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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What are plants telling us?

The last two days in the UK have been sunny, cold but sunny. Yesterday was a bit of a washout as I’d worked the night before and by the time I got to sit in the sun it was mostly hidden behind buildings. Today, however was a different story. Wrapped up in a jacket but with my head and hands exposed I could feel my body eagerly drawing in the gentle rays of the sun.

While I was enjoying this experience I looked around my garden. It has been showing signs of waking up after the long cold winter. Each year I’m never sure what will return and grow in the summer sun. As a flower essence practitioner I’ve always had a great deal of interest in the plant life around me. I know that whatever decides to grow in my garden is needed by me and my family.

Approximately 6 years ago Celandine suddenly made an appearance. It grows wild here but I’d never had it in the garden. Celandine’s energy assists with tantra work and it was at this time that hubby and I seriously started working with tantric energy. It was at this time that I received a couple of hydrangea plants from a friend. I never had much luck growing them – I’ve tried over the years but they never took. Therefore I was surprised to discover they flourished and I now have six huge bushes. Hydrangea creates clarity of mind and an ability to focus.

The most prolific bush growing in the UK is gorse. It has wonderfully cheerful yellow flowers but the leaves of the bush are a dull green. Since we arrived to live in the UK 12 years ago, I’d noticed an air of hopelessness and despair. Guess what gorse does? Yep. To help those living here to clear the feeling of hopeless and despair from their energy gorse grows profusely.

The mighty oak is a symbol of strength – another fantastic representation of the British people who stoically carry on despite huge burdens. Dutch Elm disease decimated forests of Elm trees. This was around the time when extended family life started to fall apart. Take a look at the Aspen tree. Its leaves seem to shiver and shake. This essence is used for those who are frightened.

Each part of the world seems to have a signature plant representing what those en masse are working through. One client of mine enthuses about the fact that my essences are made in West Sussex and she loves the idea that the energy of West Sussex is nurturing her as she lives there. The plants I use might not necessarily be native to this country but they are grown in the soil of this country and therefore contain a specific energy of that area as well as their own energy.

It is truly amazing when you get to know the history of plants, find out what they are saying to us and how they are helping us on our journey.

Take a look around you and see what plants are in your garden. Yes, most of us can bully certain plants into growing by using artificial fertiliser, etc. but what is growing naturally in your garden – even if it is a weed. A weed in one country is a sought after plant in another. In South Africa, for instance, Arum Lillies grow wild as do the purple Morning Glory and are considered weeds, whereas here in the UK they are prized as exotic.

As you might have guessed my garden is not landscaped, weeded or fertilised to within an inch of its life. During winter most of our egg shells and veggie left overs are placed in the dead beds, turned regularly when we can so they become a compost heap and in this way we re-cycle. You would think that we have a smelly garden but we don’t. The earthworms do their job. Over the last two years we seem to have become a nursery for ladybirds. Last year I counted 100 – all different shapes, sizes and colours! The soil in the beds are rich with nutrients and all plants that want to be with us grow in lush abundance.

What are your plants telling you? Are they cheerfully letting you know what you need to work on or are working on? What comes and goes in your garden? Is there a plant that you struggle to grow? Maybe you don’t need it.

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