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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hubby's birthday

When I asked hubby what he would like to do for his birthday his answer was, "I don’t know. Let’s see what the day brings."

I could, of course, have created a lovely surprise for him. Done that once before – never again – he hates surprises. Must be a left over from the days when he was in the army and had no control. Hubby is a man’s man, the ultimate warrior - always has plans from A – Z, just in case. Drives me insane and my eyes roll. But I do have to admit that he is always on top of things, whereas me - I fly by the seat of my pants. I never used to be this way – I also had plans, but gak...life happens.

If there was a flood I would probably get washed away but hubby would be there with his six zillion pieces of equipment for every eventuality. I do get into messes, I admit, he might grumble but he’s always there to save me from myself and my mad ideas. I often get lectures on conduct and how to re-wire something or another. Who cares – I laugh, I dance...well, you get the idea.

So, the day dawns and he decides he would like a few more presents for his birthday, besides the ones I’d already bought. Suitably armed with my credit card we promptly punished it until it was dazed. To come to hubby’s defence, he never buys anything for himself. He’d rather spend the money on his family, so this was a new happening for us. We stopped off and had coffee and cake before leaving for home with suitably sore feet.

I was walking behind hubby as we walked to the front door. I didn’t notice that he’d stopped dead and walked into him. I waited patiently thinking he was looking for the house keys but noticed with some trepidation a few seconds later he was not moving. I tapped him on the shoulder and he slowly turned around.

My heart skipped a beat as I met his eyes, which were horror filled. ‘Jeepers, what catastrophe had happened?’ was my immediate thought. He looked down at the shopping bags in his hand and said in a whisper, "I’ve become a girl."

You can imagine the flashes of thought running through my head, the main one being, 'I hope his cup size is not bigger than mine, cause that would just be humiliating.' I flicked a glance over his body to assure myself he hadn’t morphed into a female, but ya know, it’s difficult when someone is wearing a jacket against the cold. I did give a brief shudder at the thought of him having a waxing session...

Then my sense of humour kicked in. You might find me completely uncompassionate, but who can resist. Certainly not me. I cleared my throat trying not to laugh and gestured behind him, saying, "Let’s go inside." I don’t think I could have said any more, cause that there darn laughter was determined to make itself known. Thank goodness he nodded meekly and went inside.

I haven’t disillusioned him that he has become a girl and had a girlie birthday. Maybe I’m cruel but hey, what can I say in my defence? Oh yeh, I want him to be in touch with his feminine side.


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