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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Balancing pessimism with optimism

I amended this later on when I realised I'd not said what I really wanted to say.
My definition of pessimism - the fear of believing that change for the better is possible.

Some might quantify this as being 'realistic'...which is a view I used to subscribe to.

Dictionary meaning - someone who is resigned to defeat without offering positive suggestions.

Haven’t we all felt this at one time or another? As the years have gone by, I have found myself more optimistic than pessimistic. Clearing the inner emotional debris has certainly helped.

Optmists have faith in everything around them. We understand there is a purpose.

From my understanding, pessimists are drawn to optimists, even though they might ‘pooh pooh’ their outlook. I was privileged in the beginning of my journey to experience this with my mentor. He certainly changed my view of the world and made me realise that there is normally a bigger picture.

These days, when in conversation with a pessimist, I find myself internalising it, transmuting the energy and then reflecting the optimism back. Sometimes it is accepted but mostly it is brushed away…it depends how deeply entrenched the pessimism is.

Deep down in all of us there is a belief that silver linings and miracles do exist…but because so much negative has happened…we don’t dare to believe. We protect ourselves by believing the worst so that when the best does happen, it is a nice surprise - but of course, we tell ourselves, it won’t happen again, will it?

So what better than to be around an optimist in the hope that maybe, just maybe some of their optimism will rub off, without us having to change our beliefs and we will reap the benefit of their optimism?

Slightly arse about face way of seeing it…but who can blame the pessimists when the world is a really dark place. The problem is that this belief perpetuates this dark world.

The silver lining is that this has been brought into our awareness to show us what we need to address within ourselves, as nothing is outside of ourselves. Everything that is internal manifests externally in our world and creates our reality. We are very capable…even though our belief system and emotions tell us we are not.

Now I am not suggesting that we bury our heads in the sand…that is sheer lunacy and very ignorant.

What I am suggesting is that now that the Earth is moving up into another dimension and shaking her 3D shackles…we need to follow suit. Shake free of the shackles of fearful pessimism, one of the anchors of the 3D world that keeps us caged and in a place we don’t really want to be.

It is not a good idea to only focus on the good. We do need to be informed…but focusing on the negative constantly is not healthy either. Balance is being requested.

So the next time you meet an optimist and you feel a negative reaction, take a look at your reaction and ask yourself what is making you feel the way you do.

Conversely the same exists for an optimist – if you feel a negative reaction to a pessimist – have a look at what they are bringing up for you with their pessimism.What is being mirrored back?

When you feel no reaction to someone in your reality reacts or feels, then you know they are merely there for some healing through transmutation.

How can we build a world of love when we are still harbouring the idea that the world can never be a better place or there can never be any silver linings or miracles? Unless of course, we don’t believe it is possible, then it won't be :-)

I bring this up because lately at work, morale is so very low…the gloom has been sucking me in as I draw in this energy for transmutation...even though I don't personally feel this gloom in the way the others do. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. As there is so much change going on that is being reflected in our own personal worlds. We can choose to be gloomy or we can choose to understand that out of the destruction something good will appear.

Because I have reached where I am, this sudden gloom is showing me that I no longer need to be where I am. I can choose to stay and get sucked into the drama, or I could leave and find something more suited to my vibration.

These last few days have shown me that I don’t want to be responsible for others any more. I am tired of collective transmuting and yet I keep doing so spontaneously. I have not reached the stage where I will resign…but I think it is heading that way...I recognise the signs.

It kinda reminds me of my first relationship. We’d gotten engaged but deep down I knew we were not meant to be together. Ours was an explosive relationship and I kept leaving him and then going back time and time again in the hope it would work out until finally one day I decided ‘that’s it, enough is enough’ and I left. But it took months for me to reach the stage where I was comfortable enough to move on without too much fuss...and this opened the door for hubby and I to get together.

I did the same when I stopped smoking. I’d tried over the years and was unsuccessful until finally one day I woke up and said ‘that’s it, enough is enough’ and stopped. I’ve not had a craving or a need for cigarettes since then. Hehe...not sure what this opened the door to!

Moving from South Africa to England. Once we'd decided South Africa no longer held us, the transition was smooth and we were here within four months of that decision.

The same again when I moved out of law. Once I’d resigned, the doors opened for me to step into the medical world where I have learnt so much about compassion. I am indeed grateful for the opportunities that I have had since being in the medical world.

I’ve never set out to achieve any of these goals…they simply happened as I worked my way through the various emotions that each one brought up. There have been many more along the way. To some these might have been seemed spontaneous but they weren't. It took a long period of time to reach the stage where I could cut the ties and move on.

What I am trying to say after this long winded article is this -
Please don't lose hope and slip into the pessimism that it will never happen. It may seem to take long and you might feel like you are getting nowhere, but one day you will wake up and decide 'that's it, enough is enough' and seemingly spontaneously you will change your life. In the meanwhile try and have fun.

As an aside, I’ve lost my urge to do Zumba, as much as I really enjoy it. I think maybe my body is wanting to hibernate and Zumba is a little too intense for winter time.

So I started wondering what else I could do to keep fit during winter that wasn’t quite as strenuous. I’m still doing weekly sessions of Pilates and Yoga, but I feel I needed something more dance orientated.

Haha…a flyer came through the post box yesterday for - belly dancing!

Guess what I am going to be starting next week?

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Sue (sisteroflight) said...

Interestingly that is what has driven me out of the university, Karen. I couldn't bear the negativity anymore. Morale problems with public sector shenanigans.

Anyway, what I am learning is that it's not always necessary to be in the actual place to create a seed that can be planted back into these systems to help them evolve.

I have this picture in my minds eye of you expressing the medicine that is needed within the system. I want to say medicine woman. Working with medicine you are involved in the creation of,

Love to you