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Saturday, 8 January 2011

First Lesson in Love and Pleasure - channel from Lighted Loving

First Lesson in Love and Pleasure

I am Andari, Pleasurina of the First Order of Lighted Loving.

Galactic Command have given us permission to impart the knowledge needed on your planet. We’ve been watching you for many years following your journey with anticipation. It is with great pleasure that we now see you are ready for the changes in energy set to sweep across your world.

My Pleasurex partner, Jem and I will guide you through the mind, body and spirit changes. There is a misconception in humanity’s mind that sex is a something to be hidden away and the only people involved are weird or exploiting. And yes, it may have been so until now.

In order for your growth to proceed, spirit-based sexuality is sorely in need of revamping. Your creative sacral chakra has been relatively ignored and relegated to the background. How many women suffer with menstrual problems, cancer of the pelvic area or breasts? How many men suffer with prostate problems or cancer? These are the areas of the body that are neglected with minimal amounts of energy flowing through.

We have requested this anchor, whom we are working through, to set up a weekend devoted to pleasure, the first to occur on 12-14 February when there are very powerful planetary alignments. Pleasure can take any form, and is not necessarily sexual in nature. The reason for allocating a specific weekend is that it allows you to focus. Eventually there will be no need for these special days of pleasure, as it will form part of your every day life. In the meanwhile, we use what is available to us to help you move forward.

Regular lessons will be channelled.

Let us begin with the first lesson.

A balance of mind, body and spirit is always needed. It is imperative that as a pleasurina or pleasurex in the making you concentrate on developing all aspects of yourself. The mind is a very powerful tool in helping with visualisation. When there is enough emotion poured into the visualisation it takes form. We will start with the basics.

Shut your eyes and imagine in your mind’s eye the following:

Your Mother Earth is a sentient being whose compassion knows no boundaries despite her precarious position. Whenever you request it she will help to ground you. Feel her nurturing energy rise up into the souls of your feet and continue travelling up your legs into the rest of your body. As this energy circulates make sure your spirit is anchored in your body including your hands and feet, which tend to be neglected. Make the intention that this energy will continue to circulate around your body and trust it to do so.

Next, concentrate on your breathing, allowing your lungs to fill with life giving essences. Imagine it joining with the circulating energy nourishing every part of you from head to toe. Breathe gently and evenly. Once again create an intention that this will continue and trust in yourself that it will be so.

Sometimes you might find your spirit popping slightly out of the body. This kind of work takes patience and perseverance. Gently anchor your spirit within the body, breathe and circulate the energy.

This is a simple exercise you can perform several times per day or only once per day. It will hone your focusing skills and is not too overwhelming. Perseverance and patience will pay you in huge dividends, as your body will eventually perform this function automatically all day, every day leaving you free to concentrate on adding something new.

A gentle reminder – pleasuring sexually is not for everyone. For now, we are giving simple exercises that can be used for every day living, so that when you are ready to embark on the sexual aspect you have the basics.

Have faith in your wonderful planet. She has been nurturing and caring for you for millennia.

Yours in pleasure and love,

Andari and Jem

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