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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Building castles in the sky


I started writing this yesterday…

The move to our ‘new life and home’ seems eminent…so much so that I feel myself living and experiencing it most of the time. And when I realise where I actually am, I initially feel a smidgen of disappointment and then a great deal of excitement about what the future holds.

It is so real at times that when I walk outside into the garden, I am surprised to see that I am still here.

It is being built brick by brick in the background very slowly as I travel through my days. I’ve not been so aware of this until these last few months and it is getting stronger daily. This helps me to understand that no matter what, it is going to happen. Time lines are overlapping and for the most part becoming irrelevant. As far as I know, it exists already and I am there as well as here.We are bringing parallel lives, past, present and future together into one conscious Being.

At the moment from what I experience, it is not a community filled with people. It is merely hubby and I living with nature as our community. It seems that the people will arrive much later. I understand that the reason for this is that we need to anchor the energy firmly within this area, which will happen as we get to know each other in human form.  But who knows, as we clear daily, it could change to a different scene.

I have called my future self in to help me move forward with clarity. Each one of our lives and aspects, whether parallel, past, present or future are here to help us with understanding - it is up to us to ask them for this assistance...and for us to assist them.

My soul and heart’s desire is creating this even though I am not aware of it. My soul and heart know all my aspects and lives. They already have the answers. My aspects are sending information to me all the time. Sometimes it is coloured with emotional trauma. It is up to me as the ‘main’ body or flagship to use this information to my benefit. If I find myself looking back, I understand that there is something I need to address because my attention is focused there instead of focusing on the now and creating with each step I take. It could be that some portion or aspect of myself is having a difficult time. Through me processing my emotions I am able to help that aspect of myself and therefore myself.

Have you ever thought this - all those millions of people out there could be different aspects of yourself. Those living in poverty or living the high life. I suppose we could donate money to charity to help those in poverty and preach to those living the high life. It might help...but what better gift could we give than clearing emotional trauma so that they may move forward with wellbeing and create a new reality for themselves - and therefore us? This is the main reason many of us do collective transmuting. We are all connected one way or another, whether we are aspects of ourselves or not.

My higher self/soul/heart are then able to organise the information in a way that serves me and my aspects whether parallel, past, present or future.

To carry on from Wednesday’s blog (which I amended hours later after realising I’d not really said what I wanted to say) – we never really know what is occurring in the background until it suddenly comes into our awareness when the time is right.

This makes it difficult to know before hand whether any movement is actually going on. We are being asked to have faith and trust that all is being aligned with great perfection to your energy signature that you are emitting. This is why daily it is asked that you process your emotions because as you do so, you are changing your energy signature and therefore whatever is being created in the background is constantly changing to fit with your energy signature, whether you are aware of it or not.

Slowly but surely it builds your faith in yourself until eventually you reach a place where you can trust that you (the All Knowing You/HS) knows what it is doing and all will turn out perfectly. All you have to do, quite simply, is process your emotions.

I suppose the best thing to liken it to is an iceberg. You only ever see the tip of the iceberg above water, without knowing how large and extended it is below the water.

We’d always planned to return to South Africa on holiday early next year…but as it has drawn closer, neither of us want to go. It is almost like an aversion to being there. I am not sure why. As a result I’ve not booked a flight.

Have we moved on since those days when we felt it was necessary…or maybe the energy signature that we had has changed so much we don’t need to go. At this stage we are ‘playing it by ear’.

Which brings me to an interesting observation. The plans to return to South Africa had been made with my soul-mate hubby…the current twin-flame that has taken his place is not so drawn to his family…or mine and the need to see them.

He is more interested in the two of us and where we are now and where we are going with our relationship…not past stuff.

And you know what? Now that I actually sit down and think about this – I do agree with him. I’d been ignoring this little niggle in the back of my mind and emotions. I’ve not really wanted to be there either. Was it obligation/duty that had me feeling it was time to visit again? Possibly…more than likely.

I don’t believe for one minute this means brushing aside our extended families. It simply means that as we move into a new way of living, those that are of a similar vibration become your family, rather than because of blood ties. And yet neither of us are quite ready to extend our community to include others. Our focus needs to be on ourselves and when the time is right the ‘new family’ will be drawn to us or we will be drawn to them.

Sounds rather selfish, doesn’t it? 

We have entered a stage where we embrace Service to Self (with a capital S). This is the Self that is the larger being who encompasses many aspects. As we look after ourselves, we change the vibrational energy around us and this helps others, even though they might not be aware of it. Currently I am in a mixture of Service to Self and Service to Others. The time is drawing closer for me to start focusing solely on creating a wonderful world without the added work of transmuting for the collective. But in the long run, focusing on this and ourselves, we are in effect being in Service to All.

The transition is happening whether I want it to or not, so it might not be an easy transition of letting go, depending on me/us. Hehe…I’ll probably still be bleating about this next year.

And so it continues for the time being as Just The Two Of Us building castles in the air…and our son…and his friends…yep, still got the communal home for boys who need a safe space :-)


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