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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dance of the seven veils

I had a very deep meditation about 5 days ago during which time I was in a temple dancing with other women, many of whom I recognised from this current life. We were dancing the dance of the seven veils. We were so happy and really loved and enjoyed what we were doing.

I cannot remember too much in detail what happened but the next thing we were all standing around a mound of earth looking down into a well in the middle. It was rimmed with a circle of steel and a cross in the middle. I heard the words, ‘The well has dried up’.

The distress I experienced was so real I came back with a bump from this meditation. All the images were slightly jumbled and it has taken me until today to sort everything out into some sort of sequence.

The problem with deep meditation is that I find it difficult to put everything into a time sequence as it all happens simultaneously…in a place where there is no time.

I know there is a deep significance to this meditation otherwise it would not have stuck in my mind so strongly. I did an internet search this morning about the Dance of the Seven Veils and found this:

What has been called a Descent into the Underworld is best defined as the seeking of wisdom and growth through a deep inner quest.  Many of those who have managed to (grudgingly) adapt themselves to our patriarchal society (and those who have been unable or refused to adapt), have repudiated their inherent feminine instincts and energy patterns, even as the culture has maimed most of the rest.  What is needed is a return to and the redemption of what the patriarchy has seen only as a dangerous threat.  The process requires both a sacrifice of our identity as spiritual daughters and sons of the patriarchy, and a descent into the spirit of the goddess.  

The Biblical story of the Dance of the Seven Veils is, not surprisingly, a bastardization of the concept.  What was and is in all respects a non-sexual dance, was treated as such, and once again the stupidity of a male’s arrogance was ignored, while the blame was placed on a female and her feminine, bewitching, and irresistible wiles.  The fact that Adam could have refused Eve’s offering, so also could any king worthy of the name (other than perhaps Bill Clinton) have also refused a female’s attempt at sexual manipulation.   

Instead, it needs to be recognized that the shedding of seven veils, even those strategically placed, is not a strip tease, but rather a letting go of outdated baggage.  To find sexual stimulation is to admit to being to sexually deprived and/or prudish as to find the nude body of a marble classic sculpture unaccountably arousing.  Get over it. 

The more relevant “dance” is seeing through the veils and the illusions that separate us from knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.  The dropping of the veils one at a time is merely a device in which we can focus on different aspects of the overall illusions and weird Paradigms, of which we would otherwise be blissfully ignorant. 

This is especially important in terms of our world and society quite possibly making its own descent into Hades -- a scenario mentioned in the Descent into the Underworld essay.  Apparently, for whatever aim or purpose we may as a collective have unwittingly leaped, we seem to be barrelling down a road with some fascinating speed bumps and other “traffic calming devices”.  Thus a “dance” with mundane applications is particularly relevant.  Extract from Library of Halexandria. To read more on this fascinating subject click on the link.

I wouldn’t call it male arrogance simply because that is the cycle that we agreed to go through…and I don’t agree with male bashing as it serves no purpose other than to make us females as arrogant…but you get the idea.

What brought this to my attention was a dream I had this morning (yeah I slept late).

I was staying at my brother’s house. At one stage I was alone in his lounge when a woman stumbled into the room. She had been shot in the heart and was bleeding all over the place. It amazed me that she was still alive. She insisted she was alright but I made her lie down and when I thought she was okay I rushed through to find my brother and his wife having an afternoon sleep. I screamed at him to call 911 but he simply lifted the phone, dialled his GP’s number and handed the phone to me. I got an answer phone. My brother casually said that I should leave a message.

Eh? Why was he not perturbed by the fact that a woman was dying in his house? I waited for the answering message to end so I could leave the message but the woman GP warbled on about leaving a message. While she was prattling on I heard the sound of plates and it sounded like they were eating dinner. It went on and on and I couldn’t hear the beep indicating that I could leave a message.

The dream ended there as I woke up.

Pondering this dream it made me realise that it was all tied in.

The ‘dry well’ was the feminine energy leaving the planet and the woman with the bleeding heart shows how we have ALL been shot in the heart and have been bleeding our energy since then and yet we still function. All of us have both the masculine and feminine within us and so this pertains to all no matter whether male or female in this incarnation.

My brother and sister-in-law’s lack of concern was an indication that no-one has been too perturbed by the absence of feminine energy on Earth to balance things out. The feeling I got from him was one of, not so much impatience, as puzzlement as to why I was so worried about a woman with a hole in her heart.

Now what is the significance of all of this, as we all know this…

Another slight unconscious worry I’ve had recently whilst doing the Zumba classes is the strong masculine energy in all the music. We have become so used to the sexual implications of music that none of us notice it any more. I could feel during the dancing class, that it was forcing me to be something that at the core of me I wasn’t. The memories of dancing and creating energies within a temple setting is starting to be remembered very strongly within me.

