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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Stimulation - partial channel

Sensory receptors of the body respond to movement, pressure, and vibration. Stimulation of these sends neurological signals to the brain and in a healthy person is interpreted as pleasure or pain. They are all over the skin, internal organs and the genital area, some places more than others. If the sensory receptors of the skin are constantly bombarded with stimulation, for example clothes scraping against skin, they will adapt and stop sending impulses thereby stopping an overload of the senses.

Therefore when performing oral sex, change the pressure and stimulation or move to a different area. This goes for penetration as well. Change your movements and position constantly as you build the energy. Sometimes it is necessary to stop moving and take a break by simply breathing thus allowing the sensory receptors of your body to relax. Listen to your body, feel your inner world and use the information. Don’t over analyse; simply be aware, conscious and present. Slowing down and stopping heightens the senses.

When we are in a state of love the juices that we produce during lovemaking are filled with very potent energy. The higher our vibrational state the more potent the juices. The taste and smell of these juices are linked to our senses and in turn hit parts of our endocrine system that regulates the hormones we release. Endocrine means secrete within. The more we enjoy the sensations the more we create and this then increases our pleasure. It becomes a cycle of every increasing pleasure.

Oral sex is a state of giving and receiving. Whoever is giving the oral sex is also receiving the energy and vice versa. The pleasure of giving and receiving with love. The receiver relaxes into the moment, savours and accepts, while the giver is immersed in the pleasure of giving. The energy is cycling through both bodies in opposite directions. The only time the energy runs in the same direction, is when one partner needs to be brought back into balance. He or she will then be the receiver. But, and this is a big but, if they are constantly needing to be the receiver, it should be addressed as there is a permanent imbalance.

Having to focus on energy flows during lovemaking is distracting. Running or cycling energy initially takes some effort but once your body gets used to the idea and you’ve created the intention, the energy will flow automatically in the way it is needed. Our bodies are highly adaptable and having faith in them means trusting that it knows what to do. The same way the bodily functions happen without us directing them, we can also have faith that once we’ve set in motion our cycle of energy, it will continue without interference. Regular scanning of our body and energy with our inner senses will give us a sense of peace knowing that all is flowing as it should be. If not, correct it. We all have the ability to be medical intuits. Practice makes perfect and you will reach a stage where you are able to adapt a flow with a thought.

When a man or woman ejaculates the nectar of love enters the partner’s mouth as energy as well as fluid. The receiving partner has the choice to only accept the energy or accept both, thus allowing the fluid to enter his/her system as food. Swallowing intensifies the experience.

In a healthy person, the taste of the juices depends on many things such as diet, state of mind, bio rhythm cycle and emotions. The taste can range from slightly bitter to musky to sweet as honey. There is no right smell or taste. Each person is individual and your partner will react to your specific smell. Don’t get too hung up on how you smell or taste.

The fluids are a gift from your partner. Accept them in the spirit with which they are given – pleasure and love.

This message was partially channelled.

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