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Monday, 24 September 2012

My Comprehensive Numerical Blueprint Reading with Amy Landerman

This is a very long transcript of the 1 and a half hours of reading with Amy Landerman.

I found that having this reading now at my age is very helpful, especially being where I am in life and I can understand what she is talking about...more so than I would have at, for example, the age 30.

So here is the reading - I have highlighted the numbers and the layers. Many of us will have similar numbers in our energy field and body. No one person is "better" another - each one of us is on our own unique journey. I have uploaded my reading simply to give you an understanding of numerology and how it can help you on your journey.

If you would like to do a numerology chart for yourself you can go to this very extensive website to do so - Do your own numerology reading.

7 September 2012

In our auras we have different vibrations and through these vibrations our fields are directly tied to our DNA –an energy snapshot with which we choose to experience everything in the current lifetime. Using numerology you can decode some of those really significant layers.

The first significant…and it is quite significant…layer/vibration in your aura is what is called a ruling number, others call it a lifepath number. In your aura it is almost as though you have an egg surrounding you and this vibration is the vibration with which every bit of stimuli that you process, like your first line of defence. 

Anything that comes at you through any of your senses goes through this vibration so it almost acts like a filter for your experience. So this is one of the strongest numbers with which you chose to experience this lifetime which is why it is a big one.

You’re a master 11 – you are considered a 29 11 vibration. When a being chooses to incarnate with the 29 vibration especially in the lifepath area, they choose what is considered a testing incarnation…it is not always an easy life. Almost always most 11 vibrations choose to incarnate into a bit of a tumultuous original family. 

Usually there is one or more parents who are an alcoholic. There is usually an emotional, physical abuse that happens in the family. It is by design because the 29 vibration in your energy body is actually quite physically large – it is a very big vibration.

The 29 vibration vibrates to the words light and wisdom – it is a very naturally high vibration. So anybody that you are around, you don’t even have to say anything, you just have to breath, will benefit and be uplifted by your presence. So that is why a being who chooses to incarnate and walk this path chooses to function within this vibration, chooses to kinda go into those really heavy dense original family contracts and kind of radiate outwards. It is no accident.

It is a highly intuitive, highly, very highly creatively charged number in vibration. So again, this is like the lens you are wearing of your perception. We put these filters in place to direct our experience.

It is one of the most intuitive, emotionally empathic vibrations. So you are very very, very empathic, you are very, very, very emotionally intuitively charged and the intuition comes almost like lightning bolts – very highly highly charged. So if you look at the 11 vibration, it builds a natural bridge between the super-conscious and conscious. When you are born with this, you’re kinda wide open and it is a very natural feeling so most 11 vibrations definitely feel different, but they don’t necessarily feel it is anything drastically different because it is normal to them…but your intuitive hits are dynamic.

Again by design because you chose to put yourself into less than harmonious environments and this is throughout your whole chart. It shows up in several different areas because you came to radiate a lot of light. 

This is why it is called the testing incarnation…in our current reality it is not viewed as the most positive.

It also means that you have the potential to be very, very successful. The 11 vibration is a very highly charged vibration where you will half of the time, literally half of the time, feel very drawn to just harmonious environments and you just want peace and happiness around and you are completely content to be the wind beneath the wings of whoever you are around. But then there is this other part that is equally driven to be a leader and to step out and take charge.

So in the 11 vibration which breaks to a 2 there is a true duality with which you specifically came to master even though the world is trying to break out of this reality. You carry that with you very naturally – you have opposite ends of the spectrum. So finding the balance is the key for you specifically and then using your lightning like intuition is what gets you where you need to go.

But again, part of your purpose – and this part – is just BEing here because your vibration in your aura is just gigantic. It is really really, really large, so you will be naturally led to situation that are dark and dingy because the light needs to go where it is darkest. You merely have to wake up in the morning and you make a difference.

Your purpose through the shift is literally just to BE embodied – we say this all the time – but different vibrations carry a specific tone and yours literally is to just BE.

When you have this strong of a duality vibration – when you are out of vibration you can become very passive aggressive. Finding the balance between holding back and stepping forward has been a lifetime lesson. But definitely in your chart you are much much more drawn to harmonious environments.