This had me wondering if I was turning into a prude or a feminist...but that is merely the way we interpret things in this world...I am neither of these. I am merely trying to find the middle line of balance.

I have come to the conclusion that in order for us to move forward, we need to acknowledge and understand the strong patriarchal cycle we have been through. It has been for a specific purpose but it is now up to us to bring everything back into balance.

We should be enjoying everything that we have in life. Yes there are sexual connotations with everything that has been coated with not such great energy.

Trying not to sound all preachy, I see how all dances performed by women have been coated with this energy. There has been no simple enjoyment of the body and its movements without the underlying sexual connotations.

Our brains and emotions have been wired to see and feel (even if we are not aware of it) this imbalance toward sexuality. The innocence and pure enjoyment has gone.

To say that I was uncomfortable with the connotations in these classes is an understatement…and yet in order to understand the energy I had to participate in it. But despite this discomfort I still enjoyed doing what I was doing...sadly the time has come for me to move on.

I now understand why I have to experience all forms of dance classes and flow where the energy takes me. We have interpreted the dance of the seven veils in one way...it is now time to remember and understand its true meaning.

This all brings me back to the energy of sex or lovemaking. It is an exchange of beautiful loving energy that has no goal at all - except that of bliss. Our brains make us feel that we should have a goal. After all our lives are about achieving goals, aren’t they?

What has happened to the pure enjoyment and pleasure of doing something simply for that - enjoyment and pleasure? The appreciation and enjoyment of watching dancers, etc. the beauty of the body and its movement.

The pleasure of life makes us feel alive and aroused. The arousal part we have distorted and express it as the current sexuality.

Voyeurism - many of us shy away from the idea of watching a couple making love and participating in the energy they create. It is not about the voyeurism as much as about the loving energy that we can all contribute to.

I figure we are a long way away from experiencing this to its full and true extent. We are all so body conscious and/or shy and those that are not have some other hidden agenda.

The sexual aspect is so intertwined in everything in our lives and so out of kilter with its true self.

It made me ponder about the closeness we feel to other women. Many women shy away from this as it makes us think of lesbianism, etc. I have experienced this closeness with some women and it has freaked me out so much so that I have created a storm in a teacup so that the friendship ended. I now see that it has nothing to do with sexuality, but more to do with the one-sided expression of the energy of love.

Again, the idea that a lot of men love the idea of seeing two women together. It is harking back to the days when as priestesses we would create energy that benefitted all. Because of the veils of forgetfulness, it has descended into something that is less than savoury.

But love in its pure essence should be celebrated and expressed in whatever form benefits us…as long as there is no hidden agenda…which seems to be the norm for us here in this power hungry world.

How often do we see that sexuality is used as a tool to gain power over another or many others?

The body is an amazing tool. It contains so many gateways, portals, stargates and wormholes that we are unaware of because we’ve not been able to see the bigger picture. And yet we have used these tools in ways that they were never intended.

First off, I would like to say that we have created something amazing. It may not seem so, but to have allowed ourselves to sink to the depths of deprivation that we see all around is a feat in itself. So…though many of us are looking around and going ‘jeepers this is disgusting or not so great’, stop and think for a moment.

If we’d not experienced this how would we know what love is.

Everything that is in our lives has transformed itself from love into fear, just so that we may experience everything that we do. That in itself is a gift. But each gift, whether we consider it a gift or not, is at its core an act of love.

As you can see I'm kinda stuck between two worlds...anyways…I have rambled on about this enough.

Hehe...here is the Mambo Number 5. I really enjoy this song...I for one am not quite ready to give up what I enjoy...even if it is slightly distorted, but I suppose it depends on the energy within us.


Sue (sisteroflight) said...

That's interesting about Zumba. I love Flamenco, have always felt drawn to it as an expression of the empowered feminine. Duende, I think they call it in Flamenco. Drawing up the spirit of the dance, Hugs, Sue

Karen Pallas said...

From my understanding it is not just Zumba...it is all music and dance. Think about it this way...for ages it has only been one dominant energy - the patriarchal - which has created our world and so it stands to reason that everything that exists here is one-sided in energy.
As the feminine returns it is infusing this one-sided energy and bringing everything back into balance.
I don't mean for it to sound like it's bad...it isn't. It is merely out of kilter...and so everything - whether music, dance, creativity, love making, living, happiness, joy, etc. all needs to be brought back into balance.
That is merely my take on this insight and I am sure that there is a far deeper understanding that I have not quite 'gotten'.
I also love Flamenco. Did it for 3 years as a teenager and...I still know how to play castanets!