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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Open and vulnerable

Last week, whilst walking along the beach at twilight, we came across a very large dead jellyfish in the shallows buffeted by the small waves. I've seen little blue bottles washed up on the beaches but never a jellyfish of this size - you'd be hard pressed to hold it with both hands without it spilling over the sides. It was opaque/white with purple edges.

Because it was so unusual, I figured that there was some kind of message, so I looked it up.

"Jellyfish: The transparency of the jellyfish teaches the inner source within each of us. We have an enormous amount of power within us to draw upon. We can turn on the light even in the depths of darkness through the wisdom the jellyfish. It often shows up just when you believe there is no hope left.

The jellyfish sting symbolizes that even the most vulnerable has the ability to shield and protect itself from outside influences. The jellyfish is an electrifying totem. It offers a spark to energize and illuminate. Powerful!"

Since then we have been visited three nights in a row by flying ants, grasshoppers, praying mantis and a cat that has adopted us for some reason.

All I am sure are symbolic and there is some meaning I should know, but things are moving at such a fast pace, I cannot keep up. Some days I feel I am in slow motion whilst all around are whizzing as though someone has pressed the fast forward button.

One thing I am certain of is that the tussle between masculine and feminine is hotting up. Hubby and I are feeling it today as it manifests within our relationship as little niggles. Mostly we rub along together rather amicably but every now and then there is a patch of friction that we go through. This is when we know there has been a major leap within the collective psyche which we feel acutely like today.

It is not always easy to remain balanced, whilst walking an unknown path, trying to figure out what is or isn't our stuff, both as a couple and as individuals.

This coincides with something that happened yesterday. Hubby was ahead of me as we walked up the mountain path of the beautiful area of St-Guilhem-le-Desert. I felt a presence on my right handside that I recognised but have not felt for some time. St Germain, his feet walking in pace with mine, had arrived on the scene. For a while there was no communication but eventually I asked why he was there as since Athena had made herself known, he'd made himself scarce.

He said I'd called him.

Eh? I didn't remember doing that, but he shrugged and said that whilst 'up there' between lives, we'd arranged that at a certain time a signal would be given that would bring him back into my life, albeit briefly.

What, I wondered, was that signal?

Being at St-Guilhem-le-Desert, he replied.

There were various things we discussed whilst walking that rocky path that I won't bore you with.

One of the things I've noticed in the last year or two is that hubby always seems to be in charge of the itinerary. He always finds little gems for us to visit. He points me in the right direction and I go to work and 'do' my thing.

On occasion I point out something that I want to do and stick to my guns even though I know energetically it does not feel right, but there are times when I want my way for a change. We land up fighting and being pissed off with each other, before sheepishly apologising to each other. Lately it has become far more prevalent and has been making me feel rather out of sorts.

It has puzzled me as to why this was happening, but it kinda all fell into place yesterday.

It is pointing to the inner balance between masculine and feminine energy. As the Divine Feminine within us comes to the fore, many of us are approaching it in a way that has been normal for us, as we don't know any different. Little by little we are feeling our way into being balanced individuals. But you know all this.

Blimmin' heck...I am not sure how to put the visuals and sensations into words. I'm gonna take a break now and might be able to write it down later.

Went for a walk into the forest and sat in the quiet stillness of twilight. Hubby tapped me on the shoulder and pointed up - a red squirrel was jumping from tree to tree. This was the second red squirrel we'd seen since we'd been in France. They are so very rare in the UK and Europe as the grey squirrel has taken over. For us to see them was a real treat.

I was so excited as I watched it fly through the tree tops. On a few occasions it ran down a tree, bounded along the ground to the next tree before continuing its arboreal flight.

A wonderful, wonderful, wonderful gift from Nature that gave me such a boost.

Once the magical moment was over, we walked back to the campsite only to hear dogs baying in the background. It is hunting season here - not great. Wherever we walk through the forest there are empty cartridges on the ground.

We are leaving for Menton on the Italian/French border tomorrow. I am sure there will be more answers for me as the days progress. I somehow feel that being in that area is pretty important this weekend - although I am not sure why.

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