What is interesting is on your actual numerological birth chart you have what is called the ‘arrow of enquirer’. You were born with a very healthy scepticism, where you don’t believe things unless they are tangibly proven to you. Again, when I look at your chart as a whole, you chose to fast track your learning and to go through intense situations – a lot of them to get you to where you are quickly.

So again, in our current reality that experience is a lot of trials and tribulations. You didn’t want to mess around. You didn’t want to take your time and ease into it. You jumped in literally with both feet. My hat is off to you for what you came to do and every once in a while I come across a chart that is this intense and I just have to sit back in awe. You did not leave a lot of room for slow growth.

As a child growing up with this ‘arrow of the enquirer’ could have definitely made you very moody. Whenever situations come about that you don’t understand or somebody is trying to force their dogma on you or they are trying to put you into a corner – I find a lot of 11 vibrations tend to be into some kind of organised religion early on – usually introduced by their families – not always but a lot of the time.

As a child you sensed that there is more and you know that there is tangible scientific proof and when it is not given to you, it can make you feel very moody and very down. And a lot of it has happened on a sub-conscious level. So a lot of kids just express mood swings – highs and lows with this arrow but it is designed to make you focus and make you specialise in very specific areas. This comes up over and over through your chart.

A lot of times these master 11 vibrations don’t need as much sleep or as much rest or rejuvenation as other vibrations. Now I feel in your chart that isn’t necessarily the case. It might be so in certain time periods in your life. This is because you have such an active mental vibration. The heaviest concentration of your numerical vibrations are in the mind planes – you are a very natural thinker and you process through thinking channels. Again, because you are here to specialise in our current reality and you don’t specialise in anything unless you can process it through the mind, the way things are right now.

So you set yourself up very naturally to be a thinker, to philosophise.

Here I interject and say that I always analyse everything, then intuit it, then put them together and if I am happy with it – I embrace it.

Amy agreed – your chart is riddled with this and as we go along you will see how that has been set up so perfectly for you.

We discuss my background of ancestral mediumship. This would be something that I would have been drawn to whether religion, spiritual or metaphysical in nature. I am aware of what is on the other side of the veil even when not completely conscious of it, there was always an inner knowing.

If you look at the 11 – it is two straight lines like a funnel going between the two – that is a very natural connection or a bridge between the super-conscious and the conscious.

With big spiritual gifts that are that strong comes the responsibility to master them quicker. So again, you didn’t mess around with what you set out to understand...but part of that is simply being embodied and packing this 11 vibration in your aura for people to experience just being next to you.

It can be very confusing because you will always be driven to DO something but a lot of it is just carrying that vibration. Because again it is a really, really large vibration.

There is another vibration in your aura which some call a destiny number, others call it an outer expression. This is the second most significant layer in your aura. It is the filter with which…

So you are processing and carrying around all of your experiences filtered through this master 11 vibration – very high vibration. So in essence everything you experience comes through that 11 filter and you do transmute – it is simply a natural progression.

Now you have another layer of energy with which you choose to express everything that you have filtered – back out into the world. This is an outer expression number and what you have is a 4 outer expression. Some people will say that this is what you are here to do. But this is how I see it.

This is how you are expressing your energy to the next person outwardly and when you have a 4 vibration you feel a very deep solid desire to leave something tangible behind you, literally in the world of form. 4 rules the world of form.

Most people with a 4 outer expression want to build such as contractors, architects, surgeons or writers where you have to leave something physical behind you. So there will be this undercurrent, sometimes overwhelming desire to create something in form.

Together with your maternity number – makes me think that as we get closer to the shift you will feel this even more. Like people carving in stone in Egypt and knowing that it is going to be left for generations and generations. You have this vibration.

Also what happens when you have this strong 4 in the world of form, 4 carries with it a natural gift of healing. And again, the 4 vibration will put themselves into situations where either there is some form of abuse – either physical, emotional or verbal – something along those lines where they learn very quickly how to heal their own bodies. Or they will put themselves in situations where they are literally transmuting that heavy vibration for other people – on an unconscious level and felt as just a very hard life.

