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Monday, 12 December 2011

Brand new day

A Brand New Day…this song by Sting came on as I started to write this piece…and then David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes.

It’s been a very hard but interesting week. My mind kept buzzing with the words ‘sexual matrix’. Couldn’t quite figure out what was going on, but then again I wasn’t in a space to do so.

On Friday, I read Mati’s blog (thank you Mati) about Judy Satori, so I decided to listen to her full moon transmissions. Phwoar…strong stuff. So strong that after a while my nose started to bleed very heavily – a sure fire sign that I was releasing something (thank you Judy).  

It cleared so much that I was back in the saddle with hubby pulsating waves of energy J. He’d spent the afternoon scanning and downloading the pictures of our life (which he has been doing slowly over the past year and has been in conjunction with me clearing our emotional issues)…it was our wedding pictures.  I’d listened to Judy’s full moon transmission for December and had fallen asleep absolutely exhausted. I’d woken and been stumbling through to the bathroom half asleep he came out of his office and hugged me saying, ‘You were such a beautiful bride. I’m very privileged.’

Needless to say it took a while to penetrate the sleepy fog in my head. I stood in the loving embrace trying to get my brain to work and understand what he’d said. And one thing led to another…

And today…I find myself surrounded by dark entities. I realise now that they were helping me even though I wasn’t aware that they were around. It might seem a strange thing to believe…but how else will I learn and understand my power unless challenged. My gratitude to them is very strong and my gift to them is to help them to transmute.

As we move toward being in balance with both our dark and light sides, so the dark energy and entities need to do the same.

This little spate has made me realise that I’ve left 5D and come back down to 4D. How come? I seem to have discovered that there were a few loose ends I needed to tie up. Pity I didn’t give myself a heads up, but I suppose being multi-dimensional is what it’s all about. But…and this is the big BUT…none of it was mine. I have been transmuting for the collective again. This is where the sexual matrix comes in…more about this later.

Although it might sound like each dimension is separate, they are not. All dimensions surround us all the time. Depending on where we are in our own vibration, we should be able to move with ease into the more expanded version of ourselves. If our density is such that it resonates with the denser vibration of 3D, then that is what we will perceive. As we lift our vibration then we expand to encompass each different higher dimension and still remain visible…well, as visible to others as possible. If we vibrate at a higher frequency it is possible that those stuck in the 3D density will not actually ‘see’ us.

It is all to do with resonating. What we resonate with will come into our space. If someone resonates with dense 3D thinking of disaster and lack of any kind, then that is what will be in their world. To change this, the person needs to clear the emotional charge behind this 3D thinking in order to start feeling different.  And this is where the dark entities come in. They bring to your attention these issues that need clearing. They are in service to you and I.

So instead of fighting in fear, thank them for their willingness to become the fallen so that I/you may experience the fullness of who and what I/you am/are.

Now on to the sexual matrix. As the 3D world readies itself to move up, one of the densest matrices in place is that of sexuality. Everything in our old world is needing to lift in vibration and this includes sexuality and relationships in general, whether it is the relationship of a couple, parents and children, work colleagues, families or friends – although these other relationships are not what is being concentrated on at the moment.

Sexuality in the old world is considered taboo and much of it has been sullied with darkness. There is no wrong or right. Each one of us consented to be part of this and to experience sexual deprivation, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. How else can we become the living library of experiences?

As the new sexual matrix is anchored on earth across all the dimensions, many sexual atrocities will come to the surface at a rapid rate, along with all the other atrocities, such as banking, government, education, etc. We have been seeing many of these surfacing over the years, but this has been the tip of the iceberg.

But not all of it is necessarily dark and depraved (as in the 3D version). Much of it is to do with how we relate to our sexual partners which needs to change. Union is a ritual of creating energy. What we pour into our encounter is what is created within our world. Many of you know that the sacral chakra is our chakra of creation and together with all the other chakras creates whatever we need in our lives, whether it is so called ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

As hubby and I make our way around the world over the next few years, we will be anchoring the new sexual matrix (and that of relationships). We/I have visited many countries over my/our lifetime. Each time I have touched down whether for a long while or briefly, an anchor has been created thus as we move around, the tapestry of light will eventually cover the world. This will give others the chance to tap into it without realisation or consciously. We will be joined by other couples so that an energy thick matrix lies over the world.

Sex will eventually be given the valued position it deserves…that of sacred union of love and pleasure between two consenting adults.

I have also discovered over this last year that tantra has fulfilled a purpose – that of keeping alive what could be. As we move into 5D this will no longer serve and changes are being made by us (and others) to change this matrix. Tantra is about doing in order to be. There is a lot of ritual involved in tantra. Nothing wrong with that – it was necessary during dark times. But as those moving up in vibration will feel or probably feel now (depending where you are) that it is ‘old school’.

As the divine feminine rightfully takes her place next to the divine masculine and becomes equal in strength within each of us and in the outer world, there will be less doing and more BEing. This is also a sacred union of the masculine and feminine aspects inside ourselves. As we come into balance within ourselves so our outer world will reflect this. And thus tantra is/has been a stepping stone to take us beyond. Please read my blog written in March Happy to be known as a Pleasurina.

This has been quite a change from the norm for hubby and I. Simply allowing the love that fills our heart to direct our sexual encounters. The bliss of the energy of being in the now and not having to do anything creates a rapture of such ecstasy. No thoughts or feelings of lack, but purely and simply unconditional love and an intertwining of two souls merging into one to create one very powerful entity.

I am so looking forward to this…the dark night of soul I experienced last week is in great contrast to how I am feeling now. How can I understand rapture unless I’ve swung very low?

My gratitude and thanks to those dark entities who have helped me with this understanding. My heart is so wide open and full of peace and love.

My blessings to all.

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