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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Vibrant soothing calm and peaceful...and some irritation!

Here we are in France once again, six months after the last visit. Lately each time we come here on holiday, the energy is different...although the change feels radically different, I can't quite pinpoint exactly what is different...or if it is merely me that has changed...maybe a bit of both.

I have so much to say about what I experience each time I get here...but I have no idea where to start or how to explain them. The natural beauty surrounds, soothes, brings pleasure and joy...and sometimes irritates me. I assume that too much happiness gets to those bits of me that aren't feeling joyful and nudges them into reacting.

From the moment I woke at 4am on Friday morning, it seemed all 'go' as far as experiencing each moment of the day. I thought my excuse for feeling tired was not having slept for more than 2 hours on Thursday night...but on hindsight although it may have contributed, it certainly wasn't the main reason.

Dover's white cliffs...and cold front covering UK

The ferry crossing was smooth. So smooth in fact we went ventured out on the upper deck after breakfast. It was really really pleasant - the breeze off the sea very mild, the energy of the day vibrant but soothing at the same time like a warm blanket of love, which after a while made me feel like I could lie down and sleep right there.

We have driven this route for years, but each time it amazes me how much I love the sights I see and how it gives me time to get into 'French' mode.

We stopped overnight, as usual with a couple who run a chambre d'hote. We have been stopping over there for a few years now and as a result they've become friends. It is a pleasure to spend time with them, catching up on all the news, having dinner made with local fayre and drinking local wine.

This time, the daughter and her partner were there. Her partner is a young man who is soon to be de-comissioned from the military and has embarked on a new career. His legs were blown off whilst mine sweeping in Afghanistan. He set his sights on being a para-cyclist and recently was selected as part of the GB Paralympic team for Rio. What a pleasure to meet someone who has seen the silver lining of his experience, taken it and run with it - using it to spur him into something new.

Hubby contacted a friend that he plays Sunday football with, who works in the media industry enquiring whether there was a possibility of following this young man on his journey to becoming a Paralympian. It was enthusiastically received - we'll see what happens.

On arriving here in Fondespierre, as ever, there was so much catching up to do on news with so many that we are friendly with...and to scratch around in the recesses of my memory to find my almost non-existent French whilst tuning into the nuances of the language, to boot!
Domaine de Fondespierre

Sun, sun and more sun with heat. Fabulous after leaving the cold climes of the UK. Puts a bounce in your step and a smile on your face. Oh the joys of wearing next to nothing, swimming in water that seems so breathtakingly cold on your heated skin.

One thing I do miss about living in the UK is the carefree laidback feeling that we had living in South Africa...so I get a little taste of it each time we visit France.

Our holiday home here is my little piece of heaven.

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