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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I’m not sure how much I’ve been told is true and I haven’t seen anything to confirm this.
I was contacted quite urgently telepathically by someone who channels the Hathors, because they wanted to make sure I didn’t connect to the old moon. It was imperative. I'd had a similar feeling lately. I asked my inner guide, Athena, and she confirmed that I was NOT to connect to the moon as I have been over the years. In fact I was told not to connect to anything or anyone except Mother Earth and 9D Athena. Wow, that is something new – connecting energetically through all my chakras to 9D Athena. Phwoar – energy zap.
Years ago I’d heard that the current moon had been manipulated into giving us a lunar cycle that would control us and specifically control the feminine. I shoved it to the back of my mind because I’d never heard anything more.


I read Lisa Renee’s article that she posted a while ago about how the moon is in fact not the real moon (or some such – cannot remember in detail). It sort of brought up that old memory of mine but as everyone still continued to wax lyrical about the moon and her phases, I once again shoved it to the back of my mind…until Sunday.
I wasn’t sure why it was necessary to disconnect until I asked Sunday night. Basically I shouldn’t be connecting as the ‘real’ moon is coming back and the ‘fake’ moon is being taken away. For me to connect on the full moon now would not be good.  It seems that the hologram is being removed to make way for the proper moon.
Hubby and I did a two hour meditation Sunday night whilst the fairies created a circle of dance around us. They were quite amusing – I think they did it on purpose with their funny antics. They took us both into a very deep space of pure love and happiness…and as they say in ‘Mama Mia’ – ‘dot dot dot’   :)
I asked hubby this morning if he enjoyed the ‘meditation’. He seems to be doing this more regularly than before. Must be his HS taking him through the motions but he never acknowledges it. It simply happens and he is not like me where he is analysing and checking everything. He goes with it.  He merely nodded.
To him it’s simply a relaxing time spent listening to music while his mind wanders. Little did he know what was going on :) I don’t go on about it anymore – I know personally I wouldn’t like someone going ‘you see’ or ‘finally you’re getting it’ to me, so I don’t do it to him.
Yesterday morning he asked if I would like to go to the La Grotte des Demoiselles (The Cave of Fairies). Erm…what?
Turns out before we left for France he had researched a few places for us to sightsee (somewhere we hadn’t been to yet) and this was one of them. http://www.demoiselles.com/
So we went. The fairies were in a buzz of excitement in the car as we drove there. The approach is a narrow road that winds up a mountainside until you reach a narrow parking area. There are several sets of stairs amongst the rock and you wouldn’t know that the place was there until you reached the entrance. Very discreet and well done – not a loud monstrosity screaming tourism.
The fairies warned me that there would be a strange sensation once in the caves. They didn’t quite explain it very well -once inside I felt dizzy for the first 15 minutes and kept falling over.  Once that had passed I had a fab time.
The caves have been so beautifully well kept. There is a walkway that meanders down and then through the caves amongst the stalagmites and stalactites. It has been very sympathetically done and you would not believe it was a manmade walkway. It is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen and I could imagine fairies living there, although I never actually saw any. A child coming into those grottos would be transported to a world of fantasy.
We have a similar cave in South Africa called the Cango Caves. The difference is that the South Africans keep tourist as far away from the stalagmites and stalactites so as not to damage them, so there is an ugly looking wooden boardwalk running along the edges of the cave so you feel like a tourist. Whereas the Cave of Fairies takes you into the heart of the caves so you can feel part of it.
The tour guide said that up until 1997 they’d held concerts in the main cave as the acoustics were amazing. He actually played a song out on the stalagmites as though they were a xylophone.
On the way back the fairies were a bit glum. I asked one of them why and she simply shook her head and said ‘memories’.
Last night hubby and I sat outside under the full moon rising, no lights on. Watching her rising I kept feeling that although she looked the same she definitely felt different. I asked if I could connect to her and was told I could, as she is the real thing. I connected and was blown away by the amazing sense of peace that came over me. What a beautiful energy and so how I ‘remember’ her being – not the crazed moon that we have known that stirs up all kinds of emotions and influences our earth so much.
I basked in it for ages.
I am not sure if anyone has found this.
This morning once again I meditated and was told that the real moon had both a 3D and 5D version as does Earth. Either one is benevolent and a beautiful enfolding guiding energy – the 5D version is simply more.
Again told to disconnect from all and simply float in my own essence, which I did. I found that I expanded beyond what I have ever done before. I believe it is time to get rid of the rituals and those things which help me focus and simply be. A mere thought is sufficient.
Hmm…lots of practice to see if this works.
One thing that I’ve been practising with is - my body becoming an energy field that expands out around myself to keeps bugs at bay. Obviously because this area is very hot there are all sorts of bugs flying around, especially at night. But since we’ve been here we’ve seen hardly any around our chalet. It’s not that they aren’t here – we’ve seen them swarming around other places at night.
This morning as I was eating my breakfast outside in the sun, a wasp was trying to get in on the act of eating my food. I realised it was because I had no protection around me and wasn’t connected to anything after the meditation. I simply ‘thought’ about being repellent to the wasp and it disappeared. I ‘thought’ the energy field away and the wasp came back.
I am now going to practice at keeping the bugs from dying on the front grill of the car as we drive. When I walk the energy warps around me so that nothing I walk on or through is harmed or damaged in any way. I watched this happen when I walk through the fairies. They simply move like water around me. It is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.
This is treating Mother Earth and all that live on her with the respect they deserve. It is conscious awareness.
How cool is that?
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