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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Anointing with love

Anointing is a word that I had, until recently, associated with religious fervour.

And yet over the last 5 days I have come to realise that it is a sacred ceremony of celebration. By, for example, massaging another with oils, you are in actual fact honouring the person with respect and love. How can this be bad as you pour into their body the love that you feel?

So…anointing has been running around in my head since Sunday. I’d not been sure why, but slowly as the days have unfolded I find that it is a word that is slowly sitting well with me and no longer has the same connotations that I had attached to it previously.

To me it now embodies the love, respect and honour I feel for my hubby. By spending time lovingly anointing his body, I am declaring this love to him so he can feel it within his body. The Goddess within me is also honouring the God within him.

This morning I woke to understand that we are to take this one step further - to bathe each other. To bathe each other is also taking the time to pay attention to one another with love and patience.

Our world has always been a frantic rush from one thing to another. No-one has time to spend patiently loving another. And by loving I mean loving in all its different forms whether as a couple, a parent, friend, sibling, etc. In the rush of life it is so easy to dismiss another with the normal impatient aversion because everyone does it.

I am now being led down a path that is beyond what I understand. Bathing my husband? Um…that is what you would do as a sexual entrĂ©e, but as a homage to him? Ya gotta be kidding! But not being one to shirk…I did it.

Wow…I’m not sure how to explain the difference between the two…or is there a difference? Maybe it is just that I have changed how I feel about bathing someone, as I did about anointing. I have cleared my prejudices and because I have, I am now seeing the significance of what we are doing.

We have both been off since 22nd. It has been a foray into living in the heart all the time and has been a rather exhilarating and, at times, a mind boggling experience. I have no idea how much more love my heart can contain…but I am pretty sure…well I am mostly sure…that it won’t explode!

Each time we meditate - which we have been doing a lot of - the 5D community becomes clearer and clearer to me. We are feeling our way into this rather than reading or listening to what others say. What suits us, might not suit others.

The separation of the sexes will slowly fade away. Something I did not really write about whilst in Australia, was that the sacred areas of the Aborigines that were either for men or women, would be changing. Such as sacred birthing sites, which will no longer be for women only, but for all. The indigenous peoples were keepers of these kinds of sacred sites until the day it was no longer necessary.

Our communities will slowly evolve to work for the higher good of all. It will not happen over night.

For example, when a couple decide to conceive a child, the sacredness of the conception will be felt within the depths of the community. The community will hold the couple within the safe space of their hearts while the conception takes place, thus welcoming the child. I always think of the saying, 'it takes a village/community to raise a child.'

I do carry a little fear of communities becoming rigidly fixated on what should or shouldn’t be done. Our 3D world has clearly shown us how we can become fanatics about what we believe in.

So hubby and I are treading very carefully/cautiously when we create our intentions, as I know somewhere in the intentions sits this fear of fanaticism. But on the other hand, if anything goes ‘wrong’, it is simply an indication of what we need to look at and clear.

I do believe that all of this is being made so much easier by everyone being part of the changes no matter how you are or aren't doing it.

Our thanks to you with deep gratitude. Without any of you, none of this would be possible.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for shareing !

Deep gratitude to you both !

The new word which entered my view before christmas was "Consecration" and "Consecrated Space". When looking up the german translation of "Anointing", immediately "Consecration" come into my mind, so I had to share it with you.

"When the body is wet it is always more receptive then when the body is dry"


Love & Light,

Karen Pallas said...

Thank you, Stefan, for the word understanding (I never thought about consecrating), as well as the link to the video which I enjoyed watching.

Synchronicity :-)