4 energy needs to work. They feel better when they are working and producing. Again, in the world of form. They are also very much tied to the earth.

The earth is the planetary body that rules the 4 vibration, so you are very very connected to the earth in a very same vibrational way. So you are drawn to nature, to elementals. The earth is a natural extra limb to you. The world is creation expressed in form and you are in that vibration as well. So your desire to create on earth in the world of form is what you are here to do. How you choose to do that – your free will reigns supreme - you can do it however you want.

A lot of people end up being teachers or creating and building and seeing what they have done on the skyline – and they are a lot of strong analytic thinkers.

People will probably not know this about you, but it actually makes you quite conservative in what you believe. Once you get through that filter of the enquirer and you find something you believe in, you wholeheartedly go for it. But…you are conservative to the point where you actually prove it to yourself.

It brings a very stable vibration, a very organised, practical vibration, which adds to your analytical ability where you have to go step by step by step. What is key for this vibration – whatever you are being called to by your Oversoul to express outwardly and create in the world of form – you cannot skip any steps when you are creating it. You have to be methodical and you cannot go from point A to point C or you will have to go back and do point B. It has to be step by step.

Needing to focus on the details- and if you go back to the earth vibration – it can be a very heavy vibration in the world of form – so again, it can take away a little bit of the lightheartedness and it can make you more serious sometimes.

The 4 is a foundational vibration – think of foundations as solid – the strongest foundations are like cement or granite. You bring that stability to the world and especially through the shift. It is quite beautiful how you have this set up. It gives you a very strong eye for detail and for process – so you are able to see the process of how to make something happen. Point A to B to C – it is just important when you start skipping steps you know you are out of balance in this 4 vibration. One of the easiest ways to balance a 4 vibration is to be out in nature and to connect with the earth. Your ability to ground into the earth is much more profound than other vibrations.

Bigger picture – you are carrying this massive 11 vibration of transmutation, but you are so making sure that you are heavily grounded in the world of form so you don’t fly off. So you are grounding a foundation through the shift, so you are one of those pillars – you are a foundational piece.

You will constantly manifest situations in your life that teach you to value that steadfastness, that foundational energy, that when the tornadoes and tsunamis are happening – you are the grounded one able to anchor – you are an anchor.

It also means that things will move slowly and methodically. It is a lifetime of this steadfast step by step. And that is your desire to outwardly express – again, you are going to leave behind you – whatever you choose to leave – tangible things in the world of form. I know already you have a blog – that is one way. You are gonna also feel more of a stronger desire over the next two years to create more things to leave behind, whether you write a book – it will be an overwhelming desire.

It will be in the world of the metaphysics.

Now the other vibration you carry with you is the vibration in your day of birth. When you decided to be Karen Burroughs, and you and your free will are designing all of these energetic flows, along with the astrological flows, of the energy that you are going to work in. So you pack luggage and the luggage you pack is the energies and the skills you bring with you on the day of your birth. You brought a 9 energy.

This is key because the 9 energy is the most evolved energy on the chart and it packs with it a huge amount of claircognisance which I find is the hardest of the spiritual gifts to balance because there is nothing tangible to back up your knowing. And…when you have this natural arrow of scepticism in your aura it is an overly hard one to balance because you have such a strong inner knowing but there is nothing scientifically tangible, especially growing up, that you could base your inner knowings on. But what it does in your energy body to those around you is immediately project out to people a natural leadership vibe. People just assume that you know what is going on all the time, even when you don’t.

They are feeling your vibration in their aura. Like if you were walking down the street next to somebody else and someone came up and needed directions they would ask you over your friend. Or if you are in a store people are automatically gonna assume you work there or you know where the bathroom is or you know something that they don’t. They don’t know consciously that they are doing this but they are reacting to this energy vibration in your aura that says ‘I am large and in charge’ – I know what is going on because of this natural claircognisant ability.

9s don’t necessarily strive to be the leader of a group, but you are always put in that situation because 9 radiates wisdom. Lifetimes and lifetimes of wisdom. It’s in your energy body and people are absorbing it through all their energy processes. It is just mostly done unconsciously, so they just look to you to be the leader.

