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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 5 November 2012

The button-pushing TF walk-in!

Walk-ins are souls who incarnate directly into a mature physical body with the full agreement of the soul that was born into the body. In many cases the original soul has completed its initial mission, and, therefore, agrees to leave and make its body available to another soul, rather than go through physical death. In more recent times, many souls are deciding not to move through the dimensional shift that Earth is undergoing, and they are consequently leaving the human realm, making their bodies available for "Walk-in" souls. 

Many of the souls who are now incarnating through the Walk-in process are from the same celestial origins as the Indigo Children. Consequently, they exhibit many if not all, similar characteristics. The adaptation issues for these souls who incarnate as Walk-ins are somewhat different than those who come into embodiment through natural birth. Following are some examples:

Because a Walk-in soul inherits the cellular memory resident within the body, there is usually a transition period during which the personality characteristics of the original soul gradually give way to the traits and giftedness of the incoming soul. However, it is not uncommon for Walk-in souls to get "stuck" in the residual patterns of the original soul, thus compromising the purpose and mission for which the Walk-in soul came into embodiment.

A Walk-in soul usually enters in mid-life, and therefore is not immediately faced with forms of parental discipline and educational systems that are out of alignment with the new Indigo-consciousness.

An Indigo Walk-in has to deal with not only the disorientation of being on an unfamiliar planet, but also the confusion of the Walk-in process itself. Most Walk-ins are not initially consciously aware that a soul exchange has taken place, and are, therefore, confused as to why they suddenly feel so "different". Extract from Namaste Retreat Centre’s website. To read more about walk-ins, click on the link. It makes for good reading as I discovered this morning while doing an internet search on the subject.

The reason I start with this extract is that I am finding it difficult at times to adapt living with a walk-in. I realise that this is a learning curve to help both of us release that which is deeply held within us, but this knowledge doesn’t make it any easier.

Every emotion seems to be so much more focused and intense…and truthfully I am feeling tired and overwhelmed…and yet underneath all of this turmoil is an all pervading joy.

Every time we argue or have some kind of reaction to each other, it is being cleared through the higher heart. Not only the higher heart that we each have as individuals but through the combined higher heart. These days all our chakras are connected via the heart, so we are one big heart chakra through which everything is filtered. As the emotions come up for release they move through the higher heart of unconditional love.

At the same time this unconditional love is slowly but surely moving through our bodies and energy fields purifying as it does so, thus nudging deeply held beliefs and emotions to the surface that needs acknowledging and clearing.

As he is struggling at times with this 'walk-in' business I often wonder lately if it was wise letting it happen this year when the energies are so intense. Not only is it impacting on him, but also on me and our relationship together. Could we not have done it a year or two earlier, thus giving him a chance to really get to grips with life here on Earth? The answer I keep getting is that it is perfect in its timing...although I am not sure how, but I suppose eventually in hindsight it will all make sense.

Sometimes I also wonder when he says or does something whether in fact I am the one with the problem because I am facing it with the same old view and he is approaching it differently.

It is far more evident these days that we are mirroring each other very strongly. For example, when I assume something about a person or situation, he does something that makes me feel angry that he was assuming it was okay, and vice versa. I find myself pushing when I shouldn't be.

It is kinda like walking through a minefield at the moment. I never know when something is going to blow up in my face. Or rather, I do…but don’t always acknowledge it :-) What can I say in defence? Not much, but it is nice to turn off at times and ignore things, until I have no choice but to acknowledge it. And let’s face it, there is so much happening ALL the time that I don’t have the luxury of spending time on each and every thing.

One thing I have been ignoring lately is my feet. On discussing this with a friend on FB recently she has helped me to gain insights and understandings that never occurred to me before. Thank you, my dear, you've helped me so much this weekend - you have no idea how much :-)

At the beginning of this year the sleep unit where I work moved into a large ward. When we were in the house, albeit a large house, everything was located within short distance and therefore it was compact. As a result of this very large area we now occupy, we are constantly on the move, walking up and down most of the night/day on our 11 hour shift. It never occurred to me that this might result in my feet not being very happy. I do wear good and comfortable trainers that support my feet and legs.

Now add to that I suddenly started in April, doing a mix of pilates/yoga and zumba classes. Again high impact and expectations on the legs and feet. Every morning I’d wake with sore feet and would land up hobbling around for about ten minutes before I felt okay.

I spoke to my personal trainer about this when I first noticed it months ago and she confirmed she has the same thing but she did not seem overly worried about it. As long as I stretched the muscles I’d be fine. Hmm…I was totally oblivious.

When I went on holiday in September I did not do any yoga/pilates or zumba (or work!) at all for three weeks and my feet felt fine. I start again and land up with the same problem.

So this has been a niggle in the back of my mind…which I’ve sorta ignored until last week hubby asked me why I am continuing with these private sessions. Could I not find a class rather as it would be a fifth cheaper than private sessions? Instant denial from me - I was happy to do this and any way I’d earned the money and could spend it on myself as I saw fit. Uh uh….second niggle.

So was I really happy about this? I have come to the realisation over this weekend that I am not…and my feet are reflecting this. Pain is associated with guilt.

This year has been the understanding that I would finally be cutting the ties with my work place and current home and I feel guilty about this because I will be leaving work in the lurch and our son possibly without a home. This in the wider sense is encompasses the feeling of guilt that I am moving into Service to Self away from Service to Others. But because I chose to ignore this I take on classes that emphasise this painful guilt…and again ignore it. Hubby brings up the subject of it costing too much several times, which hits on my guilt feelings and makes me angry…and again I ignore it.

I am large and in charge – I KNOW what I am doing! Yeah right...

When it was suggested yesterday that I had Achilles tendonitis and then hubby mentioned this morning that I was his Achilles heel - I had an epiphany and it all fell into place. Achilles tendonitis signifies inflammatory conditions which energetically is anger - inflamed with anger and crippled with the pain of guilt. Sounds beautiful, doesn't it?

So today I am eating humble pie. If I’d followed my gut, instead of (sorta) gaily skipping along thinking all is well…I wouldn’t have to.

But, despite this little bit of pain, I have enjoyed the slight deviation thoroughly – so I cannot in all honesty say it was a mistake. Nothing is ever a mistake and I have thoroughly enjoyed and learnt so much from my personal trainer for which I am very, very grateful. Maybe once I stop working at the sleep unit, I can again turn my attention to this. In the meanwhile I shall be doing belly dancing every second week. Figure I need to get those hips swinging.

Thank you to my darling hubby. Although you push my buttons you always teach me something about myself that I never knew and for this I am very grateful.

Okay...admittedly it is only after I get over my hissy fit...:-)! 

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