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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Self reliance

Our son was talking to his sister in Australia on Christmas day. They must have been discussing when he’d be moving out and making his own way in the world.

I heard him say, ‘I will do so, when I know I can rely on myself.’

I felt my heart constrict as my vision changed and I found myself looking at his energy field. Being so close to him, I prefer not to do this because it is an invasion of privacy. It was okay when the children were little, but unless there is a very good reason these days, I don’t do so…to him...or anyone else for that matter. Our children have their own paths to walk and it is not my job to interfere…it can be difficult but integrity has always been a big thing for me.

I know over the years, many have been frightened that I might ‘see’ something that they want kept secret. I’ve always said that spirit never reveals anything embarrassing to put their minds at ease. What I really meant is that I have chosen not to look – that is one of my intentions that I made – and I have kept that promise to myself. But in reality...all of us have made this intention whether we remember or not.

Will this change as we all become more transparent?

The difficulty has been that there are so many layers within layers within layers when looking at the body and auric field, each one over layed with bits and pieces of negative energy. One person might read one layer and another might read a different layer. As we clear and become more transparent it will become easier to ‘read’ someone because there won’t be so much confusion and it will be far more pleasant to open yourself up to them.

This made me think of my job. Wiring a person up takes about 40 minutes and believe me when I say they are covered in electrodes from head to legs. It is uncomfortable but in our 3D medical world this is the only way we can see what is going on. There are only a few who are medical intuits. Of course being a medical intuit is not something the medical profession believes in. If they cannot ‘see’ it on a computer, it doesn’t exist.

As we move further into 5D it will be possible to simply place on electrode on the heart and get a reading of everything in the body. Eventually there will come a time when we will all be medical intuits and be able to ‘see’ without any help, but until then we do the best we can.  

Our son’s words about relying on himself really resonated within me. We have so recently moved into an era where being reliant upon ourself and being self-sufficient is key…and yet we are part of a community where we are so inter-connected that we support each other.

It simply boggles the mind that there is a possibility that we can be one big happy family of 65 Billion…or however many inhabits the world at the moment. We surely cannot know everyone.

I am probably being too logical about this.

It was while I was pondering this that I had a bit of an insight. It is the heart that connects us all. No matter what star nation we come from, our hearts will always recognise each other. It reminded me of the flower of life once again.

But once again, it is the individual human body that is different to the heart and there will be quirks that we don't know about. It is all about becoming tolerant of one another. We can still be tolerant of someone even if they don't share our ideas. It is the fear that stops tolerance in its tracks and creates judgement. As we move deeper into the new way, many more will start vibrating and expressing through their heart, rather than their heads. Imagine experiencing the mind through the heart space!

I had a dream in which I vaguely recall being taught a saying that would ‘help’ me. Much like we learnt poetry parrot fashion at school, I was taught this saying by a woman. She called it the Gerard saying – or that is how I thought it was spelt. Later, once she was happy I knew it she took me up some stairs to a bare room with four bright white walls. I stood with my back against one of them. Displayed on the opposite wall (much like an old fashioned projector screen) were the words, I, Gerhard. There was another word but I cannot remember it.

I heard the word machine in my head.

She indicated that I should start the mantra now.

My mind went completely blank and all I could think to say was my own mantra, ‘I am 100% sovereign. I am perfect whole and complete’ and once again my mind went blank. In the silence I heard her say, ‘That is a very offensive thing to say.’

Surprised, I turned to look at her, but could not see her. She had blended into the white wall and all I could see were her hands. I asked her what was on her left hand which was facing me palm up. It was like she had white paint on the fingers. She exclaimed that it was the make-up she had put on this morning and she tried to brush it off. I remember feeling confused because I wondered if she really was who I thought she was. I woke up.

This reminded me of the persistent feeling that I must stop inviting entities in to help me. Surely this is giving away our power?

Since then I have been experimenting. Instead of asking for help I now tell myself what to do…but this is only possible if quite a bit of baggage has been cleared.

As you know everything, including us are made up of elementals. We are in charge. It is up to us to be in charge.

For example if your room needs clearing of a bit of negative energy - as it is a reflection of you, ask it to clear itself and it will do so. If your body is experiencing something not so great, ask it to let go and clear it out…and it will do so. Simple as that.

Of course it helps if you believe utterly in what you are doing. Like when asking a child to do something, there is no doubt in your mind it will get done and so it gets done. You don’t command, berate or threaten. Merely ask and expect it to be done and the child reacts to your energy. This expectation comes from the heart, not the head. If you expect something to be done and it isn’t, there is some work to be done as there is a program running in the background of the mind saying it is not possible.

So as you can see, you need to be in a specific space in order for this to work. Practice makes perfect.

I have been practising this for a while and it has worked a treat. Not with everything…but when it doesn’t work…it is up to me to clear that which is creating the faulty program.

So…it all boils down to creating intentions. Creating the intention that if something doesn’t turn out the way you want it, you can look at it to find out what the block is, clear it and re-create.

The current loving energy is so very strong and open to creating change – but you need to want to change it. Something that Jim Self said resonated strongly. He said that all we have to do is BE. So when faced with a situation or a symbol not to your liking, have a look at what it is that is creating the resonance within you, love it and change the energy you feel rather than the situation. That is what mastering alchemy is all about.

The more of us that do this, the greater the changes we will see.

Of course, there will be reactions. I know that on occasion when I am feeling something negative there are times that I really want to indulge and feel it. So I give in and rant rather than do something about it. But these days the change is so quick it does not last long. The trick is to know when to let it go.

I am also beginning to wonder if the communities where we live are not already 5D. And so maybe the ‘move’ we think of is not a physical move to a new home but a metaphysical move into a new way of BEing and loving everyone whether they antagonise or frustrate us or not.

The angels, guides, guardians and light beings don’t pick and choose who they will love. They love us no matter what. This again points to embracing and loving situations and people into a new way of BEing within ourselves and we are the only ones who can do this for ourselves. People are not going to change because we want them to…it is up to us to change our attitude. Even though the energy has changed…it is still up to us what we do…or don’t.

And…we are…in so many ways whether we notice it or not. The energy these days is so different and catapulting hubby and I into a whole new way of BEing is evidence of this. It starts out as alien and within a few days feels so normal and part of our life.

Things are a-shifting at a rapid rate. Celebrations all round!

Hehe...Can't touch us as we soar...might get me some hammer pants!

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