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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Slow and cautious 'evil genius'!

On Monday night a colleague and I were discussing my and hubby's future plans of travelling. As we plan to do quite a bit, hubby is buying an extra four weeks of holiday so that we can do all this travelling. Of course, I did not even think about myself and how much holiday time I would need.

So as the words were coming out of my mouth, I felt some resonance within me and a while later it suddenly hit me that this could possibly be the reason (very sneaky) that I have suddenly upped and decided to resign.

I know it will take them a while as they need to fill three vacancies and people for our kinda job are difficult to find.

I had not thought this all through…but now that I have it seems to make sense.

I can stay on the bank and earn the money for travelling and then be able to take the time off when I want. I can also work the nights I want instead of having it dictated, i.e. instead of having to do a shift on Friday nights, I can now work during the week. Fridays are, needless to say the most difficult nights to fill. I did my share of Friday shifts when I first started, but when I got the opportunity to change it – I did – but now as everyone has had their share of Friday shifts – it is back to me again. Can’t say I was happy about it…

I am going to temp as I did for many years as a legal secretary when I arrived in London. It gave me so much scope for flexibility and to take long holidays if I wanted.

So…I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe because I’d requested that the transition be gentle and I not leap off the cliff totally into the unknown…I have been granted this wish without realising I was granting myself this wish.

I can be so sneaky at times and has brought to light my own manipulations and hidden agenda. Everything in my reality is there because I created it. So all these hidden agendas and manipulations that I see lately – I am doing exactly the same thing, aren’t I? It is me talking to me and bringing to light that which I harbour within me.

I am not as open and transparent as I would like to think I am. Sheesh, how much more are we going to have to change? I don’t think any of us know. It seems I am connecting all the dots and, at times, not all of them are ‘nice’. 'Evil genius' emerging!

Food for thought, eh?


Dorothy said...

I don't see this as sneaky and evil!! I see it as your higher self, whatever you call it, taking charge and making sure you get the time off you need to accomplish your goals and enjoy your life. Good for you!

Karen Pallas said...

Hehe...'evil genius' was a bit tongue-in-cheek.
Yeah...the I AM presence within is rather clever when it comes to setting myself up for something better. I would never have thought of such a dastardly plan in a million years...or I might have...after months or years of whinging!

Dorothy said...

Hehehe! Good one. Gotta love it! Very slick work on the part of your I AM presence lol.