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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Our universe

I’ve always known each one of us is our own universe…kinda like a universe within a universe within a universe, etc.

I’d known it but it had been an intellectual knowledge rather than an understanding that both my mind and body understood. Once the body understands, it becomes part of us and our whole perspective changes. It’s almost as though a door is opened and we step through and become what we were standing on the outside looking in through the window at.

This is what has happened to me since the stargates opened on my body. A full realisation and understanding that I am a universe in my own right, and like a universe has galaxies, stargates, portals and wormholes…so do we.

I am now beginning to fully understand why the body is so important in this ascension process. It is all very well to have an etheric wispy lightbody that can ascend and move through different dimension. But it is a totally different process to drag a physical body with you. Mastering energy and a state of being whilst trying to make changes within the body to accommodate this, is a very difficult challenge. Half the time we don’t even realise what changes the body is going through, we simply accept that each ache and pain is part of the process. We don’t direct the changes, we merely allow them (mostly).

I’ve often seen people talking about how unimportant the body is because we will shed it eventually. Yes, that may be the case if you transition to the other side, but if you are here to ascend, your physical body is going with you. 

Dismissing sex as a 3D ‘dirty’ thing that those up there in the higher realms don’t indulge in, is narrow minded and typically a 3D perspective. This part of our way of being has been brushed aside because no-one can imagine an Ascended Master doing something quite so base.

 And yet, in its true form, love making is the most beautiful way of affirming our love for one another. 3D has coloured this with so much negativity. How many of us view our body with distaste? Do you like your own smell? Do you even like yourself?

If not, how can anyone else love you?

I am always struck by how society bases beauty on looks. How often have I seen the plainest looking person (according to the media) wearing an aura of beauty around them fascinating us, despite their imperfections. Beauty comes from within. If we love ourselves others will love us.

There is a huge difference between self love and vanity. You can love yourself and still be humble. What glows from inside us is then reflected back at us from society in general.

Many of us look at all kinds of issues but never a sexual one. We never look at the reason we might not want to indulge in touchy feely, why we have pain during intercourse or why we won’t connect deeply with our partner (or ourselves for that matter). Lighted Loving used to stress the need to clear any sexual abuse from our bodies. All traumas are carried over from lifetime to lifetime and settle in each incarnated body that we have and will continue to grow unless we make an effort to clear it.

We don’t have many excuses these days as to why we hang on to our illnesses. Many of us have had contracts…these are over. It is up to us to clear the need for the illness otherwise we will continue on a loop.

What I have come to understand is that the stargates that each of us have all over our body, can only be activated when the resonance of your state of being matches the resonance of the stargates that your body carries. In other words you can stimulate a stargate and have no reaction if you are not vibrating at the same rate as the etheric stargate you are actively working on. But…and this is a big but…every part of you must resonate at the same level, i.e. mind body and spirit – all unified in one, and this includes your partner.
Much the same as any inner earth portals are not open to us, unless we happen to stumble across an opening and at that specific time and place are vibrating in resonance with that opening. Pretty much like finding the right key to unlock the door.

Once activated the stargate will continue to spiral energy in and out, linking you to your expanded self in all dimensional aspects. This is part of your multi-dimensional beingness. It is pretty much like the Merkaba around your body. These days we don’t have to keep at the Merkaba meditation, simply because many of us are at the stage where our Merkabas are permanently on. We have reached a state of resonance that supports this.

This is where clearing yourself comes in. If your sexual energy is vibrating very low and very dense, it does not support a stargate activation...or love.

But this will change as we add to the new sexual matrix that is being built. Many will start tapping into it and be making the subtle changes needed without realising. It is an honour for me to take part in this.

Hehe…I discussed this with hubby. He rolled his eyes and merely said, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’. So basically, if he can do it, everyone can.

Merry Christmas and peaceful blessings to all. I am retreating to my palace of pleasure for a while.


Anonymous said...