But it can also, especially I find this in women- you probably found that growing up there were women who weren’t so nice to you or jealous or didn’t respect what you had to say because it made them feel less or insecure. And again it is nothing anybody could put their finger on. It’s just when you speak you have a natural knowing and people can get really annoyed by that because you always know.

Me: I had that a lot when I was younger and eventually kept quiet because it just used to annoy people.

Exactly. People can take it as you being condescending – but that is not it at all – you just know, you just have a natural knowing. A lot of times the 9 vibration tends to take on a very self-sacrificing  stance where you will sacrifice, put your light under a bushel, because you sense you are making people uncomfortable. This is how the 9 vibration is expressed in our current reality.

Moving forward the 9 vibration will finally be able to sing and not be persecuted because of the knowledge. It is just where we are right now in the current illusion.

So growing up I would have said to watch your delivery – on how you communicate with people and sometimes using humour or trying to make people feel at ease before you speak – you can disarm people when you have this vibration.

Moving forward into the shift this shouldn’t happen anymore. People should be able to say freely what they want. Most humanitarians have a strong 9 – usually their life path is a 9 vibration – look at Gandhi. They have a message – a lesson to share with the world – but it’s not an easy road.

Also 9 brings with it many lifetimes of lessons and part of what a 9 vibration in a core area is set to do – is to help you to tap into the wisdom to forgive original family for what you experienced growing up with this 11 vibration. Usually this plays out one of two ways – either there is trauma you need to forgive or you feel completely and utterly responsible to caretake those around you – and I feel that is where your vibration falls.

There is a big cross on your shoulders with all of your close loved ones on it, just sitting there weighing you down. That is part of the 9 vibration by design that you came to experience. At the end of the day the true wisdom of the 9 vibration can reign free and you will be able to release that and part of that is what this specific year you just went through and are almost done with, was designed to create an environment to allow this.

I want to bring up another area of your vibration that you carry strongly and this is called an attitude vibration. Again it is self explanatory as this is the vibration you have towards life in general and it is another master 11. When you have a master 11 in the attitude area it highlights your desire for calm harmonious environments – you don’t like a lot of chaos, a lot of drama, a lot of fighting, a lot of really loud noises. It also underlines and underscores your empathic abilities – I believe you have two that I have identified so far – one being definitely the emotional empath, but also an intellectual empath.

You can finish the sentences…take a neurosurgeon who is trying to explain to a crowd a surgical procedure and you have, having no neurosurgery background, will jump up and be able to articulate what they are trying to say, but when you sit back and think about it, you shouldn’t really know what he is talking about.

You have an intellectual ability to climb inside their mind, into the cogs of their brain, and figure out what they are trying to say and empathically be able to communicate that outwardly. It is a very lovely gift to have.

There are twelve layers of empathy that I have discovered. We all have varying degrees of, but these are just your strongest. You have had this your whole life, you’ve just not been aware of it. You have probably finished sentences and mediating back and forth your whole life between…even in subtle areas between friends. Even in a marriage where one person can say something and the other person hears something totally different – you are able to really get in there and communicate effectively to both sides. But if you were really aware of how you spoke –

I am an intellectual empath – so how I am communicating with you in this reading is different than how I communicate with say, when I did my two readings yesterday. It varies so you can become consciously aware of how you are communicating. The next time you are trying to get your point across or when you are writing a blog, subconsciously you have already identified your audience and in some areas you will probably communicate differently. Maybe more scientific in one area or more relaxed in another area. You are naturally using this gift, it is just not one people are consciously aware of and then once you are, it just really floods in and you realise that your ability to communicate is really quite profound.

So if you sit back and you start to think about conversations – I’ll never forget one in old business – I had one for adults with disabilities and mental problems from brain injuries and I don’t have a disability. I would be able to communicate with each of my clients very differently and to write very good behaviour plans as I was using my intellectual empathy for that. I have no formal college background – I was an accountant. It just came very naturally to me and so I doubted it for a long time because I thought I had to be taught it.

It is an energy where you are able to point out to other people their gifts. In the aspect that you are able to communicate with them in a way they are able to understand, based on how they process their information, which is plainly identifying their gifts to them. You may not come out and say it, but you are communicating it to them on another level.

