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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I am writing this piece as a collaboration of channelled messages and my own inner knowledge.

Laughter – the best medicine. We’ve all heard this before and yet very few of us believe it. I know I didn’t for a loooong time.

There have been very many times on my journey when I’ve been so wrapped up in the intensity of my emotions I’d forgotten to laugh. As a result I’d spiral down, down, down until I was in the depths of despair. Being with your emotions is a good and cathartic experience but, as many others and I have found, you can create more bad energy the longer you dwell on it.

The problem is how to find the balance between really getting into your emotions and releasing them and knowing when it is time to ‘get out’. I assume it is different for everyone. The only thing I can do is give my own experiences in the hope that one little snippet of information might help someone else out there. My way isn’t the only way.

One occasion many years ago springs to mind. I would religiously and diligently cleanse my chakras every day. At this time I was spending more time on my crown chakra as I was determined to get a good connection with "up there". I was so pleased when on one occasion I discovered my crown chakra was white. I continued for weeks to meticulously nurture it. Two small pure white beautiful horns started to grow out of my crown and each day they were larger until they became huge stag antlers glistening white with silver symbols hanging off them. I was over the moon but the weight of these antlers was getting too much. I was top heavy and started getting headaches, my neck stiff and sore.

It took a while but the penny finally dropped. I was taking myself too seriously and the universe was telling me to lighten up. When I "got it" the horns disappeared as did the headaches and stiffness. Since then there has been an agreement between the universal energy and I, that if I get too serious they zap me with something funny. Mind you, sometimes it doesn’t feel funny at the time but on looking back I can laugh. Ah, hindsight – what a wonderful thing.

This is the first time I realised laughter is the greatest medicine possible. I must admit that I kept on being serious for years after that. It is only lately that I’ve discovered my funny bone and treat everything irreverently, so it has taken a while for the message to have an effect on me. And...since then St Germain has been around. I’m sure many of you know how caustic and to the point he can be. He often pulls the rug out from under me. Although he maintains I do it to myself when I get a big head cause it makes me top heavy and I fall over...*grin*...maybe...*eye roll* – lessons in humility from myself.

After that bit of reminiscing on to the ‘how to’...

Ask for help. ‘Helpers’ surround us all, even though we might not ‘see’ them. Listen to your gut. The time that you are in your deepest despair is the time when you are most open to receiving information. It is when all the barriers are down. This is the time when all kinds of information floods into your mind. Whatever you might consider random thoughts are instructions from outside. It is teaching you to listen to yourself and not to focus on the outer world. It is your inner world that is extremely important.

For too long and through many lifetimes, we have focused on the outer world. That is as it should be. This lifetime, for many of us, is one of completion. One where we take all that we have learnt and use it to our benefit so that we may grow into the powerhouse that we are, but with the knowledge that we have accumulated over the millennia. The beauty of this ‘growing’ means that we can tap into each other’s memories and use the information. Each one of us has brought a piece of the puzzle to create a beautiful work of art.

This is where transparency is so beneficial. The more transparent, open and honest we are, the easier it is to connect with others. Yes, initially we might pick up streams of energy that we don’t necessarily want. But none of us will be in a place that we are not strong enough to deal with. We might feel we are being ‘pushed’ but that is not the case. The universe will only give you what you can handle. If you are getting a very strong difficult lesson, look at it this way – you are stronger than you thought. If the universe and your higher self think you are ready, then you must be.

My motto has always been – there is always a silver lining. I don’t always see the silver lining. I’m ever the optimist – always have been. Well, maybe not in my dark moments...
I would like to acknowledge the stream of information that came through from Hephie-baby, St Germain – the devil incarnate (*eye roll* he seemed to like that name – go figure), Pallas Athena – lady of wisdom and Lighted Loving’s Jem and Andari.

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