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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Friday, 2 August 2013

New Energy

Over the weekend whilst I was lying in bed waiting for sleep to claim me I realised that the energy patterns I observe every day are far more tangible. This tangible overlay that we have around us is far more expressive and interactive, far stronger...and waiting for us to acknowledge it.

The patterns can and have changed daily, hourly or minutely, depending on the degree of doubts we carry and how often minds are changed. It is kinda like someone who has a beautiful custom-made dress that would mould itself to the person, in a way that their inner signature would shine out and impact on their outer world. And yet, believing they cannot have such a dress, chooses the ill fitting dress bought off the shelf.

On the plus side, despite this lack of awareness, the energy overlay is creating in-roads, very subtle in-roads, and at times not so subtle. This 'new overlay' of energy holds no fussiness or drama, it is beyond the 3D denseness that brought the traumas with it. No matter what thoughts or emotions we are dealing with, every single one of us has access to this overlay which we are absorbing through osmosis whether we know it or not.

I have found that despite, for example, having a headache, I am happy and filled with so much vibrance and zoom for life that the headache does not hinder me.

I took some time to sit with this overlay and really feel it. It can be likened to allowing acceptance to bubble up from inside and suck in the potentials, although truthfully these potentials are not outside of us. It is merely the energy that is prompting to the surface those potentials, but to me it looks like it is on the outside.

Hmm...being the banana-head that I can be at times, I believed I was able to cope with it...but I couldn't. Felt like I'd been hit with a bolt of lightning and landed up having a coughing fit as though I'd swallowed my tongue and was choking on it. It was rather disconcerting because the energy of the overlay felt really strong and far too much for me - I was breathless for a while after.

Inner guidance, with very dry humour, let me know that no matter where we are or what we are doing, each one of us is absorbing these potential overlays and so it is not necessary to do what I did. And if I did want, I could actually do it little bits at a time without getting myself zapped into oblivion!

It was some later I had another epiphany.

Over the years I have come to understand and really feel how my garden and home are me. And yet this time it was a far deeper resonance that had every tissue and cell in my body vibrating and since then I have been smiling from every part of my body.

Everything that appears in my garden each spring is an addition to my energy field. I never pull up weeds unless they are a little too abundant. Everything has a reason for being in my energy field. I created it through my emotions and thoughts.

The same with my house. I have a relationship with myself that manifests in my outer world.  Both energy fields morph and change each year, showing me where I am stuck or have moved on.

I can feel the pulse of life all around me, even in the bricks. It is quite exhilarating, as though I am able to take those bricks and morph them into something different. The problem is my inability to think outside the box and actually do it, so at the moment I am merely feeling it. When the time is right I will know what to do. I am where I am and in the meanwhile I shall create with my intentions.

When creating an intention from a joyful place, we are creating more joy as we spiral upward expressing the essence of who we are at any given moment in time. As we practice, whether our creations are perfect or not, taking the good with the bad, feeling the gratitude and joy for that which we have created, helps us to move forward with confidence and feeds us - it always has. The difference these days is the lightness of energy of creation and this is where the overlay comes into play.  The stronger your connection to the overlay, the quicker the manifestation. It is like playing with magic.

Hubby and I have been disconnected for many months, each on our own path to ascension. But since Monday that disconnection has disappeared and our hearts are far more open than they were. There is pure joy in every moment we are together, an appreciation of each other, even the more mundane human aspects and little irritations and interolances. Those irritations are transformed into vehicles that move us forward into better understanding of ourselves and therefore each other.

The tenderness and heart opening experiences we are having when exchanging energy with even the simplest of things, has my heart soaring and singing. Our pleasure in each other's company has grown substantially.

And yet, at this stage, I don't know if I can replicate this open hearted vulnerability with anyone else. I still feel myself pulling back and protecting myself. It is fear and lack of trust in myself. I do believe during this transitional time on Earth that maybe this protection is necessary. And yet on the other hand, unless I fully live with an open heart, how can I expect it to manifest in my outer world? Hard one that...but when the time is right for me, it will happen.

I do experience, to a degree, an open heartedness with the patients that I deal with and always have had. I am wary of being too open, mostly because I feel that too much of heart energy can trigger a healing crisis - so I temper it. I am mastering my energy, knowing when to up the ante and when to keep it low. Nice learning curve.

In the meanwhile as I practice how to use the energy in different circumstances, I am very grateful that I have an amazing man to fully open my heart with.

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