I want to go back to the 4 vibration in your outer expression because this ties very well with how you deliver your information. The biggest filters you have are your lifepath and your outer expression. The outer expression of 4 is ruling the world of form and when you go into the bible First Corinthians it tells us all of the spiritual gifts that we are given by God. I love to use this example because the Bible is littered with information when it comes to numerology which wasn’t necessarily filtered out.

The gift of healing is a natural vibration in the 4 vibration. So for you, in your DNA in your physical body expressed through your energy body is a vibration of healing naturally. So when you speak to people, when you write, when you are in those situations where it is dark, you are naturally downloading other people with energetic healing codes. When you touch somebody, and it’s very profoundly in your physical body, you can heal them.

How in tune you are with that natural ability to heal, which again translates in our current reality with the desire to leave things in the world of form and to make something tangible you can put your hand on is one of your most profound gifts.

You are just a healer. We say this all the time – I want to heal people. Different people have different layers and abilities for healing. You have the most profound vibrational healing that comes naturally through your body.

It is quite beautiful. You have this master 11 vibration that is just transmuting right and left and then your 4 vibration – how you are taking everything that you are transmuting and expressing back outwardly is causing healing to happen everywhere you go. Always know what you write – become more aware of what you are doing because the legacy you are leaving behind are healing codes for people.

With the emotional empathy that you carry, especially with the double master 11s in your lifepath and in your attitude, in the current reality you are going to be naturally drawn to be in healing environments, peace and harmony. Your soul is going to cry out for harmony in general.

Your higher self is going to lead you down the path to darkness, because that is where you are needed the most. It is a big contrast, it doesn’t always make for the happiest experiences.

I feel this is nearing an end and it is about to flip and change.

How we are currently expressing our vibrations is going to flip with the shift and the positive and beautiful side of all of this will be experiences very quickly.

Another core area of your vibration that you have is called a soul urge vibration. It is also called the heart’s desire number. This is a vibration that your soul vibrates to. In the different aspects of ourselves – body, soul, spirit – you have this soul vibration which makes your heart sing. This is what makes you happy in general and this is what you really want to experience.

You have a 5 vibration in the soul urge. I call 5 the party number. It is also the number of the heart as well as justice and change. So to have this in your vibration will make you naturally drawn to fun and travel and excitement and anything in the 5 senses you will rule.

So you will be happiest on the soul level when you experiencing things through your five senses in a very profound way. So any good day you have had good food, good sex, good wine, good company – this is on a soul level. It also rules justice, so you have a built in bullshit metre where you know, and it will come usually in your abdomen area, a strong empathic feeling when you are being lied to. It’s overwhelming.

You are drawn to causes and it doesn’t sit well when somebody is being taken advantage of – you are drawn to the underdog.

The 5 vibration of your soul makes you want to experience and the heart vibration teaches us through experience through the senses. This is where your soul is the happiest.

It’s a direct challenge to your 4 vibration in your outer expression, but it also lightens up your 4 vibration otherwise it would be very very conservative. This 5 vibration throws the heaviness out the window. It leaves behind a trace of you not totally believing something until you actually see it. In that regard you are not just believing things on a whim. This is what makes you fun.

This is the party number – like sex drugs and rock n roll. It also makes you okay with change.

When this vibration is out of balance, this is the vibration that will cause you to skip those steps which you are here to express outwardly. So always know – those two challenge each other and so finding the balance between the 4 and 5 is going to be the strongest of challenges.

You also have what is called a minor heart’s desire number and it comes from your married name and this is an 8 vibration. This 8 vibration shows up also in your personality number. This is where your ambition comes in. This is where your drive for financial success comes in. This is your drive to have nice things in the material world. You have an executive type personality and abilities where you do find running a company. It brings with it a good judge of character, of other people. You are able to focus on area maybe a little stronger than other areas but your definite drive is to be successful. It carries a vibration of success.

When the ego rears its head this is where it will show up.

Another area that comes on about mid-life – it’s a layer of energy we design before we embody – to hit us around this time. I am seeing it hit people usually around late 30s early 40s.

