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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Past lives and how they impact on our life

I received this email from Susan Holland yesterday.

‘What I was directed to by the Akashic record guides was a clearing of old male energy between the two of you.  Around 3,000 years ago.  They say this is the tale end of yours and his male relationship over the centuries. 

What has been cleared of its discordant energies will release an old male aspect of soul energy between you both.  It's a situation where you felt you harmed him.  He was, in some way, your disciple.  And it feels like he was a young disciple, around the age he is now.  You were male in this incarnation and used your power to bully him.  That is the message I get from his old male aspect from this.

It all started when I felt total despair about our dear son. In spite of the beautiful space hubby and I are in I felt there was something ‘not quite right’ but wasn’t sure what it was. The loving energy that hubby and I are sinking into is bringing up the deepest of core issues that need clearing.

I have to let go of all attachments and this is one of them.

With both our children I have been aware of past life issues but could not quite figure out how it affected us. Some of them I have worked through and thus it has had a knock on effect of helping them…but obviously there is still much work to be done.

Our son turned 18 this year and his birthdate this year adds up to 9 – so he has two whammies of completion….so I knew something was going to happen to clear whatever was holding him (and therefore me) back.

Tuesday I felt such deep despair that I cried deep sobbing gulps and asked for help. After this release my nose started to bleed which is all part of my signs that tell me I have cleared a blockage and will get insights and understandings.

I then contacted Sue and asked for her help. She dowsed and came up with an Akashic clearing for the two of us.

Last night I called Athena in and we did some EFT and healing and as we did so, many more past life memories came to the fore. In some of the latest ones I’d done a bit of karmic clearing and so this life is a final clearing of the energy.

As this is a life of completion for both of us, it is necessary that we clear all negative emotions between us to bring our relationship into balance, so that we may both move forward.

Basically I have gone the complete opposite of that lifetime of discipline and bullying and have never hit or bullied our children - I've simply loved them, warts and all. Our son has made little effort in this life because of his deep seated fear of incurring my wrath, so rather than make mistakes he’d do nothing. 

We all know the stories of the ‘enlightened’ gurus being very strict in the discipline of meditating and living a life in silence – hitting students they deemed weren't sitting or meditating 'correctly'. Yeah…well…

I have very seldom lost my temper but when I did both our kids used to be really fearful and I could never figure out why. All I’d do is start counting to 10 and they’d instantly listen.


I was once asked by my brother if all these ‘past life’ memories were not merely figments of my imagination and maybe my mind was simply giving me solutions.

Maybe…but does it matter? These so called ‘past lives’ clearings have helped me to move forward by letting go of baggage that no longer serves and become the person I am today.

And yes…over the years I’ve had to be ruthless with myself otherwise I’d sink into ‘oh woe is me’.

I am a work in progress…and will continue to be one until the day I become one with Source.

Thank you, Sue for helping out with this. My gratitude and blessings. Go to Sue’s website to read about her work.

1 comment:

Susan said...

You're very welcome, Karen. It's work I enjoy doing.

My goodness haven't we all got so good at this work. This self-healing of so many old stories, addressing old wounds. Using the tools we've gathered up to help us during this time. I think we've been very courageous because once you dip a toe in past life work it's never pretty. Particularly at this time when all the male energy that needs clearing seems to have come to the fore. All the authority and control and power lives and experiences.

I'm glad it's helped shake it open, Sue :)