Really great post KP .. and may I say that sex is very higly regarded by the Pleaidians) ... sex and joy of every kind. I love my body ... always have done .. so I guess I am lucky. However .. what is not to love..? If it wasn't for my body I would not be able to enjoy all of the earthly pleasures which make life such fun at times ... and even the ones which don't seem so much fun .. it is all part of the grand adventure. My body also produced the most beautiful and healthy child... ok ... I now have some wobbly bits I never had before .. but what the hey. Our bodies are nothing short of miraculous really.
I don't write about the sexual relationship I share with my husband .. however ... the other night I saw our energies intertwined and the higher frequencies which can be reached during sexual union are sacred indeed.
I am enjoying reading your posts as you explore this amazing earthly experience.
You and your husband are so blessed to have found each other.
Wishing you both a beautiful, pleasurable and loving holiday.
Much Love

Anonymous said...

Higly ..?

Higly is the new highly doncha know :-)

Higly hugs


Karen-Pallas said...

Hehe...higly indeed :)
I too have wobbly bits...but it adds character so I'm all for wobbly bits.
The sacred energy is incredibly beautiful and very awe inspiring. I find myself distracted by it - sometimes looks like the aurora borealis.
How amazing it would be if everyone could 'see' what they are creating.
Much love to you and your family

heartlightdg said...

Where does this leave those who don't have an amazing partner, a partner who shares the vibrations and same path? I am so happy for those who have this blessed relationship. Me, I feel a bit deflated because it sounds like because I will not be ever in tune like that with the partner I have, and unless I leave to find another, I won't be fully connected. He has no interest in any of this, thinks it's all crazy stuff. I can't do this without a human partner? I can't be complete without another? I have worked so hard to get here, and I can't drag him unwillingly with me. Where does this leave those like me?

Karen-Pallas said...

Hi, sweetheart

A relevant question that I (and many others) have asked over and over again throughout the years.

I have documented quite extensively on this blog how different hubby and I are. He has no interest in what I do and believe in. He listens sometimes but you can see his eyes glaze over after a while.

We were constantly on the opposite side of the boxing ring. When I embarked consciously on my journey I was devastated to discover that he had no interest in joining me. I pushed and pushed and pushed until he exploded and it was then that I realised that if I wanted this to work, it had to be from my side. In other words whatever was being reflected back at me was my own stuff and I had to ‘treat’ and clear myself rather than focus on him. It also made me realise I had to accept where he was on his journey and that our paths were different. In the fighting to get him follow my path, I was controlling him.

Once I’d accepted this and him, things started to get better. By me accepting him, he reflected this back at me and accepted me...but it still didn't make him 'spiritual' in any way shape or form. It wasn’t all easy and we’ve had our ups and downs. But recently, in the last two years or so, we have started to click. He still doesn’t have much interest in what I do and yet through being around my energy he is following the path instinctively. I don’t push it or expect anything from him, I allow him to grow at his own pace.

Don’t despair about this. Concentrate on yourself and everything else will fall into place. Whether this means you will move on and find someone else or your current relationship will get better, is unknown.

I realise it is easy for me to say, having been through it and come out the other side…but miracles do happen and I am living one.

Many blessings and strength to you and your partner.

Heart hugs

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this thoughtful and complete answer on this day. I sincerely doubt we will ever get there together. He is no longer who I am interested in being intimate with and have not been for several years (we have been together for 38 years ever since we were 17, lots of changing done on both sides). Not sure we were ever in tune intimately after the initial lust anyhow lol. The desire is just not there anymore, for me. We are like roommates actually. Which isn't all bad...lol.
I have worked on me for the last ten years and stopped taking responsibility for making him happy, that's his choice. But I also don't talk to him about it, the things I do say, he just says, I don't understand you and walks away.
Anyhow, good to know I can do this, be whole, without a partner. I was starting to get a bit bummed....
Hugs, and a lovely Christmas to you,