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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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We honour the light and the life within you.

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Sunday, 2 September 2012


I have not been watching the Paralympic much until last night, when I sat down to watch a little bit of cycling, swimming and running.

Wow, these athletes are amazing.

I am off to the Paralympics today to watch athletics in the main stadium and therefore I've turned my attention to this...and as I did with the Olympics, am sending love into the main stadium from 7pm until 7am every day to change the energy.

Watching the athletes last night I felt the total joy and happiness these delightful BEings feel when they take part. The Olympics is meant to celebrate prowess and these athletes have overcome to much to be where they are. How can we deny them their little bit of time in the Sun?

Of course there was the dark energies that came through...but I don't shy away from it. It is my job to make sure they don't take over but rather come back into balance.

Oscar Pistorius - the face of the Paralympics - has stressed over and over again that we must stop viewing the disabled with pity and discomfort. If a child wants to ask them about their disability...let them...as he/she will realise that despite someone not being quite 'whole', it doesn't stop them from achieving what they want..and there is no stigma attached to being disabled. There is no need to wallow in pity because life can still be lived to the full in spite of handicaps.

I embrace them...and of course the idea of pitting nation against nation is causing the feeling of separatism. In an ideal world there should be no separatism whether disabled or not.

Which is another thing that Oscar Pistorius has pointed out. His mother never differentiated between him or his brother. She treated them both the same. This is the reason he aimed to bridge the gap between 'normal' athletics and disabled athletics...which he achieved.

Of course in an ideal world there should be no competition...no need to prove ourselves...but we don't live in an ideal world...we are creating it and so we work within the parameters of limitation that we have made in our 3D world. We do this by making the changes from within (both ourselves and in our outer world).

WE CREATED THIS WORLD...it is up to us to change it.

I often get asked if I find it difficult to work in the NHS, which is everything I 'should' abhor in the 3D medical world. I don't...simply because I work within what has been created by us, thereby making the change from within the NHS. It doesn't mean I 'buy' into the medical world...I don't. I believe in alternative medicine. My job is to be on the inside shining the light. For me there is no point standing on the outside moaning...that is someone else's job :-)

If I create the change with-in me, it manifests with-out.

My affirmation-
I choose to open my heart and feel the love and amazingly beautiful energy these admirable BEings have to share. I send them my unconditional heart love as they deserve it. I also send love to the beauty of our world as it should be, rather than focusing on the negative. It is my intention to make a difference by bringing love to the world instead of fear.

I choose to love them no matter what and to bring them into the loving community where it doesn't matter what you are or aren't. It is my intention to create the change from within myself and therefore have it manifest in my outer world.

The change we want - begins with us.

BUT...I must make sure that what I do is balanced...because too much simpering love can also be detrimental. It is walking a fine line...and I have no fear in doing so.

I was woken in the early hours of the morning...which has not happened in a while...to prepare me for today. Erk...sometimes...

Anyways after an hour I felt that soothing calming peaceful energy that comes after dramatic clearings. I'm not sure about being in a stadium filled with 90,000 people...but have faith that I will be protected. Hephestemon, my fiercely protective gatekeeper will no doubt be in his element today, doing what he is in service to do :-) Bless him.

My intention today...as the Anchor of Balance for Love and Pleasure...is to anchor balanced pleasure and love in the main stadium...together with my darling twin...and no I won't be waving a flag of any country as I am a citizen of the world, embracing and loving the citizens of the world.


Once again...this is my optimistic view of things...

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