For you it is a 6 vibration. It is very nice to see this because you have a pretty intense ambitious regulated energy body with what you are here to experience. The 6 vibration we call the cosmic parent. You will have started to feel a whole layer of energy come on where you are very much more drawn to family, friends, relationships, community, taking care of everybody else – the nurturer would come out in you.

It makes you a mother lion protecting her brood. Fiercely protecting. It also brings out, in our current reality, a need to secure for example re-decorate your home, move – the home environment becomes very important to you…and those that you allow into that space. In the spiritual home as well as the physical home.

We speak about living in a community that I have been feeling the tug of this year…but not cult like communities which horrify me.

It would draw you in. With all your energy vibrations this would be needed to come along to bring you to that space. If not, you could definitely want to spend a lot of time alone. Your draw to community and the right type of community for your vibration will be very strong.

You would never just throw yourself into a community because it would be too overwhelming but the right type of community you could thrive in. I do feel that is coming.

The community will carry the right kind of vibration – Amy looks at the clock and mentions that is shows 9:55 which reinforces what we are talking about – 9 vibration is all about community – global community and the 55 is dynamic change. So it is coming!!

It will be a beautiful community. There are many sprouting up but not all carry the vibe that you would need to be part of.

By design you are very cautious about this which is why you gave yourself the arrow of the enquirer. With the level of empathic ability that you have, it is actually quite poisonous to your aura to be in really chaotic environments for very long. Mainly because you are working so hard in these places it will affect you physical health. It can really drag you down and this year especially would have been really hard for that.

There is one other aspect on your chart that I want to talk about. You have double 9s that are anchoring your mind plane. Vibrationally you have this very significant energy hanging out.

Sometimes this impractical idealism or this unfulfilled ambition that always just kind of hangs out there. You know in your claircognisant ability, you know what is possible on an energetic global scale. So sub-consciously your whole life you have felt the true potential of anybody that you come into contact with.

Now consciously you might think that someone is a total ass, but sub-consciously your energy body sees the total perfection in that person. So in our current reality it can make you feel like you have this impractical idealism where you are too Pollyannish. But it is by design to…it is almost like you gave yourself this little pincushion in your energy body so that you would never totally forget that in this illusion that we came into.

You have always known what is possible, but again in our current reality it can make somebody feel very frustrated and feel very much like you just want to beat your head against the wall because people tend to not live up to what you know is true.

Me: I can see the outer covering but I can also see what is inside. So I tend to focus what is inside and then I get stung because the outer covering is obviously ruling what is happening to the person. My hubby always says to me that he needs to save me from myself because I am always looking at the good side rather than the physical person and what they are going through.

If you didn’t have this in you, you might not allow yourself to be put into situations where the light is needed the most. It is like this very cosmic blueprint to keep you always going into the darkest parts because that is what you came to do. This shows you quite perfectly how you have set that up. If you did not have these other layers of energy in there you would have been drawn to live in just a bubble of harmony and you would never have ventured out.

You cannot carry this amount of 11 vibration and willingly go to the dark spots. It just doesn’t happen. You have to put things in your energy body to keep you going forward or you’d just live in a bubble of happiness and become too complacent.

This takes us into what is called ‘my future forecasting’.

This is where I read specific areas of your cycles – there are so many different layers of the cycles that I go through and I pick out what I feel will serve best in this type of reading.

This will merely highlight what we have already said, but to go through what I call the challenge area vibration. From anybody’s journey I can calculate what your challenge areas will be and when they will hit. 

The challenge vibration is like this – as you are going along it is almost like a vortex of energy that we put ourselves in – astrologically, numerologically it makes a perfectly complete picture of the vibration spin that we are in that propels us forward. We dotted all the I’s and crossed all the t’s ourselves before we incarnate.

 The challenge areas are considered like the potholes or the detours along the road. We set these up because there is a certain lesson that we want to learn through specific phases of our life – there is no accidents with this. What is unique about yours is …I am getting ahead of myself.

The first challenge area usually lasts almost 30 years, sometimes 35. What happens is that it is an overall set of experiences that we will continually manifest to help us learn this lesson. Your challenge area is the exact same number in all four sections of your life…and it is all a number 7.

