hubby announced yesterday afternoon.


“The slate is wiped clean. Forget the past, don’t worry about the future, let’s the focus on the present - we all love presents.”

Um…what you talking about?” I ask all agog and rather puzzled.

Well, if the new era was ushered in on Friday…it makes sense that we are starting over again with everything. So you and I are like two new young lovers. And…the present is a present – you know like a birthday or Christmas present. Each moment as it happens is like unwrapping a gift.”

I dunno about you, but that was the last thing I expected to hear out of his mouth.

Yeah…he does surprise me at times. He mostly seems focuses on the irritations of the world and gets so involved in it, that when these gems are thrown in my lap, I’m totally gobsmacked!

Kinda like no-one acknowledging your birthday all day. When you get home all down in the dumps and open the front door…surprise…everyone has gathered for your birthday.

It is nice to know that after all this time we can still surprise one another with snippets that we don’t know about each other. He’s right…it is like opening presents. We discover a beautiful crystal after painstakingly clearing (at times it can feel like scraping) away the caked on dirt. We continue and discover that there is another lying behind it that adds even more beauty and depth. And so we carry on scrubbing away revealing more and more beauty. It is such a reward.

We spent the afternoon together in our room, creating what we want in our ‘new life’. He showed me with a great deal of love and pleasure how much he loved every inch of me. I felt at one stage, like I had expanded to encompass the Earth. I was every woman on earth and he was every man. Every time we interact in this way, we seem to reveal more of what we are looking for.

If this is what the Divine Masculine has to offer the Divine Feminine – all I can say is ‘good on yer, mate’. Oh, how I wish for everyone to experience with a loving partner that which I experience with this wonderful man. This is an intention we re-affirmed yesterday.

Which brings me to our Maju stone. Every time hubby and I feel/express our love to/for each other, whether in words, gesture or thought – our Maju stone and its elementals are activated. It is quite amazing to watch as the energy reinforces the love and together with our hearts getting in on the act. It makes for some amazing displays. Aurora borealis has nothing on this.

He makes mistakes…just like I do. But I love this about him - how can I not? He is as human as I am. Sometimes he will do something that jars me, like a pinprick of electricity that does not sit well, but he is prepared to acknowledge it. Mostly we discuss it and move on - sometimes not. We both believe that there is no point in not understanding what works or doesn’t work. He, like me, does not view it as failure. It is merely learning…we cannot get it right first time, can we?

As we are moving into the unknown and are unwrapping the present as we go along…how can we know what works or doesn’t work. The excitement is in the experimenting. And so we have made the intention that we will move forward with a view to always making sure that we understand where the other is at any given time and give them the loving space and support to work their way through it. Hmm...remains to be seen...I'm not sure whether I've actually left my previous era baggage behind?!

Needless to say the sacred union experience yesterday brought more downloads and neither of us could sleep last night. We were very restless, hot and cold. In fact it seemed like summer in the house. We both stood by the window hoping for some kind of cool air…but there wasn’t any. Very surreal experience.

I woke this morning to the words, “…so that everyone will fall in love with themselves and understand what it is to truly love.” Then fell asleep again only to wake to Pinball Wizard running around in my head – one of hubby’s favourites.

He can be a very unconventional man at times. This Christmas he decided we were having a theme and the theme is the craziness of Dr Zeuss’s Cat in the Hat. All the pressies are crazily hilarious – the kind of present that makes you laugh out loud every time you see it.

May you all be blessed with a wonderful, happy, loving and fun-filled Christmas celebration - whatever you are doing.

Much gratitude love and hugs for walking this road with us.

P.S. we are celebrating our Christmas day on the 26th so that hubby and I can spend the day of the 25th in love and sacred union. The energies will be very high - it is a day to celebrate and anchor the highest vibrational energy possible - that of true unconditional love.

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