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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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We honour the light and the life within you.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The fires of transformation...and the Divine Masculine

Blimmin’ heck…things are hotting up!

So much so, it floored me completely. We are all clearing clearing clearing and clearing some more so that the Divinity within shines through.

In the early hours of Sunday morning I woke with the most excruciating headache…it felt like someone was digging around inside my brain. Oh…the nausea and diarrhoea!!

As much as I would like to point to the dinner we had Saturday when we ate out as the culprit - I know better.

Over these last 10 years I have these incapacitating bouts either with this kind of scenario or with the real flu, when I am making a huge leap in vibration. I can pinpoint each time it has happened and how much I have grown since then. The body needs time out to process all of this and integrate after more space has been created so that more of who we truly are can settle in and shine through.

These are different to the times long before I started processing my emotions. In those days I’d have migraines and/or tummy bugs constantly because of the overload of not only my own stuff, but of the collective too. It took many years of clearing and cleansing to reach a stage where I'm healthy almost all of the time…until these occasions.

When we clear on an immense scale like this, it creates a chemical reaction within the body as the toxins that were stored are released. This in turn can cause an overload as the body works through the purging of these toxins. Haha…out came the Apple Cider Vinegar, Charcoal tablets and Vit C to support my body…once I was able to keep them down of course!

And here is where my darling hubby comes in. Once I’d finished the eliminating…I curled up, while he wrapped himself around me and held me as I shivered and shook through the aftermath. It was so soothing to be held and loved through the healing.

I cried and cried…from all the visions that came whooshing in, as they were so poignant. When I understood the implications of what is/was going on…how can I be unhappy about what is happening? I am here in Service to both the Self and therefore the collective.

I spent most of the day in bed…as did hubby…as he lovingly created the space with his heart within which I could heal, both myself and humanity. How beautiful is the Divine Masculine when he aligns himself with the Divine Feminine that exists within himself.

My heart today is so full and open, even though I am tired and wobbly but the difference is tangible.

I am so in love with the Divinity within all of us, whether we can see it or not. It is there waiting to be acknowledged.

These fires of transformation are beautiful…once we get past the physical affects!


Psychogenesis said...

Welcome to the club SiSTAR! The energy of this past couple of weeks has been so intense the physical symptoms are unavoidable....GOOD on YOU for "getting" it!!!! Martin and I are traveling again :) We were in Scotland for a couple of weeks and have been this last week in Egypt and are here for one more before returning to London on Saturday for a few days there. It has been an energetical roller coaster to say the least. We were called to the Pyramids at Giza for the 03/12/12 planetary alignment and the experience was monumental! I am glad to hear you are doing well and I always LOVE reading about your journey!

Much love and light to you...we think about you often!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen
Both me and my husband had a similar thing last week too. He and I are so much online with each other ...more so now than ever ... it is amazing how this all works isn't it. I feel so very grateful to have such a partner. The energies have been intense in many ways ... all good though as you say.
Sending you and your husband much Love.

Karen Pallas said...

Wonderful to see the two of you together at such an amazing time! Two very incredible places that you have visited...are you gonna write a blog about your trip?
Thank you...I think about you two quite often too, especially when I read about TFs.
How long are you in London - which is not too far from me?
Heart hugs of love to both of you.

Karen Pallas said...

I thought intense could not get much more intense!?
The closeness and unity we are building in our relationships are a wordless experience of love.
Thank you...loving hugs to you and your beautiful hubby from both of us

Martin said...

Sister; Thank you for once again helping me to a good and memorable cry... It happens almost every time I read anything in your blog, this time it was above post, then re-reading about the connections we hav e had, crying/releasing some more :)
We will return to London late on the 15th, and have the two following days to do something... So an idea hit me, would you be able to meet up with us and do something special in that area perhaps ? We would love to go to one of the sacred sites, but it might be a little too far for a daytrip ?
We are open for ideas and inputs, and if we got to meet you somehow, that would be more sacred then anything to us <3

Martin & Angela

Karen Pallas said...

What a beautiful comment you have written, Martin, thank you. I really appreciate it. The Divine Masculine brings tears to my eyes too. It's been so long!
I would love to meet up with you and Angaela - I'll send you a PM on Facebook with ideas.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday in Egypt.
Hugs from the heart