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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fourth Lesson in Love and Pleasure - channel by Lighted Loving

I am Jem, Pleasurex of the First Order of Lighted Loving. I greet you in love and pleasure.

Today we will be doing the fourth lesson in the basics and it will be the final lesson. We will now be moving on to more intimate lessons.

The following information is for you to use when you want to create a bond with someone that is close to you and you would like it to be healthy bond. So, for example, it could be with a spouse or partner, with a child, close friend, and parents. You will be moving energy, creating a cycle of give and take between you, the Earth and whomever you want to create it with.

You have had the last three weeks to practice drawing the Earth, Moon, Sun, Mother/Father God energies as well as the life giving essences of your breath into your body. The channel of energy should be moving out your crown and down into the Earth and back up into your feet again. We will start from there assuming that your body is performing this automatically and you are reinforcing it once or twice a day.

I would like you to imagine, see or feel standing before you is someone you would like to create this cycle of energy with. Ask their soul for permission to do so. While you wait for their answer, make an intention that it will always be give and take and that not one of those that are in your cycle of bonding will drain the energy from you. They will always give you as much as you have given them. You are not going to be supporting somebody who is needy and drains you. The intention is, and you will receive this protection, that whatever you give is what you will receive in return and it will be a health, happy, loving, healing and pleasurable experience.

Once this person has given permission, imagine in the same way that you did with the Earth, a flow of energy coming out of your crown separate from the one that you have with the Earth. Allow it to flow into the crown of the person that you wish to bond with. It moves down into their head, their spine, their legs and out through their feet into the Earth, back in through your feet up, your legs, your spine, out your crown to start the cycle again.

Imagine this constant flow between the two of you. Intermingling in all these energies is the energy of the Earth, Sun, Moon, Mother/Father God and your breath. It’s a cycle of give and take, connecting you not only with the Earth but also with someone close to you. Create the intention that this flow will continue without you having to think about it and reinforce it once or twice a day.

Once you are very happy and satisfied that this is working you may increase the amount of people you are bonding with in the same manner. Start off with one or two and slowly increase the amount of people.

We now turn to your auric field. Imagine your body is so saturated with energy that it starts to move out into the auric field around your body, filling it until you are in a cocoon of loving, nurturing, healing and vibrant energy.

True unconditional love is the most powerful protection you will have. Imagine Mother/Father God’s unconditional love coating the inside of your egg-shaped auric field. It will allow positive energy in and turn away any negative energy. This love creates a very strong protective wall around your auric field and therefore, you. It is permeable allowing higher vibrational energy in and out and repelling anything that is lower or negative. Feel the cocoon of protective love around you and know every day it is reinforced and replenished.

That is the final in our basic lessons.

Until we meet again may you be held in the palm of Mother/Father God.

Yours in love and pleasure,

Jem and Andari

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