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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A fond farewell to time as we know it

Hubby and I were privileged to meet up with twin-flames, Martin and Angaela yesterday at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.  At the time we did not know why this place specifically, but it simply felt so right to be there.

Angaela, Martin and I
As usual the strong kundalini energy of London is buzzy and vibrant, but very tiring and along with all the other things going on, I was completely zapped last night. I still feel somewhat knocked out.

The four of us wandered around sightseeing and chatting for a while before finally retiring to a pub to talk, eat and take a breather. The conversation flowed easily. Hubby is very good at interacting on the physical level and takes part in the conversation while, I tend to go into another space. He is my link to this physical world.

This is probably why many think I am aloof and stand offish, as I might look bored or far away. But believe me, I am not. I can hear what is going on and sometimes chip in, but mostly I am distracted by the energy flows and entities around us and creating a peaceful happy space.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not always quiet…when I talk metaphysical talk…I take over the conversation and hubby goes quiet. I am his link to the metaphysical world.

On either side - East/West - of Meridian
There were many downloads and activations going on, not only with the four of us, but everyone that was in close proximity from what I could see. It is impossible to have two sets of twin-flames together without there being a bit of a party in the etheric as the energy makes the most of this when it can.

Angaela, hubby and Martin
It takes a while to tune into the energy of others and find ourselves on the same frequency. Once we did, I could see all of us as four individual bright orange flames. The tips of the flames were joined and where they joined it became bright light. A clear tube of white light ran up into the heavens. Individually from our feet ran others tube of light down into the earth.

At one stage we were one big flame that spread out and encompassed all around us. When we parted into our individual flames and the conversation dwindled, it felt like it was time to part company.

I have no idea what the activations were. Maybe Martin and Angaela know.

The green laser marking the Meridian

The green laser across the city skyline
It was dark as we walked bac up the hill past the Observatory. There was a massive flicker of light. We both stopped, looking around in surprise wondering if there was someone taking photos with a rather large flash that was so bright...or was it lightning. A few seconds later we heard a loud clap of thunder which confirmed our suspicions.

There wasn’t much rain…it was mainly a light drizzle and we did not see any more lightning or hear any further thunder.

When we got to the top of the hill we noticed that there was a green laser light from the Observatory which ran along the Meridian line out into the dark night. We could see the particles dancing in the laser light.

Time Ball

What I do know this morning is that we were saying farewell to time as we know it as there is a re-setting and re-calibration of what is known as the Greenwich Meridian. It became the international standard for the Prime Meridian in 1884 or the 0 longitude line. Its Time Ball also sets the Universal Time for the world. As the earth shifts into a new vibrational era, this will change. I have no idea whether it will happen fast or very slowly – none of us know what to expect.

All those thousands of people milling around at that time (as well as those all over the world on this longitudinal line) who think they are there because they are sightseeing or doing a normal mundane thing…couldn’t be further from the truth. One day they will understand how they contributed to this change in energy.

This re-calibrating and re-setting of the world is also reflected in our bodies. After all we are part of Gaia and whatever changes she experiences, so do we. So we enter the ‘no time’ zone together with Gaia.

As an Earth worker I find this very poignant and exciting at the same time. It is not easy to say goodbye to something so well known, whether it was good or not. Our grateful thanks to everyone.

P.S. this video I discovered once I'd uploaded this blog. Well worth a watch as it explains the 'end of time' or 'no time' concept and how it works...supposedly :-)

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