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What I share about my life is simply to help reinforce the understanding that it is possible to live with love and laughter, in between the tough times.

Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

Be the dream.

We honour the light and the life within you.

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Friday, 14 January 2011

Simplicity and Beauty - channel from Lighted Loving

I am Jem, Pleasurex of the First Order of Lighted Loving.

I greet you in love and pleasure. Today we are going to focus on the word simplicity, which needs to be woven within your framework. Life on earth is far too complicated and uses vast amounts of energy that drain you. You have become very adept at constantly using energy to form very complicated rituals, focusing on the outside world, neglecting that which is most important – the divine flame within you.

There are very different versions of pleasuring. You get the pleasure of a loving family, happiness, joy, love, laughter, the pleasure of friends, and the pleasure of being a couple. We will be focusing on all of them but our main focus will be that of sexual pleasuring.

For too may years you have been focusing on the wrong aspects of sex. Many of you have had a driving need to use it to help you gain power, ambition, but you are not looking at the beauty of sex. Pleasuring and love going hand in hand create simplicity. Everything you create through lovemaking will afford you the ability of finding pleasure in everything you do.

You are in a partial state of arousal whenever you practise tantra. This is the joy of life, the pleasure of true living, feeling the energy running through your body and making you happy. It makes you want to dance and sing and share with everybody the experiences you have. It does not have to be sexual in nature as between a couple but can be between working colleagues, parents and children, siblings, friends and is an all encompassing love.

Your world has reduced it to smutt and covered in darkness, made it sinful and inappropriate and used it to manipulate. We need to clean it, shine it up so that it allows you to see what it truly is. Creating through making love, creating through being in love with all those around you is the most beautiful experience you will ever have. It may take you a while to actually achieve what you are looking for but practice makes perfect as you know. Perseverance, tolerance flexibility and patience. These are key words you are going to need over the next months and years. Don’t give up.

There will be times that whatever you are working through or feeling is going to come up to the surface. All that you are holding on to needs to come out and, yes, there will be times when you feel completely disorientated, unsure where to go, ungrounded, anchorless and rudderless. This will continue to happen. It does not matter how far along the road of enlightenment you are you will experience this.

Breathe yourself through it. Know that for a day, a week or a month you are going to go through quite a lot. Just know that in the depths of your soul where that divine spark is starting to grow brighter and brighter, you are on the right road, despite what it feels like. It is just a purging of emotions and mental thought forms that hold you back. Do not fear it. We are all warriors of the light. Use this integral part of you to go forward.

Find creative ways of taking all of the negative energy you might find rushing through your body. Channel it into something filled with passion. Anger is passion. It could be destructive or hurtful or it could be used to create a masterpiece, beautiful music, fabulous art work, sculpture, pour it into your business, your family, your garden, the planet. Take this energy...you are so powerful...you have no idea how powerful and yet you don’t use it. There is no judgement as far as this is concerned as it was needed during your time on earth but things have changed. You are being swept into the New World and you need to learn a way of utilising the energy at your fingertips. Take whatever negative energy you have and use it constructively rather than destructively.

You will make mistakes there is no doubt about it. No-one is perfect and we are not expecting you to be perfect. Persevering trying again and again will bring you rewards beyond your wildest dreams, so keep at it.

Know whatever you are confronted with at this time will be all your own stuff. It will be a reflection of everything that you are harbouring within yourself. Many of you have no idea that you contain all of these issues deep, deep within the cells and tissues of your body but they are there and we are going to help you nudge them loose and release them.

It is our vision for the future that Earth will become the paradise that she should be. The only way we can achieve that is to help you to help yourselves to become all that you are. We are not the gurus here, you are. You are the Masters and you are the ones that set foot on this path through many, many lifetimes to finally reach this goal of becoming Masters in the physical. We salute you. We have much admiration for what you have done so far. Pat yourselves on the back - you have done a good job.

I would caution you, though. Don’t take everything we say as the gospel truth. It is not. Portions of it you will find you are happy to work with it, other sections you will ignore. There is no right or wrong. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. But I must also add, never dismiss anything until you’ve experienced it. Never take someone’s word that this is what it should be like. Experiment, feel, use, and analyse if you must but experience it because through experience you grow and become a Master. Many of us are helping you, feeding you information but you are the ones who will live through your experiences and through the knowledge gained on your own path.

We can give you as much information as you want and you could be totally overloaded but until you actually understand it within your body, mind and spirit, it will mean nothing to you. You need to eat, sleep and drink it and feel it. Dismissing it could be a little bit of fear or you’re not ready for it or not the path you need to take. There is no right or wrong. Just allow whatever you feel comfortable with and know that later on if you need to take on what was previously said then do so. Never push yourself beyond what you feel you can do but also never sit back and expect the work to be done for you.

We are trying to help you to take your responsibility back. Never blame anyone else for anything that you do. Never. Everything is up to you. You create, whether consciously or by default, you are creating all the times. Every step is a creation, every thought every feeling or emotion every word expressed, everything is all part of who you are and what you are creating. This is not to say that you have to worry and analyse and take note of every single thing that you do because that is not what we are saying. As you clear yourself and you feel better with what you are doing more comfortable you will find it easier. Simplicity will become part of your life and then you will wonder how on earth you lived in this complicated world that you set up.

You are true Masters to be able to create a world like this. You have all earned your degree.

Andari and I are very privileged to impart the knowledge that you need to help you forward. It is with great awe and wonder that we watch what you are doing and have done. We salute your bravery, courage and spirit.

And so be it.

Until we meet again.

Yours in love and pleasure,


I am Andari, Pleasurina of the First Order of Lighted Loving.

I come to you in such excitement. I find this to be an unbelievable experience we have never seen before and I am dancing in delight, watching all of you making the effort to change. Some of you are struggling, yes, there is no doubt about that. It is difficult to change a way of life that you’ve had for so many millennia, each one of you coming back and experiencing pretty much sometimes the same thing over and over again.

From the outside we can see what is going on and I am truly marvelling at the strength, the courage, the capacity for love that each one of you contains as you move forward. Despite the anger, the hatred and all the negative feelings that are whirling around the world at the moment, all of it, all of it...underlying is a theme of love. It is a beautiful golden thread running through everything.

Believe in yourselves because without that belief in yourselves we will never be able to help you achieve. I don’t say this because you don’t think you can do it. We know you can. Look at what you have created so far. It’s a very complex intricate and well woven tapestry for which there is no word to describe the impressiveness, the grandeur of what you have created. All of us have lived in love and light but what you have created on earth is the most amazing tapestry of emotions, experiences, that completely overwhelms us in awe.

As humans you don’t see it. You are so cut off and separate from the rest of us that you don’t see. You think that you are just this tiny little human in the middle of this vast universe and you are not doing much. You are contributing so much knowledge. You are becoming the living libraries that we can tap into and know what is the complete opposite of what we are. And that, my friends, is the most amazing, truly amazing gift that you have given all of us. And for this we thank you.

It is with tears in our eyes that we watch you berating yourselves and saying how awful you are. You have so much doubt and hatred and you think you are the worst. You are not. The sacredness of the act that you have all performed, the sacrifices that you have made bring us to our knees. We can only watch with awe as you continue to create something, which was so totally unexpected. This beautiful dance of life filled with emotion. It doesn’t matter that it’s awful to you. It might look disgusting and horrible but to us it’s the most exquisite work of art.

So I end this message and say to each one of you that you are the hope, the love and the glory...and never forget that.

Yours in love and pleasure,


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