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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Who else feels the return of the Divine Feminine with the Spring Equinox?

When I thought I had fully integrated my higher self, I didn’t know the half of it.

Lighted Loving had channelled recently that on the Spring Equinox the Divine Feminine would return to earth after centuries of absence. Little did I know what that meant!

As the east of the planet moved into the early hours of the morning of 20 March, I started to feel restless and tearful...again. This seems to be a theme for me lately. My astute hubby noticed and told me to stop worrying about Libya. I was surprised cause I wasn’t even thinking of that situation. I was wondering how the planet would react to the influx of feminine energy.

Of course the two are linked. Male dominated societies are feeling the change energetically and are reacting.

*Sigh* Let the posturing commence.

I have never been one to do rituals, prepare special places, do special cleansings or anything like that, mainly cause I don’t have the patience. I simply get on with what I’ve got to do. I clear my energy and my house when I feel I need to. I replace candles when they are kaput. I detox and cleanse when my body needs it – as simple as that. Last night was no exception. I knew that something was about to happen but wasn’t sure what.

I did go outside several times on Saturday night to look at the moon with awe. What a beautiful sight and the night was clear and still. I could smell the deep earthy smell of nature. How beautiful.

Hubby went to bed early as he was bone achingly tired. I wondered around the house for a while before retiring myself. I was tired, but I wasn’t.

As I lay in bed my third eye and nasal chakras spun open. I found myself in a dark clearing surrounded by woodland. In the middle of the clearing were several beings (I’m not sure what gender) all dressed in white cloaks, doing a slow circular dance. Their movements were reverent and deliberate as the circle moved in a slow clockwise motion.

This went on for 20 minutes or so and I kept tuning out and going elsewhere. Not sure where I went but every time I opened my eyes I was back in the clearing.

There was a slight shiver of the energy and an equivalent amount of beings dressed in black cloaks flowed from the surrounding forest through the slowly moving dancers into the centre of the circle. They started dancing in the centre, in what I can only describe as a dance similar to the Haka that the All Black rugby team do before each game.

It wasn’t threatening and was as beautiful as the slow and reverent movements of the white cloaks. Again I tuned in and out as they continued their dances.

Finally, all movement ceased and the black cloaks moved to stand shoulder to shoulder with the white cloaks in a large circle. I still seemed to be standing on the edge of the clearing watching. A beam of brilliant white light (something like you would expect from a UFO movie) lit up the centre of the circle. It didn’t seem to come from anywhere as far as I could see. What I mean is there wasn’t anything hovering in the sky beaming this light down.

The light expanded until it filled the centre of the circle, and as it did so my crown, third eye and nasal chakras went mad. When I say ‘mad’ I mean I could actually feel them spinning fast and growing. As the energy moved down my body jumping from chakra to chakra I felt like I was in the middle of a vast vortex of whirling energy. My whole body was alive and pulsing, as alternately, hot and cold as streams of energy poured into me.

It gets rather vague around this time. I do remember meeting the Moon God and Goddess as well as the Sun God and Goddess but that’s about it. I must have passed out for a while because when I came round in my bed, the clock said it was three hours later. Ripples were running up and down my body. I was amazingly calm and peaceful but very, very tired. So tired in fact that I didn’t have the energy to ask what had happened. I trusted that I would be told eventually.

I turned over and went to sleep.

The following morning when I woke I lay in bed thinking about what had happened, trying to sort it out in my head. I did wonder then if it was something to do with the divine feminine energy returning to earth.

A clear voice in my head confirmed this. I have never heard anything quite so clear before. When I channel messages it comes in visions and feelings. Sometimes I hear something but it is static. This was really clear.

I am finding it difficult to write about my encounter because it seems too personal, but...

So here goes. It turns out that a small spark of Pallas Athena, one of the Lords of Karma is me. I’m not the only one. She has many more sparks. So what was the integration I’d done last week? I haven’t quite understood her answer so I cannot give a specific answer.

I’ve met her once before when I appeared before the Lords of Karma to ask them to remove some of my karma so I could move forward. This was in the early days when I first started and basically didn’t want to have to deal with my issues and emotions and thought I could get a quick ticket to the top without wading through the sludge. I did get a resounding NO which really peeved me, but today I am grateful because my journey has taught me so much.

This basically doesn’t make me special. Far from it. What she explained was the Spring Equinox together with the beautiful full moon ushered in the feminine higher selves of many, many women the world over. Each one of us is a small spark of one of the major goddesses and it is time to integrate and start working closely with them to bring about the changes needed. It doesn’t seem to matter that we are from different constellations or starseeds from somewhere or another – we all come from a few specific sources that have split off into millions of smaller entities, each one giving the one divine source greater understanding. Each of the major gods and goddesses are therefore also a spark of the greater divine source.

Not many women have realised that they have integrated their higher selves. So I ask the question of any women reading this (or men who have a female partner), do you feel different?

I must admit for me I feel a deep sense of peace even though my poor body is having a bit of difficulty coping with the influx of higher vibrational energy.

I have been doing the Merkaba meditation and she has given me the 18th breath but...I’m still terrified of the power. This is something I have to get used to. I’ve had so many integrations lately I feel like I’m on a major rollercoaster that is swinging me all over the place.

P.S. now you understand why my sense of humour has gone into warp speed!
Too much, too fast.

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