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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Forgiveness and Empowerment code

I tell ya...the twin-flames, Angaela and Martin are amazing...here is one of their fabulous codes which they are sharing with the world in the light of the latest tragedy in Newtown. Thank you, Martin and Angaela. My love and blessings to you both for all the great work you do.

(oops, forgot to say that once you've read this, it is best to take time out to meditate on this code and allow it to settle within your energy field and body)

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Forgiveness And Empowerment
“Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die”

Forgiveness is the process through which one learns to rebuild a trusting relationship with self…the act of channeling one’s own grace through the elimination of regret, from scenarios that both happen to you and because of you. To forgive is not to forget, but to move forward I freedom from the limitations that are created through holding on to lower vibrations associated with disappointment. 
 Think of all of the wonderful things you can do with your energy if you invest it in love and choose happiness rather than in the pain and suffering that comes from harboring an attachment to every situation, thought or perception that has manifested anger toward another person. It is truly NOT other people that suffer from your grudges…it is yourself only that suffers from this lowering of your own vibrational frequency. The true tragedy that results from the inability to forgive oneself or others for perceived injustices is the breach of trust in one’s only ability to maintain the highest good for self. Instead of focusing your attention on yourself and the co-creation of your own reality for the higher good … resentment and attachment to perceived injustices creates a reality of bitter resentment, anger, and fear. 
Why wait? Forgive yourself now…This IS the grace of God. If you wait to be forgiven then you bend time into a reality that is outside of your control, this is widely known but very rarely felt so we look to external sources to tell us that we are forgiven. We arrange scenarios...in many cases ones of epic brutality...simply to invoke the grace of self-forgivenes. It is NOT a mere thought, it is through taking active steps to eliminate all grudges that hold you down that you may let go of the ghosts that haunt your mind and move into a reality where the thought of forgiveness becomes your own self truth again...it is within you it is a part of you...your innate right as a co-creator of god with this Universe...to become that which honor in yourself...to identify that honor and accept it as your own. 
Anger is a dangerous emotion and when holding grudges against others and self, can lead to many forms of self-destruction. It stems of course from fear, and is a feeling that is perpetuated by fear but it doesn't carry the conscious vibrational pattern as an emotion so you can literally feel anger with no emotion attached to it. This is a false sense of security in this system of vibrational patterns as it masks truth like a drug. This is why it is healthy as a stage in the grieving process, as it temporarily alleviates a lot of the emotional pain associated with loss. However, if not quickly exposed for what it is and released as an emotion rather than a function of logic reality, then it begins to tear at soul essence and starts to deeply affect the physical as well as the spiritual bodies. It is very good at giving the illusion of being connected to something while in reality you are deepening the separation between the consciousness and the higher self. 
A lot of times - this is what leads to substance abuse, physical abuse...domestic violence...all of these things. Blind rage is like an indulgence of sorts. Kind of like blind faith ; (it has a drive nearly as strong as the human sex drive…very powerful emotion with no responsibility of emotional accountability, especially for lonely lost people who have no conscious guidance, compassion or self-guided artifice).
This code of truth will allow for the initiation of forgiveness on all levels…forgiveness of self and forgiveness of all others whom we perceive to have caused injustice and harm to ourselves and those we love. It will release then emotions of anger, fear, jealousy and self-doubt that are associated with holding on to attachments to situations with others that have manifested these angry and fearful denial based feelings.

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