When you have a 7 in your challenge area – this is where you will always always always – and it highlights this arrow of the enquirer in you – you are programmed to doubt, initially especially anything having to do with spiritual matters. You’d think that even in your upbringing-

Okay, it is by design because there is so much going on spiritually that you could be bouncing from thing to thing to thing very intensely with the spiritual drive that you have. This challenge area makes sure that at any time you get too scattered in the world of spirituality, is going to manifest an experience that makes you focus on a very specific area - this is where I am at and this is where I am going.

And you didn’t let up on this challenge area in this whole lifetime experience. So you will always been drawn to some form of spiritual learning which is what the 7 encompasses. 7 has the gift of prophecy, it also carries with it the faith seeking vibration and what the 7 vibration does is it starts out very sceptical and it moves to embracing true faith and true spirituality.

You set yourself up to never ever get lost in the masses. 7 makes you focus and have a streamlined focus in an area of focus that you wouldn’t otherwise normally have. But again, this is where your really really intensely healthy sceptical ability comes in and your 7 is also the gateway to the mind plane, so your initial process of everything goes through these thinking analytic observational challenges. You don’t miss details at all.

But the challenge is to remain faithful to your specific journey. That is what this challenge overall is set up and designed to manifest any time you get off your path, any time that you start to dabble into areas that are not going to serve you, this 7 vibration will bring about an experience to teach you very quickly through experience and 7 learns things the hard way. So when you look back at your life, from an outsiders perspective they are going to go – ‘wow you have really had some ups and downs in your life’ – it is that intense.

But, somebody who is carrying the 7 vibration this strongly is perfectly okay and perfectly fine because 7…once you learn the lesson in the 7 vibration, you learn it, know it and you turn around and teach it. You are totally okay with what you’ve experienced because you see the benefit and the beauty in it, whereas another vibration might not.

This is the only challenge that you set yourself up with. The only break you ever had with that was at about 34 to age 40. There was a bit of a time when you weren’t as analytical and sceptical as you have been.

Having that in your personal year cycle which is where you are at right now – you are just ending your 7 vibrational year. So 7 years and 4 years are considered some of the toughest years to go through because on a 7 year you are required to rest and to go within and reflect. So when you look at the story of creation on the 7th day God rested and reflected on all that he has been creating. So this year is designed for you to slow down and turn around and look back on the last 6 years of what you have been mastering, manifesting and creating in your life.

This is done before it manifests into the material world which is what is coming for you starting October. So in a 7 year stress related illnesses can be at an all time high because you are coming off of a 6 year which is usually quite a good year for people and entering your 7th year and you are still wanting to move forward, but it feels like you are running in the ocean. You cannot get anywhere too fast but your spiritual insights, your psychic insights in a 7 year are profound and you also have a prophetic dreaming ability and so your dreams this year had to be off the charts – intense and bizarre.

This is because the veil is thinner in the 7 year for this reason. You would have processed it through a very philosophical mind, filtering it out through your energy body. Kinda like when you take a bite of food, you chew it first. You chew with your mind.

You are supposed to do it that way, that is how you set it up and designed it. If you get too stuck in your mind then you are out of balance, but that is part of your strength – your ability to philosophise and analyse and to process things and then it filters into your energy body where you transmute through your 11 vibration and you outer express through your healing.

If you don’t slow down in a 7 year things are created and manifested by you to cause that to happen. People in a 7 year are not as concerned with working or jobs take a back seat. Or they really struggle in their jobs because they just feel they need to be elsewhere in meditation or in a spiritual retreat – so working day to day can be a challenge.

We discuss my need to withdraw from my job lately, despite the fact that I really enjoy and love it.

You have designed this for yourself. I do feel that you are going to be moving on and it is going to go like gang busters starting October for you when everything changes.

You have been going through this highly psychically charged …

Okay think about this – you carry this very large amount of energy in your aura very naturally, which on our physical bodies can be a bit of a burden. You are in the 7 year cycle, so the energies for you have been intense and it would have made you more tired, slower, and not want to be in groups, out in crowds. It would have been very hard to socialise. You have been very choosy about where you put your time.

