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Monday, 31 January 2011

Heart chakra and the breasts - channel from Lighted Loving

I am Andari, Pleasurina of the First Order of Lighted Loving. I greet you in love and pleasure.

I come forward today to talk about the heart and the breast area. The heart is connected to the breasts whether you are male or female. Cut off the loving energy from the heart to the breasts and you land up with little or no flow. The breasts and heart are connected to the sacral area. Everyone has worked on their heart at some stage and so we will not be focusing on it.

Because the feminine energy has been suppressed for so long, certain portions of the anatomy are suffering. This is a channel relevant to men and women as we are seeing a number of men developing breast cancer. When your heart is not open it is difficult to channel love. The heart channels love all over the body but the main area it uses is the breast. It is a difficult subject as there are so many layers, so we will be addressing it a little bit at a time.

Great waves of fear are running across the Earth, nudging anger into erupting. As the feminine energy tries to get a foothold, the dominant masculine energy is whipping up support for itself, hanging on grimly not wanting to let go or to be on an equal footing with the feminine. Traumatic scenes are playing out across the world. As the heart of humanity opens you will see many more of these scenes as people adjust to the changes and slowly but surely take their power back.

Many women who have given birth to children have not been able to breastfeed. When feeding her child she is not only giving the child the nutrients needed but also energy. True unconditional love is the greatest form of protection she could give her child. For many there is great difficulty around breastfeeding. Some view it as an animalistic state of being and shy away from it, others cannot produce milk, or can but find the whole process quite distressing. There is no judgement – up until now it has been as it should be. Feeding a child with a bottle will bring no harm as long as the person feeding the child imagines the energy of love pouring into the child from his/her heart.

Breastfeeding, whether milk and/or energy, should bring a great deal of pleasure. For the mother, it will not be sexual pleasure but loving pleasure and as she feeds her child she enters a state of bliss. Her child feels it and is happy and content. If not love, what energy is she feeding her child? Anger, resentment, jealousy. These energies settle within the body of the child and can cause problems. It is the same in an exchange of energy between partners. Again, through bottle feeding it is possible for the father to feed the child the energy of love through his heart while in a state of bliss.

When a mother hears a child cry, it does not matter whether it is her child or not, she gets a let down feeling or tingling above the breast and the milk starts to flow. Some people get the same tingling as the energy of love move from the heart into the breast and out when making love. Sometimes you might feel the same tingling in a social situation. It is the heart opening up and the flow of loving energy rushing out through the breasts into the surrounds. During lovemaking, a breastfeeding mother will experience her milk leaking as she becomes engorged with the energy of love. The more aroused she becomes the stronger the flow. It is a beautiful gift to her partner, take pleasure in the giving and receiving.

As we move into the changes these are aspects to be cleared in order for you to move forward and reach your true potential of divine love. Situated on each nipple and the breasts are chakras and it is through these chakras that you feed the world around you. When a couple indulges in lovemaking, and are in a state of love, the partner suckling at the breast is drawing love into his/her body. One gives and the other receives, the roles changing regularly.

When your partner stimulates your nipples or kisses your breasts what you are giving to them. Do you know what energy you are allowing to pour out through your heart and breasts – whether you are a man or a woman? What are you feeding your partner?

Some women and men prefer not to have their breast area touched or stimulated. What blocks are you holding there, what traumas did you go through to reach this stage when you are unable to have a look at or feel with that part of your body. What do you like or dislike about your breasts? Do you use them for gain?

For others it is an obsession. Is it a healthy obsession? Do you feel a need to be dominant or subservient? Is your lovemaking a partnership of balance and equality? We are not saying that domination and submission is wrong. We are asking whether you’re able to do so with unconditional love, in other words, do you have an agenda? As you are making love are you a constant taker or constant giver? Is there a balanced flow between you and your partner?

We understand that these are harsh questions but the time has come for you to take a deep and hard look at you. You are strong and evolved enough to face it. Do you feel offended, angry, fearful or dismissive? Why? If you are wishing to take responsibility for yourself it means looking at the darker side of yourself and working to clear the imbalances.

Humanity is moving into a time of balance in everything. Denial has no place, as transparency will be the order of the day.

If you wish to clear your breasts, you can use the same method we used in clearing the womb by imagining yourself small enough to move around your body. Remember to place yourself in a safe space before you start. Clear each area thoroughly and once you feel you have cleared as much as possible take a look at the flow of energy from the heart into the breasts and out the nipples. If it is still sluggish, do the clearing once again until you feel happy with the flow.

This is an exercise for both men and women. May you be blessed in your endeavours. Love yourself.

Until we meet again may you be held in the palm of Mother/Father God.

Yours in love and pleasure,

Andari and Jem

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