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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cycling Energy (Part One) - channel from Lighted Loving

I am Jem, Pleasurex of the First Order of Lighted Loving. I greet you in love and pleasure.

Today I come forward to channel the first intimate lesson but before I do this I would like to talk about the energies flowing around the world. The portals to darkness have been closed for many months now and the benevolents are in charge.

When we talk about ‘dark’ energy we are speaking about the intent behind the energy. ‘Evil’, as you call it, is considered dark. It is semantics and language is restricting. A nocturnal animal enjoying the cool, dark night does not make it evil. Much ugliness has been perpetrated in the name of the light. We reiterate that it is the intent behind the ‘dark’ or ‘light’ energy that counts.

The light energies are racing around mischievously nudging out the dark energies. The dark energies are grumpy, nervous, snapping and snarling as they’re dragged out of their hiding places and exposed. It has forgotten its original form of love. Divine love. Each dark entity will be confronted with its lighter aspect and finally brought back into balance.

Many of you are being touched by the resultant energy. Stand tall, be strong and know that once these seismic-like activities have finished, it will be a smoother more harmonious ride.

Your bodies are becoming powerful tuning forks as they become more crystalline in nature. As you channel the energy through yourself you might find it difficult to wield the energy as it runs rampant through your body.

Heart palpitations occur as the heart chambers change and adjust to accommodate frequencies you are starting to hold within your body. Understandably it can be frightening when your heart suddenly thumps fast a few times and feels as thought it is about to jump out of your chest. Relax into it and allow your body calmly and peacefully to make the changes it needs. Panic will not help, but rather hinders the process. Let go and allow the changes to happen. Do not be like the dark energy, kicking and screaming as you are taken into the change.

We will be taking you through these intimate lessons very slowly, giving your body time as it adjusts to its new crystalline nature. Old energy is no longer relevant and you might have difficulty in controlling energy that runs through your body. Therefore we will take these lessons one small step at a time.

And so for today, we start cycling the energy between you and your partner, or if you have no partner between you and you. You could also imagine your future partner sitting before you. You have three alternatives, your current partner, yourself, or your future partner. You don’t have to see him/her in detail, simply feel their presence. If you are currently with a partner who is not open to energy work, ask for permission from their higher self or soul. Either way, whether your partner is physically sitting opposite you or you are imagining him/her, your bond will deepen.

We must warn that if your current relationship is not built on a strong foundation, this work will either strengthen it or you will drift apart and attract a different partner to yourself.

Close your eyes and imagine, feel, know or see you have a conduit of energy running from your root up your spine and out your crown. Start moving energy from Mother Earth into your root chakra, up your spine, flowing out through your crown in a fountain to fall down upon both of you as you sit facing each other. Feel this continuous wave of energy. Your partner will be doing the same.

After a few minutes, imagine that same energy moving from your crown to the crown of your partner, down into their head, spine and out their root. Moving from their root into your root back up your spine and out of your crown continuously. As it moves in through your root take note of the energy and what it does to you. Your partner mirrors you.

As the energy moves back up your spine to the crown, some of it is siphoned off to fill your heart before moving out into the breast area. You might feel a warmth or tingling as your heart chakra and nipple chakras connect with your partner’s nipple and heart chakras. The energy moves from you into their breast area and heart before moving to join the energy running down their spine to their root, into yours and once again up your spine. Once again, your partner mirrors you.

Both of you will be giving and receiving in this manner. You can change the flow by having only one of you receiving while the other gives, instead of two separate flows going in opposite directions. In other words, the stream of energy will be flowing in one direction. If you are receiving, the energy will run one way – from your partner’s crown and heart chakras into yours and you will return it to them via the root.

The reason for the two different methods is you will be strengthening both male and female aspects. If you are both receiving the flow running in different directions both aspects are being strengthened. Whereas if only you are receiving, it is strengthening your feminine aspect as the energy runs from their heart into yours. By returning the energy through the root you are strengthening their masculine aspect and forcing it up into the heart.

The female energy tends to live in the heart and needs to move down to the sacral/root, whereas the male energy tends to live in the sacral/root and needs to move up into the heart. So when you feed your partner energy from the root it is acting as a ‘lingam’ of energy and your partner’s root then becomes the ‘yoni’ of energy. This applies whether you are in a male or female body. ‘Lingam’ means penis and ‘yoni’ means vagina.

Make the intention that the circulation will keep going and keep reinforcing it by sitting quietly each day to visualise or feel it doing so.

It has been a pleasure to spend time with you once again.

Until we meet again may you be held in the palm of Mother/Father God.

Yours in love and pleasure,

Jem and Andari

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