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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Male and female aspects - channel from Lighted Loving

I am Jason, Pleasurex of the First Order of Lighted Loving.

I greet you in pleasure and love. I come forward today as a warrior of the light.

As you rapidly move forward into your New World you will be faced with completely different lessons and it is for this reason I have come forward. I am not imparting any lessons in love and pleasure, that is Andari and Jem’s mandate. Mine is to give you other information, which will help you on your path to change.

With each step as you move forward you are forming your world. This is the reason Jem has stressed the need for simplicity. Too much disarray in the mind and emotions has a negative impact and as a result the purity is not yet available to you.

For many millennia you have created in confusion. And yet, despite the confusion you have produced a beautiful world. Lessons have been learned and many of you are ready to move on. That which you have built in the dark is to be used by yourselves and others for knowledge and understanding. It is not meant to hold you back. The lessons have been quite harsh and as a result the primitive aspect of yourself tends to view all kinds of trauma with a hostile eye and therefore will not allow you to learn from your lessons in a positive manner. The primitive aspect of you holds on to those traumas and uses it as a guide and your brain in its current form has been your protector.

I have a message for the men reading this. So far it has been very difficult for all of you to find that feminine aspect of yourself. The Piscean era was built upon logic and academia. This has made it very difficult for everyone on your planet to be in touch with the feminine. Some women have the same problem. Your world is strongly patriarchal. The sexual revolution came along in the 60s and turned the whole world upside down. But it turned it upside down in a manner in which women were forced to act like men. You see it in your day to day living. Women acting like a man in the corporate world. She is looked down upon and despised if she acts as a female. This has made many women very hard and totally out of touch with their inner core.

As a male I wish to impart to you that it is possible to be masculine and be in touch with your emotional and intuitive side. The masculine is the driving force and protects while the feminine nurtures and creates. What we would like to do is to bring the two together in balance within each one of you. When you partake in sex you will be using both sides, male and female. Put them together and you can create a wonderful world. Androgyny exists for some, but for most it is not what you are working toward.

A connection between you and your partner should be created through love. Whether you are of the same sex or heterosexual, it makes no difference. There is always a masculine side to a partnership and a feminine side. If you are a same sex couple you know which one of you is masculine or feminine so when I talk about the female or the male it is a general term.

Enjoy your masculinity, enjoy your maleness but always know that you can tap into your feminine side and be sensitive, emotionally loving and it will not detract from your masculinity. Romance is something that a man who is fully at home and comfortable within his masculinity is able to embrace. It doesn’t make him feel small, or girlie, it doesn’t make him feel that he has no confidence or that everyone will laugh at him. A true male is able to be romantic and be confident in that romance.

And this will be the hardest lesson for most men. To know that they need to feel through an open heart. But, I stress, this open heart does not make them less masculine than they are, in fact being in touch with your feminine side makes you more masculine. During lovemaking we wish you to experience being completely at one with your partner, truly enjoying the experience, totally committed to understanding and feeling the emotions that come with love. We are not asking you to cry at every drop of the hat or be effeminate. No. We are asking you to be confident in your masculinity and therefore able to embrace the feminine.

It also takes a strong nurturing woman to understand the masculine man in touch with his heart. As most of you are working through many issues to do with your masculine and feminine you will find many severe sexual lessons have been learnt. Have patience with yourself and, if you have one, your partner.

Lifetimes after lifetime of harsh sexual lessons are to be cleared. You know what you’ve had is not ideal and with this knowledge, once you have cleared the emotion and mental clutter that goes with these lessons, it becomes pure knowledge that doesn’t stop you from moving ahead and working what you have learnt. In other words, you might have had many a rejection or felt abandoned. Clear the emotion and mental energy behind that lesson and it then becomes knowledge and understanding. No further rejections or abandonment issues will be attracted to you. You will then be able to move forward into a relationship that will suit you.

Create your world through love. Negative emotions and thoughts tend to dictate to you how you move forward. It makes you very subjective and stops you, which has been needed up until now. To learn and experience and understand. We are now moving out of the need to learn and experience and are moving forward into understanding. Those lessons will still be there but will have no emotional connotation and you can view them objectively rather than subjectively.

So in a final recap of what I have been saying today, embrace your feminine side. Take note of what comes up and see whether you are objective about it or subjective, and be extremely honest with yourself. Men are very physical and visual whereas women are very emotional and in touch with their hearts. As a man you need to become more in touch with that aspect of yourself which will allow you to be in touch with your partner and be as one with them in your lovemaking. A closed heart will never get you anywhere.

Having an open heart will be disorientating and difficult to deal with as you feel a welling of emotions. But know that once you are through the difficulties the rewards will be amazing.

And so I leave you with these words and ask that you take note of how you react to the world around you as a man.

Until we meet again may you be held within the palm of Mother/Father God.

Yours in pleasure and love,


I am Lissendra, Pleasurina of the First Order of Lighted Loving.

I greet you in love and pleasure.

Today I will be addressing women. You are the ones who carry the seed of love within your heart. You are the ones who have open hearts, some of you maybe not as much as others but certainly you are the ones to take the world forward. You need to encourage your men to live in their hearts. The mental aspect of life has for too long been very strong.

The way forward is not to force this upon your partner, but rather slowly in subtle ways change the energy around yourself and your inner world, and your outer world will respond. If you are in a partnership built upon very shallow foundations, for example that of looks, money, status, can they keep you in the style that you’re accustomed to, you will find it crumbling. This does not mean to say all relationships will fall apart because sometimes there is a spark of something in that relationship where there is one strong brick in the foundation. It is up to you to find that strong brick and build upon it.

It is difficult to know for many of you to know when it is time to walk away or whether you should try and save the relationship. There is no-one who can tell you what to do. That is entirely your decision. Most of you know deep within yourself the answer.

For many couples, whether same sex or heterosexual, there have been so many outside influences it has been difficult for you to find the true beauty of your relationship. In the headiness at the start of the relationship you make yourself as amenable as possible for your partner. The longer the relationship the more the cracks show. And yet you might stay together, while others move on. There is no right or wrong. Sometimes you need to be in a relationship for a short while to experience, then move on. As you move into the New World the energy is changing and there is no longer any need for you to have these lessons. It is now time for clearing and moving forward. To come into your true divine nature and that divine nature is one of love.

So for the time being I will leave you with this short message. It is possible to live a very balanced life and have an equal partnership, each one of you bringing something different and yet the same. As women come into their power and bring the world back into balance, the dominant male energy will attempt hang on grimly.

Please call upon us. We are very willing to assist you on your journey.

May you be held in the palm of Mother/Father God until we meet again.

Yours in love and pleasure,


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