In a 7 year, those energetically large have to protect their energy and slow things down because you are so open. I always highly recommend having energy work done. For this month specifically – I would highly recommend that you go through – cos you are under a double 7 energy this month which is intense, it’s emotional, it can make you feel nervous and full of anxiety and your body can almost feel the vibration and make you feel nauseated. Part of that is just the amount of energy you are exposed to right now. It is more than, say, mine as I am in a 5 – so in a different space.

It is crucial that you take good bodily care of yourself this month. You need extra naps, you need to not expose yourself to too many different people.

We discuss the impending holiday in France.

You are following your guidance – couldn’t be a better time to take a break.

This is needed because of the onslaught you are going to be in.

October is going to start your 8 vibrational year. In year 8 you reap what you sew over the last 7 years. So when you look back at all that you have been working on, working towards, I feel you are going to reap the spiritual lottery. I think it is going to be a very very good year for you.

A lot of the times people have an excellent financial year with unexpected windfalls. 8 reigns supreme in the material world, so a lot of times it has an impact on finances.

You will get recognition, you will start to feel empowered and you will rise above the solitary 7. October you will feel the energy change and shift.

I have a feeling you will be writing a book if you haven’t already done so.

I have a feeling that what you will be doing, especially over the next two years, is gonna be more focused in a spiritual aspect and very naturally progress that way.

Teaching? You have such a natural ability to teach. I can see you teaching groups of people and what we do over the next two years is pretty significant for the rest of the world. So it would make a lot of sense for your energy body to be called upon to teach.

Your double 11 makes you feel like all you want to do is BE. How do you create a business simply from BEing? You find that you are very naturally supported by others to where you can be.

But I feel that very strongly you are naturally going to be generating an income without effort. I can see you writing. I can see you writing a book by the end of the year as the energy is certainly conducive to it.
We talk about me writing a book about relationships.

Just know your ability to connect psychically, intuitively and empathically – the veil is the thinnest for you in this month so your insights will be quite profound.

I got complete and utter head to toe goosebumps when you were talking about writing a book on relationships. You have a very unique take on it. It is not mainstream, it is not what everybody else is doing and I feel it is what is needed. I don’t want to tell you what you are supposed to do, but that felt really really good to me.

It would also satisfy the vibration of creation for you.

It night be something similar to what you mentioned now but maybe a little different. It will be interesting to see what comes out when you are in France. How fascinating!

October is a window – if you look at the month of October for anybody – it is like a crystal ball for the sets of experiences you will have in the coming year. All great numerologists will study news events for October and calculate their predictions for the coming year on October.

This is when the veil is the thinnest and this is when you will get really clear clarity and insights. Anything that you sit back and think – well that is interesting – I just had this meeting or randomly bumped into this person or this idea literally felt right – will happen in the month of October.

Even more so where you will have a definite layout of what you are going to experience in 2013 – pay attention to your dreams in October because they will be profound.

November is a 9 personal month in a 7 personal year. So 9 again is a number of completion – it is a vibration of self-sacrifice, responsibility. Don’t be surprised if in November you still want to be a little bit more alone. 

You will find that original family tend to put relationships to the test in this time. 9 brings endings and closure so there can be endings to a certain belief system or relationship or something that weighs you down.

Be aware that your emotionality in November will be at an all time high.

December is a 1 vibration – which is a point of action – a pioneering energy. You are gonna feel all of a sudden you can do anything. You will feel the need to step out and start something new.

People will be even more drawn to you under this 1 vibration because it is a very attractive vibration to people – very highly charged and you are already packing four 1’s in your aura as it is.

You really kick into January in your 8 vibrational year. So you will also start January in a 9 vibration so it will kind of be like the final house clearing before you really kick in. So for you the vibration will really really kick in in February. It is a game changer.

I feel very strongly you are going to have a very beautiful year. It will be intense and you will feel more ambitious than you have felt in a long time. You will receive rewards, recognition for all that you have been doing internally and externally.

There is nothing that you cannot do that you put your mind to in an 8 year.

It is the year of manifestation so where your thoughts are – especially starting October. 8 is the purest form of support of manifestation.